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Macho Female Animations Re-enabler
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SqueakyToyHelyg 18. Apr. um 13:17 Uhr 
is it a walking animation for u or the follower? im confused.
Aaron O'Regan 18. März um 17:22 Uhr 
Can you do a mod that makes guys walk like women just so i can get a laugh out of it.
Lavender Mists 15. Jan. um 14:19 Uhr 
I'm not sure I agree with this. Holding your arms out like that is a sign of confidence and power. It's not exclusivley a masculine posture. When the arms are moved closer together that's percived as a more acquiescent posture.
Bakaniichan 22. Nov. 2014 um 9:52 Uhr 
i never noticed this but nice
Mike Shadow 7. Sep. 2014 um 6:49 Uhr 
I want lydia to beat the hell out of people and not swing like a little girl. Thank you.
jtgibson 11. Okt. 2013 um 18:08 Uhr 
"Fixed" would imply "broken". "Changed", which is the more accurate term, implies "disagreed with".

Most women walk like women, sure -- but some women walk like men and rightly should. Actually, you bring up an interesting issue: why there aren't any men that walk like women.
MassEffectXLove 30. Sep. 2012 um 5:10 Uhr 
(sunchade) Oh, YES, would someone do that?
sunchade 18. Sep. 2012 um 13:51 Uhr 
I would actually love a mod that made female dragonborn walk like guys. She looks so silly in armour with the girly walk.
mangue  [Autor] 21. Aug. 2012 um 9:29 Uhr 
You're welcome. =)
Blueberry 20. Aug. 2012 um 6:32 Uhr 
Thanks for making this, even when you yourself don't see the reason. :)

I like warrior to walk like one. Feminine way just doesn't fit for some of my fem. characters. Being a woman doesn't mean that you can't be/move other way than super feminine. Inside the genders there are lots of variations in characteristics, physiology, gestures, ways to think and act etc. No gender has sole right to masculinity/feminity, after all it is about hormones that we all have naturally more or less. That being said, not every woman walk the feminine way in real life either, so I don't see why they should in Skyrim, especially if they are meant to be hard-ass warriors.

What becomes to sexiness, I know many naturally masculine women, some of them are more masculine than many men, and I think they are hot as hell. There is lots of men who agree with me. That's a matter of taste, as well as the subject of whether or not it makes sense to warrior walk like a princess. ;) I can understand that POV though.
bigmeandragonlady 16. Aug. 2012 um 19:50 Uhr 
Considering one has to actually click the box to make a character use the opposite gender animations, I do not see it as an issue that not only these characters have opposite anis, but many nord women and most (if not all) female stormcloaks as well. But I suppose that's just my POV.
Which is why I'm glad you made this addon. I like most of the other fixes a lot and this would have bothered me to no end otherwise.
Scoorpyn 25. Juni 2012 um 8:43 Uhr 
I think so they walk like men because they are Warriors and not Princesses ^^
Only a Idea...
mangue  [Autor] 30. Apr. 2012 um 6:18 Uhr 
@Fyrbane I agree with you.
Fyrbane 28. Apr. 2012 um 13:52 Uhr 
Don't get this. Why make them walk like men, they are women, get it ,WOMEN.
elkyfilth 21. März 2012 um 1:43 Uhr 
Thanks! Macho fighters are sexier.
mangue  [Autor] 29. Feb. 2012 um 17:43 Uhr 
@PSO Uthgerd has female animations by default. So she is unchanged.
› PSO 29. Feb. 2012 um 7:05 Uhr 
Yay! Thanks for this, Uthgerd was really starting to bug me XD
Atlasix 29. Feb. 2012 um 5:58 Uhr 
Lol...thats a funny animation...makes u wanna hire all women mercenaries :))