TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space
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wolf14vargen14 4 小时以前 
i can't install SKSE so is it possible to remake it but without SKSE?
The Super Timelord 9月28日下午1:49 
hey guys i have run into an issue:none of my followers follow me into the tardis. they stand outside it and do nothing. please help if you can.
Guybot1001 9月26日下午6:22 
Also for some reason: the Galifreyan regeneration just stoped working for me a couple of days ago. i thought "Oh, maybe it's just a temporary glitch that will work itself out". It's not, because i noticed i'm dying more frequently. suggestions?
Dr_SandwichMuffin 9月24日下午2:02 
Tick Tock, Goes the Clock; He Cradled and He Rocked Her; Tick Tock, Goes the Clock; Even for the Doctor
Dragonborn 9月22日上午6:33 
I had my sonic screwdriver in the the blue on and now It is orange and my sonic screwdriver is gone please help thanks you
Guybot1001 9月21日下午3:02 
I made the mistake of asking my folower Lydia to go in the Tardis. Problem: she wont leave. She acknowlages, i hear the door sound but shes still there and nothign happens. I cannot revert to an old save otherwise I'll... *ehm* have to fight Alduin for the last time again. Any ideas?
Jamma77 9月21日上午1:00 
@xDubstepPvPX Incompatibility notice is over copyright stuff. Ignore it, the mod works fine.
xDubstepPvPX 9月20日下午2:45 
IT says that it is incapatible so can anyone help me ?
Jamma77 9月19日下午11:18 
@ZombieCreeper21 Ok, here's some step by step by step instructions on how to get more regenerations.

1) Load up your game
2) Open the pause menu.
3) Scroll down to the "Mod Configuration" option added by SkyUI
4) Scroll through ther list until you find the TARDIS menu
5) Open the TARDIS menu and goto the "Other Options" tab
6) Find and select the "Additional Regenerations" slider
7) Use either the mouse of the arrow keys to move the slider to the number of regens you want
8) Exit the menu

You will now have more regenerations.
The Doctor 9月19日下午10:29 
everytime i go to fly the tardis to Whiterun or whatever it says no saved location #2 and doesnt let me use it??
ZombieCreeper21 9月19日上午8:18 
I have both SkyUI and Run SKSE but i cannot get any more regenerations in anyway, ist it due to installing the mods via nexus mod manager?
DaFox481 9月18日下午5:15 
what are the console codes for the fast travle locations?
Kairos 9月18日下午2:26 
V3ngeful_Life 9月17日上午7:52 
Nevermind, it was disabled for some reason.
V3ngeful_Life 9月16日下午11:52 
I went to the cliffs East of Winterhold and did not find the Temple; is there any conflicting mods? or do i need to start a new save?
eman1002 9月16日下午7:47 
more like time and relative dimensions in skyrim ha ha ha
Apotex 9月16日下午5:26 
@ZombieCreeper21 Do you got Skyui and SKSE?
toshiro66697 9月14日下午2:46 
sonic doesnt always work for me after using it, the menu still pops up and even when i look away after doing it, it still makes me lockpick it. any one know why?
I Hug C4 9月14日上午8:38 
i cant exit the tardis. it says exit the tardis but then it plays the sound, saves the game then i'm just standing in the same place. plz help.
¢ℓαут0η™ 9月13日下午8:09 
Ha! I found John Smith!
The Doctor 9月13日下午5:09 
how can we download it here but its flagged on shattered's page?
Ibrahim Ibn-La'Ahad 9月13日下午3:54 
You have done spectacularly!!!! I remember this mod in its early stages and how times have changed. just had one question how do you set the mechanical room as the default console room because i can't seem to be able to exit through that door and any other door other than the nordic console room.

RBcooldude123 9月12日下午8:39 
I LOVE IT!!! THE MOST EPIC MOD I'VE SEEN! probably because im a huge doctor who fan... hmm. I LOVE IT!!! all it needs in my view, bug fixes, and more console rooms. like the war doctor's, 9th and 10th, and the classic! all it needs, well for me... but, other than that, it is an epic mod!
ZombieCreeper21 9月12日下午4:09 
I honestly don't know how to get more regenerations as I can't find mcm menu for it, I have only recently gotten the game so forgive my noobish comments...
[TB} Fat Ninja Walrus 9月12日下午4:06 
i smell a troll
ZombieCreeper21 9月12日下午2:50 
I have used all my cycles from the cloister room I just can't get any more!
Jamma77 9月12日上午8:34 
@ZombieCreeper21 I told you earlier! You get your first cycle from the cloister room, then get additional cycles from the MCM menu.
@Supahtoaster If you mean the colour of the tubes inside the time rotor, I think Shattered is working on something that will allow you to change the colour.
ZombieCreeper21 9月12日上午6:56 
I have the mod but I have no idea how to give myself more regenerations
Supahtoaster 9月12日上午2:12 
How does one change the console colour for mechanical?
Jamma77 9月11日下午9:50 
@ZombieCreeper21 Use the newly-fixed MCM menu to give yourself more regenerations.
ZombieCreeper21 9月11日下午3:39 
I managed to get Lydia out by fast traveling to a very distant location but is there no way to get more regenerations? Can I not use a dragon soul to get my regenerations back?
[TB} Fat Ninja Walrus 9月11日下午12:10 
right now followers seem to not be able to leave... if she's been in there a long time and you don't want to reload your saves, you might have to use console codes to remove her 0_o
ZombieCreeper21 9月11日上午11:38 
So I may have run out of regenerations and Lydia is stuck in the living area... can i get more regenerations and how do I get Lydia out?
Jamma77 9月11日上午10:58 
I back [TB} Fat Ninja Walrus 's report that the nordic rotor jams during flight. I would also like to report that I keep getting the error message "Current location cannot be found in list #4" (at least it's something like that) when I travel somewhere. However, on the upside, MCM menu now shows up, even on new games started after updating the mod.
Jamma77 9月11日上午8:21 
@[TB} Fat Ninja Walrus, @ShatteredSteel The location list system not working has been a long-standing bug with the stone desktop (or at least it was last time I checked a month or so ago).
|'DarK'| Silent 9月11日上午4:09 
I love you created !!!
|'DarK'| Silent 9月11日上午4:08 
WOW its Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShatteredSteel  [作者] 9月11日上午12:58 
Not sure why the Nordic Rotor would freeze, but then again I somehow broke the whirligigs in the mechanical theme when I added the Winterhold whirly bits.
If the TARDIS doesn't take off it's probably stuck in the 'cleanup' phase of landing... try "setstage stl_tardisflight 99" for that...

Also, a bug report thread is a good idea, especially since I no longer get notifications for comments posted here (but I do get them for the suggestions thread)
ShatteredSteel  [作者] 9月11日上午12:58 
Why must something always break? :(
1 & 5: Bugger. #1 Shouldn't have happened (I thought I already fixed it before uploading... guess not) #5 was a hit or miss if the fix would work for existing saves
2: Dwemmer one will probably be restored to the previous model in the next version, nordic one might stay... or not. We'll see.
3: Whoops. I think its actually pointing at something else instead of the levers...
4: Strange. Is this for every desktop theme or just specific one(s)? Might be the script isn't setting a value properly (could try "Set STL_UseSpecificValue to 1" - if this works tell me so I can fix it)
[TB} Fat Ninja Walrus 9月10日下午11:08 
a clean install fixed the floating buttons, and the mod menu. it showed up after i was in the tardis about 10 minutes. couple more things though, the pistons in the nordic room now freeze in the open position while flying. and, after using regular flight a certain number of times in mechanical, it fails to take off at all when using the throttle. still can't choose locations prior to taking off.
[TB} Fat Ninja Walrus 9月10日下午8:27 
love the new update! so much more detail in all of the rooms! i especially love the time rotor and console change in the winterhold theme. super cool!
ok now for bug reports:
1. most of the buttons and stuff are floating a little above the console in the winterhold theme.
2. the nord and dwemmer consoles are also changed to the new winterhold console - not sure if that was intentional, but it looks rather out of place in those two rooms, especially dwemmer.
3. the arrow pointing to the red levers is a little out of place
4. i can only land at a saved location if i choose it mid-flight now, otherwise i just land somwhere random.
5. still no mod menu.
imho, you should probably have an updates/bug reports thread. it might make this sort of thing easier. other than that, i've already used it like 40 times, and i love it. not complaining, just trying to be a helpful first responder :)
Adventurertaco 9月10日下午3:49 
Whats in the update?
ShatteredSteel  [作者] 9月10日下午2:48 
I thought I fixed that already...
If its the same bug, using the console command "setstage STL_TardisFlight 99" should fix it (make sure you're in the bugged theme when entering the console command)
¢ℓαут0η™ 9月10日上午1:39 
I have a small bugg, and I was wondering if I could reset my TARDIS.
In the mechanical theme, If you pull the space time throttle, then run outside, you get the TARDIS's noise constantly on flight mode, I can no longer learn to fly as the telepathical text doent work.
Jamma77 9月9日下午11:36 
@Mr. Warmo The Hypercubes are used to trave to quest-specific locations. Right now only the Dawnguard addon's cube goes to quests. The cube from the main mod activates vortex flight mode and can travel to the shrine of the blue box (the TARDIS' starting location)
Mr. Warmo 9月9日下午1:38 
What are the uses for the cubes that are inseted into the console?
¢ℓαут0η™ 9月9日上午12:51 
¢ℓαут0η™ 9月9日上午12:40 
I cant seem to use the summon spell, I added it to my spell list, nothing happened?
Jamma77 9月8日上午8:27 
Neartr winterhold. follow questmarker.
Jamma77 9月7日上午10:42 
@cococool77 To get regeneration you need to go to the upper level of the cloister room and pull all four levers set at intervals around the walkway. Once you've pulled all four you need to stand on the seal of Rasillon in roughly the centre of the room and you should recieve a cycle of 12 regenerations. After that you can add additional cycles usinf the MCM menu.