Portal 2
Warning: Brain Melt Imminent
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kimist108 2013年6月3日 10時51分 
Yea me!
piotr_mil 2013年5月11日 6時37分 
My brain barely got warm... Still, a good map. Killing Turrets was funny, though a bit easy
SevenSilhouette 2013年5月10日 22時29分 
extremely easy
buckfuts1 2013年5月10日 15時15分 
I thought this was fairly tough, but after watching "toncica's" video (sorry, but that was kind of painfull!) I don't feel quite so bad.
Nice work!
Andi 2013年5月10日 13時56分 
Not too hard, not overly easy, well thought out and well put together. Thumbs up.

Would you mind trying on of mine?
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月10日 12時56分 
It's not too hard for some people but some find it a challenge. Most, but not all of my maps are medium difficulty. I'm currently working on what I hope to be my hardest yet. I'll announce it when it's ready to tear down.
Prototype 2013年5月10日 6時03分 
Hmm, I was waiting for the impossible part...and thought I found it at the end, until I discovered that the laser reciever was self sustaining so I could just portal the cube and ball onto their buttons. :( That was disappointing, either I skipped part of the puzzle (unintentionally) or it wasn't really that hard.
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月10日 0時45分 
Glad you liked it. Have subscribed.
mood3rd 2013年5月9日 15時14分 
great map.
timing was fine :)
was looking forward to seeing the turrets.
but they seem to have left ?
had to think=good.
thankyou for the lasers etc under the glass, in the floor.
which tells us we can move the sphere & cube off the button.

I have a new map. when you get time, please let me know what you think:
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月7日 2時44分 
New map up for anybody interested. FPF 2
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月6日 22時45分 
@wildgoosespeeder Thank you. Good advice' I'll look at it and see what I can do.
@moysey89 Thanks for playing and leaving me a comment. The thumbs up doesn't hurt my feelimgs either. If you check you'll see I've played all your maps. Make me another one and leave a message in one of your comments. I liked yours and will play any more you make.
Moysey89 2013年5月6日 12時23分 
dude, awesome map! really good fun, hard but enjoyable :D rated up for ya! you should try out my map series as i think you will enjoy! gunna scroll through some of ur other work now :D
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月6日 9時38分 
The antlines are fine to use but some of them criss-cross and/or "bunch together". Use light strips to manipulate the lines for a cleaner look. Symbols should be used if antines would cause an "antline web".

To get trapped, you can get inside one of the buttons in the exit room. Once inside one of the button cages, place the other portal in the other cage. A stupid way to get trapped, I know, but a laser field over the portalable walls in the cage would fix the issue.
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月6日 0時18分 
@ big red foot Thank you. I try to always give a generous amout of time. The game should be about figuring it out. Why not peruse my workshop while you're here?
@ wildgoosespeeder I'm sorry you had a problem. I've had people in the past complain about not having lines or markers so I try to routinely leave them. I will take a look and see if any of these need to be removed. I don't know how to get trapped. I would appreciate if you could explain.
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月5日 17時46分 
A confusing mess of not knowing what to do, mainly because of the antlines and symbols. Also there is a possibility of getting trapped when placing the cube and ball on their buttons to exit the chamber.
big red foot 2013年5月5日 13時55分 
Good map. Thanks for enough time. Was a little worried at the end got my heart beating faster.
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月5日 3時15分 
Very nice. You cut minutes off of my time. Good job.
GraveNoX 2013年5月5日 2時50分 
Nice and simple but nothing special. My gameplay http://youtu.be/Aq7rNZG3VCs
Jade BGE 2013年5月3日 17時43分 
Great job stormsend, I really enjoyed this map.
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月3日 0時45分 
Excellent run. I couldn't do it any better. Glad you liked it and I thank you for the comments.
daloboy 2013年5月2日 20時03分 
Hi stormsend! That was fun. Compact enough to try all the options and your timer was generous. Here's my second run . I think it's a good map for any tester!
toncica 2013年5月1日 4時19分 
Since it was so very late when I played it I wasn't sure how I'm doing, if that was all intended or if I was missing something. In the end I was just happy to have solved it. It's probably not front page fodder because the average player doesn't work well under time constraints.
DimassTheAss 2013年5月1日 2時56分 
stormsend  [作成者] 2013年5月1日 0時52分 
So,..you solved it. Great. But what did you think. Was it too hard for the average player? Is it too obscure? I liked it when you killed the turrets. I think you can see that is an option. They don't really hinder your play. I thought that dissolving sphere was going to get you. Enjoyed the video. Thanks for playing.
toncica 2013年4月30日 21時17分 
I did feel some late night brain melting but ultimately made it through: http://youtu.be/715TqIIhIQ0