Drakul Armor
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MeDvEDeFF 16. loka 23.34 
In a security guard to take the key from the chest?
Foxy 16. loka 10.10 
Won't download.
ambonestewart 16. loka 9.35 
anyone else get attcked by trolls called Speak/Hear no evils?
Foxy 16. loka 9.19 
Do you forge it? Is it in your inventory?
Rortron 13. loka 20.12 
I have both the medusa and drakul armors installed and I was able to acquire the medusa one for my follower. The chest and key were there for the medusa armor but not the drakul, if anyone could help that would be great.
Sylvanas 6. loka 8.45 
Just wondering, but what happens if I have a female character, install this mod and get the armor? When she puts it on, does it make her look like a man? How does that work exactly?
Teratus 4. loka 2.47 
the armor is pretty messed up in the inventory.. it's not central for me and hasn't been on any save file
many parts hang off the bottom of the screen covering the info bar
HOBoez 12. syys 5.18 
the cape fucks upp when you walk
realy sad cuse so beatiful armour
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR 2. syys 23.43 
This is a cool mod! You should add it to the Skyrim Mod's Wiki. http://tes-mods.wikia.com/wiki/Skyrim_Mods
Lliam619 2. syys 12.39 
flip... dude... awesome work... this is the most amazing mod ive seen
Matrix reborn <3 Megan 26. elo 19.29 
You do such beautifully detailed work, thank you very much for making these awesome mods!
Venom77t 23. elo 20.25 
This armor looks fantastic, but I cant spin the armor around to look at it in the menu.
Odhinn 21. elo 22.24 
Forgot to mention, when I killed the 3 critters and got the chest key it was the same as the crafted.
Odhinn 21. elo 20.59 
I crafted this and it showed up as a red Daedric armor. What did I do wrong?
Oh. My. God! This is amazing!
HadouKen 15. elo 1.50 
Okay. I found the key. Wow what a great Mod. Nice Work.
gregellis1998 14. elo 19.03 
you should update it and make the eyes glow red
HadouKen 14. elo 7.14 
I found the Chest but where exactly is the Guard with the Key? I can't find them anywhere. Pls Help.
andjusticeforall 10. elo 20.53 
What do you mean "with 1 of the guards?" Do I need to pickpocket a guard for the key?
Wiziard 10. elo 8.23 
It kinda turned me into a vampire, and now I kinda can't go into towns without being slaughtered
saunders.bryan 9. elo 18.16 
I looked over a few of your armor mods and....wow! they are awesome...great job on all of them...lots of detail.......awesome peace
Molag Bal 8. elo 15.53 
Awesome screen shots
Vargrum 7. elo 21.22 
who needs keys thats why we have console command unlock lol
Dragan Diddlez 3. elo 17.34 
@Halo it's male only, so if you put it on a female character it will show up as daedric.
UrKungFuNoGood 30. heinä 23.18 
That is bad ass
halorvbforever 30. heinä 9.40 
why does it show only daedric armor? it happens everytime i wear it
[REAP] Zoro 24. heinä 20.05 
@Swadian This armor is ment to look like Drakula not a Dragon but I can sorta see how it looks like a Dragon.
PyroclasticDoom 22. heinä 4.29 
it just shows as daedric armour when i put it on
Blau Blitz Wolf 21. heinä 19.08 
Pleeeeaaaaase make it so it works with females..?
boyd1 21. heinä 9.51 
more please
Swadian 19. heinä 0.52 
Based on Castlevania and Romanian history,i think it is Dracul,not Drakul.It was some misunderstanding wich made the word mean Satan,but the old Wallahian word for dragon was Dracul.Great armor though!
ii4oii 17. heinä 17.40 
lol, great detail
lycanstar15 15. heinä 12.23 
I cant find the download button. Yes i subscrubed
Butter Bottoms 14. heinä 14.20 
You need to make moaaaaarrrrr
Mac The Riften Guard 12. heinä 10.06 
its doben armor
Cobalt Raven 11. heinä 22.44 
i love your mod dracula is my faverate so i had to find armor for him .this fit perfectly .i must tell you of a bug i found though if you drop the armor out of your invitory and on to the flore you cant seam to pick it back up it sort of floats there in front of you thought you should know .It's an awsome mod though i like it alot
Fragnash 9. heinä 15.57 
satan just jumped out of hell
Ray Jay 4. heinä 18.35 
That one picture of the face close-up is going to give me nightmares. ._.
bser_devil 4. heinä 5.17 
realy good work
Yam (Dio del mare) 27. kesä 17.29 
Oh my God....that Armor.....
I LOVE IT!!!!!
JMSMoriarty ಥ⌣ಥ 26. kesä 10.29 
do it female please :3
Fooltje 25. kesä 5.23 
24. kesä 6.00 
damn nice mods.
arenteria97 16. kesä 12.02 
godbless you for your amazing mods .
Timesplitter 3. kesä 10.46 
Skyrim Ultimate RPG Experience: All Expansions thanks you for your mod/mods made that have been implemented into the collection. It does require all the Skyrim expansions, but is composed of all the most promising mods ever made for Steam. Make sure to check it out at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106745968 and don't forget to rate it.
mr.aurum79 29. touko 19.22 
Is the guard with the key by the chest? Because i cannot find him
It's terryfying how many Anime-like mods there are. Good that this isn't one of them....
People, there most likely be no Fem version because....this is Armor of Lord Drakul. Dracula! He was a Male, not Female....
You have your own share of armors....
Shugi Mocha 27. touko 13.54 
CREATOR/SATYR:: Plase be aware that somone has stolen your work and is re selling it on Secondlife.com . Legal action can be taken if you wish it. I respect you and your amazing work. and dont want you being ripped from.
Oh my God....that Armor.....
I LOVE IT!!!!!