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Werewolf Form Overhaul
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The Muffinator 2015. okt. 24. @ de. 9:04 
what is moonlight tales?
jaderive 2015. szept. 18. @ du. 6:28 
Has Anyone tried this with moonlight tales mod ?
Nameless880 2015. ápr. 19. @ de. 2:14 
starsly00 get extra werewolf perks from Nexus it has one that wil allow you to stay as long as you want
Seraphine 2015. febr. 14. @ de. 8:30 
Does this work in normal form aswell?.
Starsly00 2015. jan. 28. @ du. 7:08 
Anyone know a mod to make werewolf mode last forever?
The Maddehh 2015. jan. 13. @ de. 3:20 
It seems to me that steam is lacking mods that give the ability to customize your beast form appearence. I think it would be a great feature.
jaderive 2015. jan. 12. @ du. 8:36 
I'd LIke to suggest something, Ive not seen much if at all, is along with what ever else you do with mods if you could lessen the time change from wolf back to human, the vanilla cooldown seems to me to be way to long for my liking ... just a suggestion ^.^
--KING REX RUDY-- 2014. dec. 7. @ de. 7:18 
I think it's a great mod but you need to do one of two things... one the name of this mod is werewolf form overhal but the mod does not change the werewolf model at all so change the name. Two if you don't want to change the name try changing the werewolf model,just a bit. Other than that good mod.
4chan the man 2014. ápr. 7. @ de. 10:52 
update v1.2 can suck i liked it before now i feel like i'm too weak
pumpkin_king 2014. márc. 4. @ de. 8:39 
im starting a new game il let you know wat i think
angbrt03 2014. jan. 10. @ du. 12:40 
i am willing to test it from level one i will tell you if any of the mods i am using and this mods crashs my game
GL4DIUS 2013. máj. 20. @ du. 9:27 
No worries. It was inevitable that SOME mod would crash with all the others. Lol.
StridingPants  [készítő] 2013. máj. 20. @ du. 8:45 
@Drake Diviner
I just updated the damage, the number scaling was wrong, now it should be better.

The only thing I can think of is a conflict with another mod. There really isn't anything in this mod that would cause a game to crash.
GL4DIUS 2013. máj. 20. @ du. 6:58 
Edit. Not Steam logo screen, I should have typed BETHESDA loading screen, then it crashes with no error reports.
Drake Diviner 2013. máj. 20. @ de. 9:30 
Hi, will this work propperly if i'll load savegame in wich i am in a werewolf form? I just havent noticed any changes except increased magic resistance, armor and unarmed damage wich incresed by 1 point (was 70 without mod and became 71 with mod instaled and activated). Or now i need to reactivate the mod?
P.S. Just in case, i'm using "status" mod wich allows to check player status like overal resistances, damage, speed mult, armor, healing rates, unarmed damage and other stuff. level is 45.
GL4DIUS 2013. máj. 19. @ du. 7:48 
Sorry, I gripe about lack of specifics elsewhere then fail to provide them. >.< If I check it on the data queue in the Skyriim start box, I get the Steam logo Screen, then it just closes, no error codes, no nothing. When I UNcheck it in the start menu data folder, the game loads just fine. Possibly I have a conflict with another addon. I have about 15. I was using the AP sex addon, but got over the novelty real fast when I realized it makes my shouts cease to function. Oops, that should go on the AP page. LoL!
StridingPants  [készítő] 2013. máj. 19. @ du. 3:44 
Could you be more specific? Are you getting an error when it crashes? If so what does it say? There really isn't anything that should cause your game to crash. There aren't any new scripts, it is just changing the values on a few stats which shouldn't crash your game.
GL4DIUS 2013. máj. 19. @ de. 4:37 
Can't use it. Crashes the game on start-up.
Srgt. Snickers 2013. máj. 14. @ du. 5:11 
@ Kayaglenn. First you have to become a werewolf. Once you are a werewolf, open up the character menu and select magic. Then scroll down to abilities (i think thats what its called) and click on it. Then select beast form/beast mode. (its one of those two, pretty sure its the first) Then once you equip it you simply activate it as you would a shout.
kajunrule 2013. máj. 14. @ du. 3:12 
i love the mod over all. would it be possible to add some life regen also?
Hatson Morris 2013. máj. 13. @ de. 2:18 
good screen!
Rein 2013. máj. 12. @ de. 6:25 
Thanks for making legit werewolf mod,now i can actually play as one without getting raped by a troll
Harley Quinn 2013. máj. 12. @ de. 5:39 
how do you change into a werewolf as i became one with the companions i do not no how to transform! please help
Sapper 2013. máj. 11. @ de. 7:50 
world of warcraft....really....lets leave that crap out of this Nate
NateDogg 2013. máj. 10. @ du. 1:19 
Super jumps? Like roof to roof like the Worgens in World of Warcraft? Or climbing up certain parts? They DO have claws and DO have increased stength.
Knight of Heide 2013. máj. 10. @ de. 7:56 
A great passive would be no fall damage in beast form/half fall damage in human form. Its lore friendly to werewolves and would rock. I have liked this mod and will continue monitor it before I sub. But great work this looks great. Magic resistence good idea vs. vampires!
South Paw 2013. máj. 8. @ de. 4:43 
@Got Me Some Stridin Pants
Just saw this mod, took a quick look and saw your comment. For the ability to change back to human, I'd suggest taking a look at the Dawngaurd vampire revert code and see if you can engineer it through that. I'd try do it myself but I really don't have time to make mods for Skyrim :( too busy with university things. But yeah, thanks! :D
StridingPants  [készítő] 2013. máj. 7. @ du. 8:01 
@AntecSentinel and Samyboy589
I would like to eventually make a change back to human form ability for werewolves, but with my current experience in coding and the CK there are no promises it will be any time soon.

This mod only increases the stats on the player werewolf, not any NPC werewolves. If that mod changes anything about the player werewolf then it might not be compatible. I haven't tested them together.

@Chronos Mysty
Once you reach 50 your armor rating is very close to the cap, around 500 if I remember correctly. However, because of the high damage, mobility, magic resistance, and CC ability of beast form I will not make it armor capped for balance reasons.
AntecSentinel 2013. máj. 7. @ du. 2:48 
You should add the ability to change back into human and unlimited time as being a werewolf, like you can with the Vampire Lord in Dawnguard.
flyons_gary 2013. máj. 7. @ du. 2:25 
a passive could include fal damage and other effects on human form such as getting night vision as a power, and there is one that i think could work out one that would increase with level would basically be as your strenth increases the distance you throw people with your attacks and the sharper your senses get in other words more likely slow time affect and or possible gradual effects on animals and creatures as you become more recognized as a king or queen of beast
[Mel's Angels] Chronos Mysty 2013. máj. 7. @ de. 11:33 
Does this mod allow werewolf form to eventually reach the armor cap? If not, maybe that should be a consideration, even at a really high level.
MrSpud_Head 2013. máj. 7. @ de. 9:15 
change back to human form
UndeadKitty 2013. máj. 6. @ du. 9:07 
Feed on the living.
d_sheik 2013. máj. 6. @ du. 7:38 
Will this increase the stats on werewolves from the Werewolves of Skyrim mod?
StridingPants  [készítő] 2013. máj. 6. @ du. 5:30 
Do you have anything in mind for other passives? I will not however make them jump higher.

And to everyone I will be nerfing the damage a bit.
The Lord Dragon 2013. máj. 6. @ du. 2:29 
Thanks nice work on this. Makes them a litlle OP since there are certain techniques that already carry weapon enchantments over but still very fun.
LuiLucifers 2013. máj. 6. @ de. 2:58 
Thank You! I think Beast Form isn't powerful enough (Damn Mages and their Lightning! )

flyons_gary 2013. máj. 6. @ de. 12:27 
hmmmm maybe you should add some other passive abilities to the form and or make it able to jump highter too