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tannerwalker221202 23 saat önce 
Help! when i use the locations thing it wont let me travel.
Kodak 24 Şub @ 7:37am 
Perfect !
Student117 20 Şub @ 11:45pm 
the light of the tardis intior does not cange back and forth
Tabraz 18 Şub @ 6:28am 
I have a problem, I can't get my tardis fly anymore, not even quickflight working after the update. Or the be correct, when i enter the tardis , i can press quickflight once, i hear the sound, its shaking like it should, but it doesn't says where it land ( function is on ) and I can't exit the tardis , and can't fly it nowhere. ( i was entering pelargius wing in solitude, completing the daedric quest when i encountered this bug but loading another save game seems to fix nothing ).
Jamma77 17 Şub @ 2:08am 
@Haitch Cue Zed This is a bug. You should report it in the Bug Reports dicussion.
Haitch Cue Zed 15 Şub @ 5:05pm 
After your update I came across a glitch. When I walk into the TARDIS and use it, after it lands the TARDIS sound wouldn't stop, like it's still moving and thus I can't open the door. If I was to go to another desktop I was able to leave but the TARDIS didn't move. But I can't use the consol again. Also, if I go back to the room where the glitch occured it's still making the TARDIS sound. Do you think you could fix this?
John Smith 15 Şub @ 4:45am 
I like new update. Great job!
FluffyMunchkinz 14 Şub @ 1:53pm 
how do I go to word walls?
Tabraz 14 Şub @ 2:07am 
I guess xx means something like in dlc since it doesn't work with xx, however i can't figure it out .
ShatteredSteel  [yaratıcı] 14 Şub @ 1:25am 
It is xx04a65 5
Tabraz 14 Şub @ 12:00am 
Help me please, I can't add regen spell to the follower. I tried addspell 0404A653 , but since it's an MGEF it says invalid spell item so please help me. ( there is 3 regens, 2 spells and 1 mgef)
SirFuchsigus 13 Şub @ 11:50pm 
OK. DO NOT GO INTO THE STONE DESKTOP IN THE TARDIS!!! After I set that desktop cause i thought it looked cool, EVERYTHING went wrong. I couldn't set another desktop, it had trouble summoning, half the time it materializes in its SELF, and the Save Location DOESN'T work. Everytime I use the TARDIS now, it either crashes, or crashes into a wall in (once again) ITSELF!!! Someone please fix this. Oh and I love the new TARDIS-Armoury! Great Job making 12 stands if you catch my drift.
Modlio 6 Şub @ 10:40am 
do you need another key for companions???
The Doctor 5 Şub @ 4:51pm 
Now im having another problem... I cant even step into my TARDIS anymore... please fix all this
MASTER DOGE 4 Şub @ 6:29am 
favorite mod 74983198743187943798743978324987432879324798243987 out of 10
The Doctor 2 Şub @ 4:01pm 
Something is wrong with it.. When the TARDIS dematerializes in a City hold it dematerializes outside the city even though the thing that makes it do that is unchecked... how do i fix
Bugboyb 2 Şub @ 5:57am 
help me it wont let me continue with the quest for the tardis
so cool
Bugboyb 1 Şub @ 5:37pm 
it wont let me continue with the quest it keeps on saying that toi investigate the tardis plz help
daiseymay12 24 Oca @ 9:52am 
Sometimes when I enter or leave the Tardis the game crashes... Possible fix?
DOGE#420GETREKTMLGPRO 22 Oca @ 2:22pm 
so onetime I failed a landing and the tardis was inside the tardis........
chrisl692002 19 Oca @ 4:31am 
@Aperture 3.14ance i recommend either restatting skyrim or reloading the save from main menu you could also try restarting your computer
chrisl692002 18 Oca @ 4:27pm 
does it just need skse for skyui for settings or is it for the general mod to work?
evrey time i try to go in the tardis i ctd so could you fix that
Sonic_Hedgehog34 18 Oca @ 1:18pm 
never mind
Sonic_Hedgehog34 18 Oca @ 5:53am 
dude how do you make the orange inside of the vortex blue????????????????
Jamma77 17 Oca @ 2:50am 
@mthomas66 Go to the MCM menu. It's in the "TARDIS options" tab.
mthomas66 16 Oca @ 3:16pm 
I have no idea how to work the chameleon circuit.
chrisl692002 16 Oca @ 4:22am 
even on skse i used the launcher and it after awhile when i try to go in crash to desktop
Luthfil_Doctor123 12 Oca @ 10:52pm 
Where can you find this tardis?
Jamma77 12 Oca @ 11:37am 
Quick question for those of us using multiple follower mods: How many followers can get through the doors now you've fixed the bug of the first recruited follower being forced in and out even after they'vr been didmissed?
Jamma77 12 Oca @ 9:03am 
@Toast It does require SKSE. It's listed in the desription. You need SKSE for SkyUI to function and allow you to change the settings. So unless you love the default settings, then SKSE is required.
muffin doge su delishus 11 Oca @ 5:05pm 
this does not require skse i dont have it and it works fine :)
Jamma77 11 Oca @ 12:25am 
@Thraxis, Lord of Chaos, As I said to the gut before you: The incompatible notice is over copyright/trademark stuff. Shattered even says that at the start of the description. The mod works fine, as we all know.

Also. several questions about the update: Is there any change to the circumstances required to trigger auto-regen? Nothing's mentioned in the change log, but on the Nexus you talk about rewriting the script, so which is it?
Also, the change log mentions giving NPCs the auto regen spell. How do you do that?
Thraxis, Lord of Chaos 10 Oca @ 11:44pm 
I wonder if the incompatible notice is due to requiring SKSE? Strictly speaking, it isn't compatible with "Skyrim" ;^)

Though if anyone wants to use the really cool and different mods out there (this one, Better Vampires, etc), I would really suggest getting SKSE. It takes like 1 minute to install, and any advanced mods are impossible without it. For example, a functioning moving TARDIS could not be made without it, to my knowledge. SKSE can be found here: http://skse.silverlock.org/
chrisl692002 10 Oca @ 4:18pm 
can you make one without SKSE i cant get it
The Doctor 9 Oca @ 5:31pm 
Something is wrong with it.. When the TARDIS dematerializes in a City hold it dematerializes outside the city even though the thing that makes it do that is unchecked... how do i fix
LocalGinger 8 Oca @ 1:34am 
Oh ok thanks Jamma ^^
Jamma77 7 Oca @ 11:25am 
Now we've got a way of changing the lighting in the mechanical console room, would it be possible for you to add more colours to the lighting?
@LocalGinger, I think the incompatibility notice is over coryright/trademark stuff. Just ignore it, we all know the mod works fine.
LocalGinger 7 Oca @ 8:32am 
It says that this mod is incompatible with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ... wat never had this problem ever!
Jamma77 7 Oca @ 8:32am 
It seems this mod has regenerated. I must say I love its new incarnation!
ChaiFox 6 Oca @ 11:39am 
Well looks like TARDIS actually stands for: Time And Relative Dimensions In Skyrim :D
MrShaunGamez 5 Oca @ 2:43am 
I lost the TARDIS and didn't get the Summon Spell. Is there a console command to get it back?
jakesmith6767 3 Oca @ 11:54am 
Whem will there be another update for the two blank walls in the tardis interior? Anyone know anything about a update if so please tell me in this comment.
angeal17661 3 Oca @ 10:41am 
For some raeson I can't "inspect" it or "find a way out" in the first part of the quest to get it. I have loaded multiple new and old saved files but none of them work. Do you know what may cause this?
hunter8940 2 Oca @ 2:52pm 
@shatteredsteel have you ever thought of bringing some of the old console rooms back like the coral console room from the 9th and 10th doctor and the 11ths console room. or maybe some of the very old ones and hopfuly some new exteriors. if you do read this please think about using some of these ideas.
cY_woLf 29 Ara 2014 @ 4:00pm 
also does anybody know where i can get a motor cycle mod without nexus?
cY_woLf 29 Ara 2014 @ 3:59pm 
this mod is amazing i am a huge doctor who fan
TnYrGrlWthGun 27 Ara 2014 @ 10:10pm 
Hello, I have to say, I just love your mod and I have something that I really hope you add on to. Could you please add the Tenth Doctor's Tardis Desktop? I am a real fan of the fourth deason of the new Doctor Who. Please consider this as an option to add to the mod. Thank you for creating it for all of us to use and play with. Thank you very much.

Ventura...Ace Ventura 24 Ara 2014 @ 4:10pm 
Its not in whiterun for me