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HERO 27 mar, ore 12:43 
I love it ! But i think 30$ is a bit too much ^^ Wish it will be lower on Steam :)
Helias 26 mar, ore 15:07 
Cant believe that it isnt out yet. This game has so cool devs. They are working on bugs and fixes and new things nonstop. I mean i got it via Kickstarter but i know that some people cant or dont want to use paypal.
adventureman7 24 mar, ore 7:41 
COME ON ....
why this isnt out jet

iwat buy it
Eyes of the Wolf 22 mar, ore 11:31 
this game looks fantastic. when it comes to steam im surely gonna buy it
Bilbo 22 mar, ore 2:51 
╟ᵿ╢Ӎr.Ƶertѻ╟ᵿ╢ 18 mar, ore 12:21 
Oh I will SURELY buy it :D
Radiant Entertainment  [autore] 18 mar, ore 11:57 
Guys. Apologies! We have neglected this site for far too long. I'm updating it now, and we promise to be more involved on Steam in the future. Thanks!
shadowbladers 17 mar, ore 13:27 
Exactly! Stonehearth is not developing a an Alpha A month. they dont have time to work on the steam site because they are so busy working on the game itself just go to their homepage to see all the updates!
Joshman003 10 mar, ore 13:51 
@koolAid the Red They are a small team and need the funding if u dont want to help fuck off!
KoolAid the Red 10 mar, ore 7:58 
30$ is insane for this lvl of development. Getting tired of devs thinking they can sell their tech demo's for full release prices.
callforwar34 9 mar, ore 16:47 
What Does the steam key susposed to do for this game?
Кирилл 8 mar, ore 7:53 
good !!!
Vossie 6 mar, ore 4:52 
You can buy a Steam key on their website already. The game is very playable already and the Devs are streaming ( Twitch) pretty much every week.
DNH Toby {DK} 5 mar, ore 8:38 
The game cost 30$!!!!!!!!! Holy shit?! I like how the game looks, but 30$ that's just to much.
adventureman7 2 mar, ore 4:49 
come to steam i want it so much
King Sleepy 28 feb, ore 18:35 
mrhade 27 feb, ore 23:36 
Release date: Late 2013. Abandoned?
Big Fat Bob | Siêu bận 27 feb, ore 20:17 
This game dead ?
GIJhen 26 feb, ore 20:45 
30 dollars is a bit pricy for a startup but the game looks pretty fun. I will be keeping my eye on this one
DON GORGON 24 feb, ore 6:53 
same here i cant wait !!!!!!!!!
Smackdadious 23 feb, ore 9:29 
i can't wait!!!!!!
[SoW] General Puck 20 feb, ore 6:51 
Cant wait to try t his game out
DonzQ 20 feb, ore 2:38 
It's still in alpha and they are actively developing it. Co-op will come when they have everything else.
Kortak 19 feb, ore 12:19 
2 years later...still no coop multiplayer...21 mei 2013? did the devs run

no buying
Grek 17 feb, ore 22:51 
its like Dwarf Fortress?
V587乐 15 feb, ore 19:08 
shawnmilam13 15 feb, ore 14:32 
This looks like a good game, but it also looks like a clone of Timber & Stone, except for the user pet system.
odhan 12 feb, ore 6:33 
It's available through the Humble Store, if you are okay with playing it in an alpha state. Check out their website at
Trollsama 9 feb, ore 21:43 
@addictedDino: It doesn't show up because they have not released it to steam... passing greenlight does not automatically add the game, it just means that if/when the developers WANT to do so, they can.

And as quoted below, they do not want to release it on steam (AKA to a wide audience) until they are comfortable with where the game is at, and feel it is a good representation of what the final product will be. :)
AddictedDino 8 feb, ore 2:48 
when i search on the steam store "Stonehearth" it doesnt show up. why?
myfire63 1 feb, ore 23:31 
can some one privit message me on how to up date the game please idk how
Sawich 1 feb, ore 4:47 
Она вообще когда-нибудь выйдет блять ??
Butcher 1 feb, ore 4:43 
From their site:

When can I buy Stonehearth though Steam?
The answer is “when it’s ready for Steam.” We will release to Steam when the game is fleshed out enough to accurately represent what the full game will eventually be. Releasing to Steam is a very serious step for us, so we’re not going to rush it.
RenamonMaster 28 gen, ore 21:00 
Minecraft :3
Broken File 26 gen, ore 22:02 
awesome game but i didn't see more coming....
Bali™SergeantBlaze 25 gen, ore 15:49 
When is the game coming to steam?
taker93 25 gen, ore 11:10 
I'm playing the alpha. I set it to "Latest Build" on Steam and i love it!

The game is getting better with every build.
nboin 13 gen, ore 10:30 
AWESOME game thanks radiant entertainment
Bilbo 10 gen, ore 3:01 
i know it windstroll it is just i cant buy it on the real site because i dont have a credit card and i know how glitchy the game is but why does it still say 2013 and why dont they update this ?
thomasterbeek 8 gen, ore 2:56 
when is the game coming to steam
快针对我队友 8 gen, ore 1:15 
Joacill 5 gen, ore 15:07 
to PURCHASE steam ?
Windstroll 29 dic 2014, ore 12:37 
Also, guys stop being butthurt that it isn't on steam. Put on your panties and buy it on their website! It isn't hard, you can then just transfer it onto steam, so lease stop worrying about the game not being on steam. Bilbo, they are working their best to make a good quality game, do you want to play a glitchy game that mostly nothing works properly? I can be patient!
Windstroll 29 dic 2014, ore 12:32 
What I don't get is that I downloaded it on HumbleBundle, other words their website, and I transfered it to steam, but I don't see that we can do anything on this, I know it says update 6 and whatever, the thing is totally limited
Bilbo 29 dic 2014, ore 2:17 
this game is so not finished yet but they are a year to late so whats up with that ?
Butcher 26 dic 2014, ore 8:17 
Did those beaches forget 'bout steam community?
[EBBZC] Icy The Froakie 24 dic 2014, ore 14:32 
>Release Date: Late 2013
What they meant;
>Release Date: Next episode of Shadow of Israphel (We all loved that!), HL3, End of world or 2020
hezzu 24 dic 2014, ore 12:53 
When is the premiere ?
roser137 24 dic 2014, ore 12:18 
why not release alpha 5 on steam ? It is avaible only in official site :(
Odd_Man_Out 23 dic 2014, ore 20:51 
i want to give you my money please take my money and give me the game.