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Veteran Combat
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136 commenti
Aganel 17 giu 2014, ore 2:16 
Looks AWFUL! I'll buy :D
Zs4sZB0t 30 mag 2014, ore 6:53 
The sloppiness of the early Mortal Kombats meets Shaq Fu and Shadow War Of Succession on 3DO ...

... and I somehow like it ...
TS Gamer 13 apr 2014, ore 16:59 
Jogo diferente, estilo que lembra o nostálgico Mortal Kombat!
Plrip 6 apr 2014, ore 7:42 
Прикольная игра, можно купить.
Ганфайтер 26 feb 2014, ore 12:36 
В стиме мало файтингов,выпускайте.
HADES2001 18 gen 2014, ore 15:25 
looks horible not even for a dollar
sparkz 5 gen 2014, ore 17:50 
Too cheesy looking I would only buy if it was under 2 dollars.
Никита 2 gen 2014, ore 5:49 
Да выпускайте игру в Стим Отличная игра мне очень понравилась)!
Deathcom 1 gen 2014, ore 6:00 
Reminds me on Hogan’s Heroes: Is Oberst Klink a playable character ?
A Loot Box Råped Me 25 dic 2013, ore 23:28 
Is this game coming, going, breathing heavily or D.O.A.?
Deux 25 dic 2013, ore 0:54 
It reminds me Bikini Karate Babes 1/2 which were decent, there has been boobs at least
Chernov 7 nov 2013, ore 6:44 
well if it will be under a pound I will buy it :-)
MasterDrood 5 ott 2013, ore 6:15 
Mrs How Plane 4 ott 2013, ore 10:28 
looks cheesy, i like it!
A Loot Box Råped Me 22 ago 2013, ore 6:31 
When? Or is it vapourware?
chachahui(Krusky) 19 ago 2013, ore 0:07 
omg, the sound is really cool
宇宙啓二啓二 11 ago 2013, ore 18:10 
Very funny!
But no!
ZoidbergForPresident 9 ago 2013, ore 4:53 
WTF... nope!
Sean Bean 8 ago 2013, ore 5:29 
Also ill buy if it's under a pound
Sean Bean 8 ago 2013, ore 5:28 
Funny LOL
FernanDK 22 lug 2013, ore 16:00 
well i voted for it, and i would happily pay and play
MadDog 15 lug 2013, ore 23:56 
Okay, I'm not taking it seriously. And I'm not voting for this piece of uninspired garbage.
OLDbespreDEL 8 lug 2013, ore 19:11 
RingoFlamingo 8 lug 2013, ore 12:59 
That looks awesome!!!
Grimmy 20 giu 2013, ore 19:10 
This is one sad excuse of a game...
Lepris 18 giu 2013, ore 22:37 
the hell did I just watch?
VeryLittleEffort 12 giu 2013, ore 14:48 
I see you went for the worst mortal kombat game look
Pudge 9 giu 2013, ore 0:28 
This looks super dumb. I love it!
wittygiraffe 4 giu 2013, ore 13:25 
I get the feeling this was a drunken dare/ plan involving some dressup props that went too far?
I know it's meant to be a joke but it's an unfunny one that you're expecting people to endorse/ pay money for...
kmyc89 2 giu 2013, ore 13:29 
CoD have realistic graphic? Nope, this-yes (+1)
Shady Shariest 2 giu 2013, ore 9:21 
*Chuck Norris Thumb up Gif*
Malice 30 mag 2013, ore 5:28 
Pixelize the hell out of characters. Then you have my vote; otherwise it's horrid. Honestly.
my7Bizzos 30 mag 2013, ore 1:59 
mortal combat?
Ingajke 29 mag 2013, ore 8:45 
Love 28 mag 2013, ore 9:20 
@Hells Malice

I supported this just so you can keep your promise. Please- quit Steam. Forever. Loser.
Kana 27 mag 2013, ore 2:48 
"I have a great idea! Let's make a fighting game!"
"And to differentiate from the crowd, let's put a pointless sepia filter over it! With film tape effect! Yeah, it'll be excellent!"
bobrodobro 26 mag 2013, ore 6:11 
говноделы сраные добрались до стима
Springmaus2006 25 mag 2013, ore 15:34 
no support for crap like this
TITfor2TATS 23 mag 2013, ore 8:09 
funny but free better :D
obama keychain 21 mag 2013, ore 17:15 
nope looks bad seems as if pays bad and alot of other stuff too
a Sword. 20 mag 2013, ore 19:59 
the pitfighter style sold me on this. i hope this gets through; i'll buy it.
Hells Malice 20 mag 2013, ore 4:27 
If this goes through i'm quitting steam forever
grillo12 19 mag 2013, ore 0:28 
like pitt fight lol , and same tecnic used on mortal combat lol
DeMaShi! Satananas 18 mag 2013, ore 15:36 
seems to be funny :) great music !
Big Jeffrey 17 mag 2013, ore 15:32 
Mr.Switch 17 mag 2013, ore 14:08 
Aha!.. Yes.
S T O P ▲ C A L L I N G 14 mag 2013, ore 7:55 
It's sounds funny!
Koren 14 mag 2013, ore 2:59 
Looks as bad as Mortal Kombat,
So Yes XD
92,@Rm_x+W2y%Qb3 13 mag 2013, ore 15:29 
sorry man, no
CatOfNoTime 13 mag 2013, ore 10:33