Ця гра була схвалена спільнотою!

Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією грою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку до релізу гри у Steam.

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LatinaFish 15 кві о 4:34am 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
afaye17 12 кві о 10:20pm 
They say on their website page that they want to get the save/load system down and then they will pump out the updates, fun game so far even without much to do :D
Loud 12 кві о 8:55am 
alpha 2 released March 13th 2014... Music update April 10th 2014... Don't think it's been a year Apocolyptus
Apocolyptus 11 кві о 9:26am 
Sounds like this is dead... Been a year since good updates
[BoD2]╠SZ╣ 8 кві о 11:27am 
ssooooo........ just asking when will it be on steam?, And whats been the hold up? again just asking.
Manfred von Richthofen 5 кві о 5:16am 
I would love to test this game
๖Vulond, Or IggyTron6000 4 кві о 5:22am 
It said late 2013, I hope they get done soon :(
melchizedek077 2 кві о 5:54pm 
do want :)
AmazingMan 28 бер о 7:25pm 
it looks AMAZING i want it now
Nasher 26 бер о 10:56am 
They don't seem to update this steam page. They do update their own site often though: http://stonehearth.net/ . There is an alpha out.
sina 23 бер о 2:53am 
Hodor 22 бер о 5:11am 
lol google translator works bad
mr bigdad 21 бер о 2:46pm 
When is this game coming? It says 2013, but its 2014 now!
mr bigdad 21 бер о 2:45pm 
Russia would never win in anything! Even the Swiss would win from them!
♫†¦MOJIOu:3¦†♫ 19 бер о 12:25pm 
♫†¦MOJIOu:3¦†♫ 19 бер о 12:23pm 
I LOVE counter-strike!
♫†¦MOJIOu:3¦†♫ 19 бер о 12:22pm 
интересно я тут один руссий!?[]_[]my name wowa ! i russian!
judo.wieczorek 17 бер о 7:24am 
Sir.Dance.Alot 12 бер о 11:26am 
so this game will be on steam when the full release comes out? (september 2014 is approximately when full release will be out btw)
inferno986return 12 бер о 9:30am 
For this who want to jump in, it's currently exclusive to the website, but you do get a Steam key to play and update it via Steam (just not directly purchase at the moment): http://stonehearth.net/

It's a bit rough at the moment so I think they are going to polish it up before fully releasing it onto Steam's Early Access. Planet Explorers did something similar.
King Troll [Dn_Mixza[TH] 11 бер о 3:18am 
I want to play this game very much
Drakonos 9 бер о 3:59am 
You can buy the alpha at stonehearth.net and play through steam. This is a real alpha. Not much content yet and not bug-free.
Starwarsfan66 9 бер о 1:37am 
I want it
Starwarsfan66 9 бер о 1:36am 
When I can buy it ?
J_da_man 8 бер о 11:00am 
Omg I want this game so bad pls just release like a beta or something :D
Codemypantsoff 8 бер о 9:41am 
Steam early Access?
Sygless 8 бер о 6:13am 
The game is still in Devolopment they give an update on where there at every tuesday on Facebook. They also said towards august or september of 2014 when they first announced this game.
sina 7 бер о 12:23pm 
demo version?
BananaNation 6 бер о 8:43am 
is this dead?
Relbachen 3 бер о 12:53pm 
its 2014 whers the game? :(
Vire 3 бер о 11:22am 
@Sevrun actually you cant even save a game and it crashs a lot i max. played 25min. Eighter you can "only" gather wood rabbits and berrys and buidl tables, chairs , beds and a house so .. its even far away from the other indie games :D Im a bit sad that i payed 30$ for the alpha access cause .. its not worth to double the price for paying a crasing game. But .. i hope i supportet a later great game.
The Peanut 1 бер о 2:55am 
Ha, just got to alpha 2 and already green light on steam! I do hope there will be other ways to have power rather then fighting.
[-WeReWolF-]GoDEmPeRoR 27 лют о 4:08pm 
i want it!!
Seancho 23 лют о 5:26pm 
Annoyed that i did kickstart it and never got word back from them about keys and what not.
Sevrun 23 лют о 11:05am 
I rather like that they're looking to have more of it done before releasing it on Steam. I'm getting tired of every indie on the block using 'early access' as an excuse to release games that are FAR from finished and in some cases not even playable. thoug hthe last are thankfully rare.
Drakonos 22 лют о 9:48am 
You can buy (on stonehearth.net) and play (redeem key on steam) this game for almost 2 months already. It is an alpha indeed, with little content currently. They have every tuesday a devblog and a stream almost every 2 weeks.
They dont want it on steam yet because the game is far from finished and I dont have to tell you how people on steam can be towards that.
ij20 man 21 лют о 2:00pm 
well said bad wolf
Bad Wolf 20 лют о 3:25pm 
This game is not dead and as for bugs it's in Alpha guys. It's not a finished game. Calm your tits and go check out thier Dev Blog. They update it often. http://stonehearth.net/
[WRG]Ramo 20 лют о 11:46am 
the difference between this and cubeworld is that this game is not just 1 person making a living this is a village of caractors with there own little things to do
Crazy Good 20 лют о 3:34am 
Cubeworld ripoff
Robin 19 лют о 9:29pm 
This game is dead.
[DBG]Le Fancy Penguin 18 лют о 6:14pm 
do u just favorite/follow to vote for? Because I'm looking forward to this game on steam.
pichler307 18 лют о 8:45am 
i want it now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coming Home 21/4 18 лют о 2:57am 
Although I do like this game it looks way to similar to Cubeworld maybe change the voxel texture a little bit?
Nickwillable 17 лют о 6:12pm 
Looks great. I love the voxel style.
Wruce Bayne 17 лют о 3:30pm 
I have it and it sort of still bugged but it looks very promising.
Meme-guy 17 лют о 8:51am 
I want and I want it now
Braveheart Dewitt 17 лют о 5:55am 
I live it!
Jómsvíking Mrl33t KG 17 лют о 4:01am 
when will this be released? It was estimated to be released in Late 2013 but that has passed. Can we get another expected release date
Dr Octopussy 14 лют о 9:13am