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OrangeWallpaper 3 jul @ 4:37pm 
What do we do if the tardis does not appear?
piggy gonzalaz 3 jul @ 2:49pm 
you should add to the sonic screwdriver the ability to summon the tardis just saying
ashymon000 2 jul @ 12:34am 
were exactlyis the shrine? maybe a picture would help
Darkfirelord52 1 jul @ 12:57pm 
where is it i cant find it?
cY_woLf 29 jun @ 7:56pm 
could you make it bigger I have trouble getting through the doors in the console room
Hazo 28 jun @ 11:57am 
I have hit a glitch that means I cant use the SLS, all dials except the first stopped working, what should I do?
John Smith 28 jun @ 10:56am 
@Jamma77 That's a good news
Jamma77 28 jun @ 9:16am 
@John Smith He's going to update the Steam vesion once he takes care of all the biugs in the new version (He said it would be too much work posting constant hotfixes on Steam)
John Smith 28 jun @ 8:04am 
Why ShatteredSteel does not update the mod here in Steam? Updates will always be only on Nexus from now on?
Jamma77 24 jun @ 10:29pm 
@later MCM "Other Options" tab.
melcraft01 23 jun @ 3:29pm 
Might I suggest adding a flightmode option.
later 22 jun @ 12:30pm 
I ran out of regenarations how do I get more?
Jason 21 jun @ 9:19am 
i find it funny that npcs don"t react to the tardis aperring out of nowhere
Derpyhoovesdiscord 15 jun @ 7:36pm 
um help if i try to travel using the tardis it says location not found on location list 0#
cococool77 OoO 15 jun @ 3:50pm 
i just got a awesome idea what if there was a hearthfire addon to this where you can make rooms and hallways
cY_woLf 14 jun @ 3:10pm 
this mod has got to be the best one I have ever used
Funny_Animato 12 jun @ 12:53pm 
I figured it out. If you just subscribe and then play using SKSE, it won't show up because steam hasn't loaded it into the game. Start the game using Steam before using SKSE and everything should be working fine.
=[o.W.n]=Dpman1234 12 jun @ 10:35am 
can you please make a tutorial video on how to install the addon properly and find the temple
Funny_Animato 10 jun @ 12:03am 
I've just spent 2 1/2 hours using reference photography and guesswork to try and find the blasted temple, and I still haven't found it! It's totally hidden to me and I've rage quit the game. I know its a stone's throw southeast of the College of Winterhold near an icey cliffface to the west. I've looked almost everywhere that fits that description and I'm unsure whether I'm just remarkably confused or if the mod is actually installed or not. I'm sure it's great, I just don't know where the fuck it is! >:(
pazuzu4horsemen 6 jun @ 6:44pm 
so true it is not outside winterhold. Is there a coc to it?
flactemtruc 6 jun @ 12:10pm 
IT IS NOT OUTSIDE WINTERHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emperor Doge IV™ 6 jun @ 2:05am 
I would totally reccomend this mod to any whovians who also love Skyrim! Its a great mod, doesnt have any bugs... Well... no bugs that I have experienced yet. The point is that its a great mod and it works flawlessly. Great Job!
Emperor Doge IV™ 6 jun @ 2:03am 
saberslayer2002 its outside winterhold
saberslayer2002 31 maj @ 10:35am 
where is it I cant find the shrine of the blue box
Polandball 29 maj @ 4:56pm 
When I enter the building, it doesn't give me the next part of the quest, some help?
Ragequit Deat[DEL] 29 maj @ 6:19am 
Guy, its broken.
Luke0522 26 maj @ 7:40am 
used to work but then whole tardis and other stuff disapeared
PapiDimmi 25 maj @ 9:35am 
Shouldn't you contact Steam if the incompatible warning is wrong?

If it's for copyright issues, it shouldn't be marked as NOT WORKING if it is working, so why haven't you contacted Steam Support?

If you have, did they respond?
If they did, what did they say? I'm really curious.
Polandball 17 maj @ 8:22am 
Whats the MCM menu?
Coolstriker64 15 maj @ 3:18pm 
Darth_Fordring, all you need to do is get the SKSE, and lode skyrim with that. That's what happened to me.
Darth_Fordring 14 maj @ 1:39pm 
It dose not work! when i get it and i want to go to windhelm it just takes me to random places
OfficerPuff 13 maj @ 10:15pm 
Thank you. I love you.
Ulithium_Dragon 13 maj @ 4:02pm 
"Incompatible" because it uses SKSE. GJ, Steam, it sure it incompatibile.

To anyone complaining about this error, I presume Steam is b*tching because SKSE launches Skyrim from it's own executable.
The Doctor 12 maj @ 5:08pm 
It Says imcompatibile for me
richardjakesmith2000 7 maj @ 3:13am 
has anyone notice a work area where there is three tardis's an extra screwdriver with a orange like sun in he room? there is also the crack in the wall from the show Doctor Who?
charliepass 27 apr @ 11:00am 
Sonic Screwdriver locks/unlocks doors I do not target... :/
slg407 26 apr @ 6:06am 
i lost the sonic screwdriver what can i do?
Coolstriker64 23 apr @ 7:49pm 
man the TARDIS is hard to fly, a video tutorial pls?
dan.roberts 23 apr @ 11:32am 
It is no longer on steam that is so annyoing sorry if i spell something wrong
Mr. McCrazy 17 apr @ 5:21pm 
I can't find the TARDIS, please put an undiscovered map marker or something please.
Hawkeyesniper45 13 apr @ 4:11pm 
That other guy just reuploaded and credited you. Did he even ask for your permission? What a dick...
Andy Vickers 12 apr @ 9:54am 
The problem appears to be with a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff, so to solive it I have inverted the parrellel flux temperon field - or in human terms I hit the PC twice then re-installed the mod!
cY_woLf 11 apr @ 12:53pm 
also in all of my tardis rooms except the machanical and stone rooms the console is like a stone looking cylinder
cY_woLf 11 apr @ 12:48pm 
you should make the 11th doctors first tardis the one with the copper walls and glass floors
TempusVulpi 10 apr @ 3:24pm 
I have the nexus version of this mod, but when i try to land, it displays "TARDIS Is Landing!", But it never actually lands, the rotor keeps moving and the SFX don't stop, i also can't use the door
Andy Vickers 10 apr @ 2:01pm 
Small Bug - some how my mechanical desktop theam cannot be swapped to - the exit pull chain has disapeared and the exit is blank. Help
Kaneki Ken 9 apr @ 6:58pm 
Its not in my subscribed mods
Andy Vickers 9 apr @ 7:34am 
Just to let you know, I would have forgotten about this mod until some one else uploaded it! But this version is the only one that works. Love that sonic screwdriver :D

VenturianFan695 9 apr @ 3:33am 
It says SkyUI dosen't exist...
VenturianFan695 9 apr @ 2:51am 
Do you need SkyUI?