Portal 2
Turret Spa
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Joel YsiSeiska 2016年2月6日 1時51分 
Checkpoints please -.-
Petutski 2016年1月31日 2時21分 
Great fun! Thanks!
sjohn  [作成者] 2015年12月12日 13時57分 
Thanks, dven1! I keep meaning to do more ... now that winter weather is starting to set in, I'll probably spend a lot more time poking at projects =)
dven1 2015年12月9日 4時23分 
I thought the whole map was great requiring some thinking and a little portal skill. The turrets were just hard enough to be challanging but not boring like some other maps. All in all this was one fantastic map I really enjoyed solving. I'll happily try anything else you construct.
sjohn  [作成者] 2014年4月24日 20時07分 
Thanks! I have a few others cooking ... :)
Bazza 2014年4月24日 12時00分 
I love this one, can we have a part 2?!
sjohn  [作成者] 2014年4月15日 14時37分 
TY! :)
rob 2014年4月15日 13時01分 
Great fun!
sjohn  [作成者] 2014年4月5日 23時42分 
The level is designed to have many different approaches (pure think, pure reflex, lots of hybrids and variants of each), so there's no wrong way or right way as long as you find your way through :)
Bazza 2014年4月4日 16時50分 
I really enjoyed this one although I used cubes to deflect the bullets at times - I don't know if this was the intended method!
sjohn  [作成者] 2013年11月21日 20時17分 
Amazing run, Velexia :)
Velexia 2013年11月21日 13時09分 
My preferred method of navigating the turret spa is to peacefully place every turret in such a manner as to be non-threatening, without killing a single one (not always easy).

Wolf bytes 2013年5月15日 14時15分 
Wonderful! I think this should have been the introduction turret chamber!
Pnevma Ton'Dason 2013年5月12日 11時56分 
Brilliant use of the tunnels. Loved it.
YouVotedTrump&AllYouGotWasAHat 2013年5月11日 20時33分 
I enjoyed squashing lots of turrets - fun. I think you could have made it a bit harder after the turrets are dead though - seemed like there was some redundancy that could have been gotten rid of.

Feel free to try one of my easier chambers:
Kolgork 2013年5月11日 20時08分 
Great level, i had lots of fun KILLING all that turrets (muahaha). Also, the design is very good.
By the way, those people asking for checkpoints, you should know that you can quicksave by pressing F6... but i don't recommend it, because it losses the emotion.
Dave 2013年5月11日 16時28分 
great level ! keep up the good work :)
sjohn  [作成者] 2013年5月10日 21時10分 
austinzolo, thanks for your comment! Never fear, it's impossible to lock yourself out of solving the test by losing cubes. The test subject always has access to at least two of the chamber's three respawning cube generators (the hidden third generator isn't always accessible, but it's an Easter-egg and not necessary to any of the chamber's possible solutions).
austinzolo 2013年5月10日 18時11分 
The test seems a little more about fast reflexes and timing, rather than finding a new way to use the aperture stuff. Also, a test subject could skrew up the test at the second half by loosing the cube. Its challenging nonetheless.
martienne17 2013年5月9日 18時24分 
Need checkpoints
Tank 2013年5月9日 8時37分 
Tank 2013年5月9日 8時12分 
Hi, seem to have had a video fail and don't appear to have any footage from last night, I will replay and record this, but obviously won't be a blind playthrough. Also reading the discription and having played it again, i think what i said about advanced tricks may have been overstated, guess i was tired last night.
michael 2013年5月8日 19時10分 
The only problem was the length and no save function, so each misstep was going through the route process of the parts you had already solved before. But I don't know if there is a resolution of that problem...I'm new to these test chambers.
sjohn  [作成者] 2013年5月8日 17時11分 
Tank, I look forward to seeing your video! No advanced tricks at all; just a bit of tractor-beam and portal-play of the old-fashioned sort, really. Drop me a message if you need de-stucked!
Tank 2013年5月8日 16時57分 
got a blind run videoed will upload in a day or so, but either there's some 'advanced'ish tricks in here or i broke the map and can't figure out how to solve it.
EuroSong 2013年5月8日 15時41分 
Cool - I like it.
If you want a challenge, play mine at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140602475
mechahamham 2013年5月8日 10時09分 
The idea of navigating around the turrets is fun, but there are so many ways to die and SO many turrets to disable that it gets boring pretty quick. This would be a lot more fun if it were about 1/3rd as long.
toncica 2013年5月8日 5時34分 
I've also got a turret map for you if you like: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=94896335
sjohn  [作成者] 2013年5月8日 0時44分 
Thanks for the comments, folks! Both negative and positive feedback are super-appreciated. toncica, that was an awesome run-through; thanks for sharing that, and those who've asked me to try out your maps in return: I will indeed!
WubTheCaptain 2013年5月7日 19時00分 
A lot of things in this map don't make sense, such as the test chamber observatory high up where "nothing can be really seen" (other than a turret), cheating the barriers by trickjumping and much more. Didn't like.
toncica 2013年5月7日 15時34分 
I've recorded a session of playing through some of the maps from the workshop front page. Yours was among them (skip to 31:35): http://youtu.be/UxHlXm6ZnOc
tomplee 2013年5月7日 13時27分 
Excellent, long, clever chamber.
Andi 2013年5月7日 11時46分 
This chamber took some time to complete. Those turrets were a pain but all in all, nice chamber, thumbs up.

Would you mind trying one of mine?
GWD9000 2013年5月7日 8時04分 
A mixture of a little clever thinking and portaling, implementing a 'holding pattern' for the 2nd cube and some basic circumvention for me. Not all features used or needed. All turrets nicely bathed. I think they're all sleeping their spa day off as we speak. Umm... Not sure of the problems that wgs commented he had. Maybe he felt he needed to bunnyhop or cubehop or something, but that is certainly not the case.
Moysey89 2013年5月6日 16時45分 
good map, had fun! i rated up for ya! u should try out my map series i think you will like :D
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月5日 19時44分 
This map is horrendous! There are so many faults with it I would go on and on and on. This map shouldn't exist! I had to rely on taking advantage of the game engine to finish this test. Most turret maps by other members are annoying, and this is one of them.
big red foot 2013年5月5日 16時37分 
that was a great little map