Esto es un concepto o proyecto en fase temprana de desarrollo

Este artículo está aquí para obtener feedback de potenciales compradores y empezar a construir una comunidad. Si te gusta este proyecto, no dudes en valorarlo o añadirlo a tus favoritos. Las votaciones que aquí se llevan a cabo sólo sirven para proporcionar información y reacciones al desarrollador, y no para conseguir que el juego sea distribuido en Steam.

The Realm
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Supreme Edgelord 6 sep. 2015 a las 8:44 
Woah this is actually rather spectacular I love the concept art and it overall looks amazing! You have my vote.
Samuel 12 jul. 2015 a las 21:24 
Reminds me of Papo and Yo, cool.
The Phony☒Alibi 20 mar. 2015 a las 3:22 
Amazing artstyle!
Cyrus Crashtest 14 feb. 2015 a las 15:09 
Getting something of a Miyazaki vibe from the landscapes concepts - following!
genkicoll 13 feb. 2015 a las 21:09 
I followed the game when it was on Kickstarter, and I'm SO excited to see this!
Necmo Entertainment 13 feb. 2015 a las 10:25 
caylink 3 dic. 2014 a las 9:54 
Wow, this looks beautiful.
[RAH] zokeS 29 oct. 2014 a las 1:27 
Now, im really exicited for this project ! I belive it!
S3tsuko 24 oct. 2014 a las 13:05 
it looks amazing
SirDannyMacFinn 13 oct. 2014 a las 10:46 
This game looks pretty legit, but it would be very cool to see a gameplay trailer of sorts.
Chris 26 jul. 2014 a las 8:18 
I want to see this game on steam. :(
ashigarusann 25 jul. 2014 a las 21:35 
It expects, although a girl's nose is large.
Kinky Acolyte® 23 jul. 2014 a las 16:01 
this deserves the greenlight :) *added* and *thumbs up*
PunchyMCFace 5 jul. 2014 a las 15:14 
I would like to play this sort of game, but they didn't ever show gameplay in those clips and thats sadly one of a few things i need to see before giving something a green light. But i do still think it will be a good game if they finish an alphe build to show to people.
Pasta 4 jul. 2014 a las 12:49 
Seems interesting, would play
Shrub 26 jun. 2014 a las 10:52 
WE NEED DIZ.....please!
N'zomI 24 jun. 2014 a las 12:07 
this looks interesting
Draco Ops 31 mayo 2014 a las 18:37 
This looks really fun and just what I look for in a game! If you need help with anything let me know. I also enjoy testing very much!
Fivesyounger 27 mayo 2014 a las 2:02 
I hope this gets finished. I hate to see a game that looks this good to be dropped.
xxwoot1234xx 18 abr. 2014 a las 18:06 
this looks interesting
amok 16 abr. 2014 a las 18:15 
the project is still alive, just on-hold until it gets funded.
Gamefan741 10 abr. 2014 a las 8:54 
looks epic, i hope they continue the project
-8Bits R 'Nuff- 31 mar. 2014 a las 15:32 
Looks genius !
FreestyleGamingArtist 7 mar. 2014 a las 7:21 
I hope you continue on with making this game, even though the funding was unsuccessful, if anything, you should prolong the funding time.
ingramweb 2 mar. 2014 a las 6:00 
Looks great, can't wait for it to come out.
bakuzer 21 feb. 2014 a las 14:10 
Looks awesome!
Chris 25 ene. 2014 a las 6:04 
This game looks astonishing!
. n y r r r r 19 ene. 2014 a las 3:10 
Why, Internet? Why have you not let this game come into being?
Octav8rium 16 ene. 2014 a las 16:26 
Project Ended? How Disappointing. :(
NozomiAiHeiwa 28 dic. 2013 a las 6:05 
Wonderful atmospher.It reminds me Miyazaki environment
Scarab 26 dic. 2013 a las 2:58 
very atmospheric! looking forward
mrcaoimh 22 dic. 2013 a las 12:23 
Looks like a mix of My Neighbour Totoro and The Longest Journey, which would be amazing! I hope you are able to get further with this game, looks like it could become something special.
Unico[R]n < oJ 7 dic. 2013 a las 5:41 
Nonono! Just no Bastion "real man-guy". This is more good.. but heroine is again with this vagina face... let's see
BasedUshi 28 oct. 2013 a las 17:45 
Wow, just beautiful concept art. I havent gotten the feeling from a game like this since bastion. Your artwork just blows me away and same goes as your story. I really hope to be able to play the game in the future.
Karlivie 11 oct. 2013 a las 7:16 
I hope to play that game soon.
JWind 2 oct. 2013 a las 11:43 
the art work looks great, very original!
rogueIkon 24 sep. 2013 a las 21:43 
the art work looks great, very original! The emotive music drew me in very much.

Your 2nd Video showing something of the inner works, was interesting, I liked that.

Personally, I think this game should be greenlit - yesterday.
babakzm 12 sep. 2013 a las 13:12 
Love the artwork, WANT!
Ashurax ™ 12 sep. 2013 a las 13:12 
love artworks
Ashurax ™ 12 sep. 2013 a las 13:11 
looks great
Chaika 29 ago. 2013 a las 6:54 
Not bad. But I wanna see it on russian language
itsjohnidk 23 jul. 2013 a las 21:03 
wth is this
That's Clean 22 jul. 2013 a las 19:26 
errorofmike 18 jul. 2013 a las 21:17 
Ahh, this type of game takes me back. Hope to play this someday.
Star1s3 6 jul. 2013 a las 15:38 
I'm aware of this game just now, otherwise i could be a backer.
Voted for it and hope this project has a future.
Cammy 7 jun. 2013 a las 9:17 
I would totally buy it!
BaricH 6 jun. 2013 a las 18:53 
i need this because of reasons
wittygiraffe 4 jun. 2013 a las 17:05 
This looks gorgeous and it sounds like it could tell a fantastic story too. Really sucks that the Kickstarter didn't make it but I'm this will find it's way to release eventually! Definitely following this :)
A!dan 3 jun. 2013 a las 15:49 
I've been waiting for an amazing point-and-click since The Longest Journey! Beautiful art style and a fascinating story, can't wait to hear more from this!!
Atomic 2 jun. 2013 a las 12:49 
What Elyl said. I've subscribed to the mailing list and am looking forward to the new KS so I can give you my support.