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Niniejszy przedmiot znajduje się tutaj, aby zebrać opinie od potencjalnych klientów i rozpocząć budowanie społeczności. Jeśli podoba ci się ten projekt, nie krępuj się, oceń go lub dodaj do ulubionych. Celem niniejszego głosowania jest jedynie zebranie danych oraz reakcji dla producentów i nie ma wpływu na włączenie gry w proces dystrybucji na platformie Steam.

The Realm
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20 Mar - 3:22 
Amazing artstyle!
Cyrus Crashtest 14 Lut - 15:09 
Getting something of a Miyazaki vibe from the landscapes concepts - following!
genkicoll 13 Lut - 21:09 
I followed the game when it was on Kickstarter, and I'm SO excited to see this!
Necmo Entertainment 13 Lut - 10:25 
caylink 3 Gru, 2014 - 9:54 
Wow, this looks beautiful.
[RAH] zokeS 29 Paź, 2014 - 1:27 
Now, im really exicited for this project ! I belive it!
S3tsuko 24 Paź, 2014 - 13:05 
it looks amazing
SirDannyMacFinn 13 Paź, 2014 - 10:46 
This game looks pretty legit, but it would be very cool to see a gameplay trailer of sorts.
Chris 26 Lip, 2014 - 8:18 
I want to see this game on steam. :(
ashigarusann 25 Lip, 2014 - 21:35 
It expects, although a girl's nose is large.
✥Eridian Maiden✥ 23 Lip, 2014 - 16:01 
this deserves the greenlight :) *added* and *thumbs up*
super noob 5 Lip, 2014 - 15:14 
I would like to play this sort of game, but they didn't ever show gameplay in those clips and thats sadly one of a few things i need to see before giving something a green light. But i do still think it will be a good game if they finish an alphe build to show to people.
NemuS 4 Lip, 2014 - 12:49 
Seems interesting, would play
APEX 26 Cze, 2014 - 10:52 
WE NEED DIZ.....please!
Galaxy in IO 24 Cze, 2014 - 12:07 
this looks interesting
Cubtale 31 Maj, 2014 - 18:37 
This looks really fun and just what I look for in a game! If you need help with anything let me know. I also enjoy testing very much!
Fivesyounger 27 Maj, 2014 - 2:02 
I hope this gets finished. I hate to see a game that looks this good to be dropped.
xxwoot1234xx 18 Kwi, 2014 - 18:06 
this looks interesting
amok 16 Kwi, 2014 - 18:15 
the project is still alive, just on-hold until it gets funded.
Gamefan741 10 Kwi, 2014 - 8:54 
looks epic, i hope they continue the project
Toxxic .:. Zad 31 Mar, 2014 - 15:32 
Looks genius !
FreestyleGamingArtist 7 Mar, 2014 - 7:21 
I hope you continue on with making this game, even though the funding was unsuccessful, if anything, you should prolong the funding time.
ingramweb 2 Mar, 2014 - 6:00 
Looks great, can't wait for it to come out.
bakuzer 21 Lut, 2014 - 14:10 
Looks awesome!
Chris 25 Sty, 2014 - 6:04 
This game looks astonishing!
. n y r r r r 19 Sty, 2014 - 3:10 
Why, Internet? Why have you not let this game come into being?
Octav8rium 16 Sty, 2014 - 16:26 
Project Ended? How Disappointing. :(
NozomiAiHeiwa 28 Gru, 2013 - 6:05 
Wonderful atmospher.It reminds me Miyazaki environment
Scarab 26 Gru, 2013 - 2:58 
very atmospheric! looking forward
mrcaoimh 22 Gru, 2013 - 12:23 
Looks like a mix of My Neighbour Totoro and The Longest Journey, which would be amazing! I hope you are able to get further with this game, looks like it could become something special.
XPAHITEL 7 Gru, 2013 - 5:41 
Nonono! Just no Bastion "real man-guy". This is more good.. but heroine is again with this vagina face... let's see
DigitalCow 28 Paź, 2013 - 17:45 
Wow, just beautiful concept art. I havent gotten the feeling from a game like this since bastion. Your artwork just blows me away and same goes as your story. I really hope to be able to play the game in the future.
Karlivie 11 Paź, 2013 - 7:16 
I hope to play that game soon.
JWind 2 Paź, 2013 - 11:43 
the art work looks great, very original!
rogueIkon 24 Wrz, 2013 - 21:43 
the art work looks great, very original! The emotive music drew me in very much.

Your 2nd Video showing something of the inner works, was interesting, I liked that.

Personally, I think this game should be greenlit - yesterday.
babakzm 12 Wrz, 2013 - 13:12 
Love the artwork, WANT!
Ashurax ™ 12 Wrz, 2013 - 13:12 
love artworks
Ashurax ™ 12 Wrz, 2013 - 13:11 
looks great
Chaika 29 Sie, 2013 - 6:54 
Not bad. But I wanna see it on russian language
Stenosis narrow, varicos twisted 23 Lip, 2013 - 21:03 
wth is this
That's Clean 22 Lip, 2013 - 19:26 
errorofmike 18 Lip, 2013 - 21:17 
Ahh, this type of game takes me back. Hope to play this someday.
Star1s3 6 Lip, 2013 - 15:38 
I'm aware of this game just now, otherwise i could be a backer.
Voted for it and hope this project has a future.
Alex 7 Cze, 2013 - 9:17 
I would totally buy it!
BaricH 6 Cze, 2013 - 18:53 
i need this because of reasons
wittygiraffe 4 Cze, 2013 - 17:05 
This looks gorgeous and it sounds like it could tell a fantastic story too. Really sucks that the Kickstarter didn't make it but I'm this will find it's way to release eventually! Definitely following this :)
A!dan 3 Cze, 2013 - 15:49 
I've been waiting for an amazing point-and-click since The Longest Journey! Beautiful art style and a fascinating story, can't wait to hear more from this!!
at0mic 2 Cze, 2013 - 12:49 
What Elyl said. I've subscribed to the mailing list and am looking forward to the new KS so I can give you my support.
Elyl 24 Maj, 2013 - 16:40 
I only just learned about this today, and I'm gutted to be too late to support this through the Kickstarter.

I would love for this being a huge success and for publishers to start funding these types of games again.
The artwork is of course stunning, the music is captivating and the story sounds like it could compete with the best of Ghibli.
Kim 1001Up 22 Maj, 2013 - 22:19 
It's heart-breaking that the Kickstarter project for such a beautiful game didn't succeed first time around, but I doubt this is the last we'll hear about The Realm. I'll be there for round 2!