Saints Row The Third - I Need a Hero Song (Finale Music)
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Adrian The Fox | Needs SR3 3 декември 2014 в 7:30 сутринта 
i need menu one..
jarmour 16 юни 2014 в 10:19 сутринта 
Builder 14 юни 2014 в 8:29 следобед 
As mentioned by other commenters, the music skips, but for me there was a problem on all maps, even after rebuilding the cache. Is there something I'm missing here?
R2D2 6 юни 2014 в 2:40 сутринта 
Trip Wyre 18 април 2014 в 6:28 следобед 
>Holding Out For a Hero
James 3 февруари 2014 в 8:20 следобед 
I just watched the video, she sings, but when I play, y u no sing D:
James 3 февруари 2014 в 8:19 следобед 
Why does it keep skipping the part where she sings, thats the best part...
Plads 1 февруари 2014 в 9:32 следобед 
I Loved this song when i heard it 6 years ago
Go Boom Yay 24 януари 2014 в 2:27 следобед 
This honestly might be the greatest mod ever made. Makes every single finale so epic! :D
[CrazyCast] Psychoandco 11 януари 2014 в 12:18 следобед 
You should make a version that replaces just the tank music!
gallowsCalibrator 29 декември 2013 в 6:01 следобед 
fart in a jar :D
liam4182000 17 декември 2013 в 9:37 сутринта 
yes it is at the end
Chica Chicken 30 октомври 2013 в 6:10 следобед 
this song is on Saints Row?!
max905idzik 20 септември 2013 в 9:50 сутринта 
[D]ynasty.saxton hale 8 септември 2013 в 7:59 следобед 
addbue  [автор] 8 септември 2013 в 1:15 следобед 
You mean the Honey badger replacing the m16???
[D]ynasty.saxton hale 8 септември 2013 в 10:02 сутринта 
addbue which gun is that I love that gun plz tell me mod name
[D]ynasty.saxton hale 8 септември 2013 в 6:17 сутринта 
Its a shaundi song
Vhan 31 август 2013 в 1:08 следобед 
To bad is not the full song.
addbue  [автор] 29 август 2013 в 4:16 следобед 
I Explained how to fix that in the video if anyone is having that problem...

OWN kruegerrunt 29 август 2013 в 2:50 следобед 
it does not play the whole song it loops before it can get to the 2ed vurise XD
Mulliganger 27 август 2013 в 10:45 следобед 
Ok sweet!
addbue  [автор] 27 август 2013 в 10:43 следобед 
No. There should not be any problems with that,
Mulliganger 27 август 2013 в 10:07 следобед 
Ok, so I downloaded some alternate music to play whenever there is a tank, will there be any problems if this was playing when one spawns?
addbue  [автор] 27 август 2013 в 9:41 следобед 
Mulliganger 27 август 2013 в 9:35 следобед 
I noticed the tank, does any downloaded Tank music happen to play over the this finale music?
Лелуш 23 август 2013 в 10:45 сутринта 
fuck...I LOVE IT
UberNovaful(arunelis123) 22 август 2013 в 11:04 сутринта 
Varian Wrynn 24 юли 2013 в 1:37 сутринта 
ninjariles 2 юли 2013 в 9:57 сутринта 
B-Lowe 18 юни 2013 в 3:31 следобед 
RAZ || GaiaHun+er:) 30 май 2013 в 1:36 сутринта 
sorry johnny
RAZ || GaiaHun+er:) 30 май 2013 в 1:36 сутринта 
and make jhonny gat replaced by nick or ellis
RAZ || GaiaHun+er:) 30 май 2013 в 1:35 сутринта 
from sr3
RAZ || GaiaHun+er:) 30 май 2013 в 1:35 сутринта 
please make power finale song or an concert
Pact1558 29 май 2013 в 6:18 следобед 
incase anyone thinks this doesnt work, it does but it only plays when the rescue arrives
unicyclegamer 27 май 2013 в 6:17 следобед 
fluffy zombie, make sure your music volume is high in the audio settings.
StaLka 18 май 2013 в 2:04 следобед 
I liek sand kittehs 18 май 2013 в 9:10 сутринта 
please make this in to credit music aswell, i adore this song
Officer Friendly ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 16 май 2013 в 10:31 сутринта 
addbue  [автор] 14 май 2013 в 11:30 следобед 
It works perfectly fine for me though.
addbue  [автор] 14 май 2013 в 11:29 следобед 
Ok, i need to know if it works for the Left 4 Dead 2 Campaigns if you guys don't tell me i can not fix it :/
ravevdog 14 май 2013 в 8:05 следобед 
Just like Alvor said, I was well can't get the song to work. If anyone can help us, reply.
RAZ || GaiaHun+er:) 12 май 2013 в 11:00 следобед 
sai9nts row the third is my favourite game
Unknown Sniper 10 май 2013 в 11:20 следобед 
How did you know this is my Favorite Song :D
Unknown Sniper 10 май 2013 в 11:20 следобед 
Wow this is awesome i played Saints Row The Third!
addbue  [автор] 10 май 2013 в 9:53 следобед 
knuffi-kasachstan 9 май 2013 в 3:20 следобед 
addbue  [автор] 4 май 2013 в 10:14 следобед 
hmmmm thats odd, did it work for any of the l4d2 campaigns?
Leonidas BearFag 4 май 2013 в 9:57 следобед 
I'm not sure. I tried both Dead Air and No Mercy; nothing happened.

Procedure: I created a single player game, and immediately started on the finale level. I start up the finale, and nothing happens.