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Abitbol Laboratory 03
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Petutski 24 jun 2014 om 5:23nm 
Great fun! Thanks!
BUG 13 mei 2014 om 10:26vm 
Easy simple chamber. I like chambers 1 and 2
mechahamham 12 mei 2013 om 12:18vm 
Fun. I also used the fling and lifting the block over the fizzler method, though.
The Wintery Sky 7 mei 2013 om 4:25nm 
your test felt a little too simple...
tuleby (CZ) 6 mei 2013 om 7:37vm 
wildgoosespeeder 5 mei 2013 om 9:23nm 
Make the fizzler one higher like bernardnoir said. Also I can fling to the button that will allow angled laser making the stairs useless to enable.
bernardnoir 3 mei 2013 om 3:21nm 
You can carry the laser cube over the barrier