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AllShameNoGame 1月31日 21時28分 
I took off in the tardis and the door disappeared. I have been trapped in the tardis for days. I may or may not be trapped forever. Tell my wife and kids that I love them.

In all serousness tho, the door actually did disappear and I have been running around trying to get it back for longer than I care to admit.
Dancario The Lucario 1月19日 11時27分 
What's the coc code sir??
daddy finger 1月18日 7時46分 
and if i store anything in storage will it disaper because if you leave your items in a random chest it would dissaper in 3 days
daddy finger 1月18日 7時37分 
I keep hearing the tardis travling noise in the mechanical room
BEN drowned (not really) 1月1日 8時47分 
@The Doctor it is near winter hold of the temple of the blue box
The Doctor 2015年12月14日 20時11分 
what is the location of the tardis?
chrisl692002 2015年11月16日 7時55分 
i tried stopquest_stl tardisflight but i still cant take off
Sentry Gun (Sentry Gun) 2015年11月8日 9時08分 
Yea, I realize now that I'd already gotten it. Sorry 'bout that
Jamma77 2015年11月8日 9時04分 
You need to get regeneration from the cloister room. Are you doing that?
Sentry Gun (Sentry Gun) 2015年11月7日 9時06分 
I can't use "Gallifreyan Regeneration." Any help? It's just not available for use.
Jamma77 2015年11月2日 8時28分 
@miniman2001, That's where the TARDIS starts the game. When you first enter Tiid Veysun, the TARDIS is a separate item that you nteract with the advance the quest. While you're in Tiid Veysun finding the sonic and the key, and flooding the place for good measure, some scripting wizardry moved the actual TARDIS into Tiid Veysun so you can enter it and complete the quest. Thus, if you use the fast return switch before going anywhere the TARDIS will return to this holding pen/ testing chamber.

As for the regeneration bug with the Time Lord race, the mod that adds the Time Lord race usess the regeneration mechanic from the Regenerated version of the TARDIS mod, not this one.
theBlueBoxMiner 2015年10月14日 14時12分 
has anyone found the weird thing if you get into the tardis whether through the quest or skip it and the first thing you press is the fast return you land in some strange room with loads of other tardises there and some floating fireball (eye of harmony i think) floating controls some weird entity ice wraith thing named hypercube relay and another sonic and summon tardis spell book and a dawnguard hyper cube and thats and the crack in time on the wall and thats all there is has anyone found this and can anyone explain what it it?
endermaster120 2015年10月12日 21時52分 
so i have a few problomes. 1. i cant set my theme, switch not there. 2. (i dont know if this is my system) LOTS of lag in the mechanical interior (when on) i play with a controller and the delay is MASIVE thanks for the help in advanced!
theBlueBoxMiner 2015年10月9日 13時28分 
how would i get a bow tie and the fancy suit i've seen videos of the tardis mod with them in the wardrobes but the only things in mine are vanilla fine cloths. are they craftable or do i have to buy them?
theBlueBoxMiner 2015年10月9日 10時50分 
i have the playable timelord mod but when i try to regenerate i can't i haven't done the thing in the tardses cloister room yet is that the reason?
Jamma77 2015年10月6日 23時30分 
@Iron Toaster What's wrong with just using this version as it is?
Iron Toaster 2015年10月5日 16時37分 
can you reupload this version I cant run the other one because i dont have one of the dlcs
vision 2015年10月4日 13時30分 
this is an awsome mod but shit update this i love doctor who but i want t play as him
Jamma77 2015年9月9日 11時04分 
@trollermonkey, Summon it or turn on the locator beacon.
garretphoenix 2015年9月7日 16時45分 
@sharmin82 undownload some shit man! computers can't run everything!
garretphoenix 2015年9月7日 16時44分 
trollermonkey 2015年9月6日 14時04分 
if you forget where the tardis is how do you find it
Kobayashi Mᐰru 2015年9月1日 3時15分 

We won’t host offensive, copyrighted or trademarked material on the Skyrim Workshop. Mods with this kind of content will be banned, so please don’t bother uploading them."
well that explains a bit.
WrenchingStar 2015年8月31日 11時52分 
"This item is incompatible with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." Umm... what?
boss 2015年8月19日 14時42分 
it crarshed every time
boss 2015年8月19日 2時11分 
please update the mod it does not work for me
src22000 2015年8月13日 16時12分 
please. there is one but that i ask you to fix, the pull chain to det the desk top theme keeps dissapearing and im stuck with the door in the winterhold theme. if anyone knows a way to fix this, let me know, otherwise please please fix this.
a turtle 2015年8月12日 16時39分 
lel unsubcrieb for newer version newbs
Педофил 2015年8月6日 20時35分 
BEFORE YOU SUBSCRIBE!!! This mod is EXTREMELY glitchly but almost worth it. The newest TARDIS has a few issues on its own but that one is being worked on. You must have dawngaurd, dragonborn, skse and skyui for the new one but this one is less glitchy. They JUST released the newer one so dont forget it and leave, just saying that they're both buggy but this one isnt being worked on AT ALL. If you hope for a better one get the new one, if you wanna screw it and have no patience go ahead. Think about it first or it'll waster your time!
ShadowGaming101 2015年8月2日 14時19分 
Omg ... doctor who ... is skyrim, well im not sleeping until i have 500 hours xD
TheGarry'sModHat 2015年8月1日 12時46分 
umm i changed the tardis exterior and nowits gone. i seardhed everywere but i cant find it. what should i do???
bylokonnor 2015年7月31日 12時35分 
Thank-you for the answer.
Jamma77 2015年7月31日 10時04分 
@bylokonnor He won't. This is now the official, unsupported and slightly buggy (at least it was the last time I used it), non-DLC version of the TARDIS mod.
bylokonnor 2015年7月29日 3時01分 
Don't get rid of this one just yet.
Jamma77 2015年7月27日 6時12分 
ATTENTION ALL SUBSCRIBERS! The new version of this mod is now available in Steam:
[knifE]Captaincj2005 2015年7月23日 14時31分 
It wont work!
zafmcmah 2015年7月12日 22時06分 
hi i have the mod through nexus and all the requirments but the note doesnt show up hence no tardis im assuming
TheAmericanSkull 2015年7月5日 14時03分 
piggy gonzalaz Jul 3 @ 5:49pm
you should add to the sonic screwdriver the ability to summon the tardis just saying.

piggy if he adds that then the spell book Summon: Tardis will be useless
TheAmericanSkull 2015年7月5日 14時00分 
Its a quest now and u can get it from the blue box quest and BTW SUPER IMPORTANT if u the press fast return switch right away when u enter the tardis it takes u to a room with 7 other tardi and BTW he shrine is near winter colleage and to the right on the edge of a cliff

OrangeWallpaper 2015年7月3日 16時37分 
What do we do if the tardis does not appear?
Pignavy456 2015年7月3日 14時49分 
you should add to the sonic screwdriver the ability to summon the tardis just saying
ashymon000 2015年7月2日 0時34分 
were exactlyis the shrine? maybe a picture would help
Darkfirelord52 2015年7月1日 12時57分 
where is it i cant find it?
Billy the Kid 2015年6月29日 19時56分 
could you make it bigger I have trouble getting through the doors in the console room
Hazo 2015年6月28日 11時57分 
I have hit a glitch that means I cant use the SLS, all dials except the first stopped working, what should I do?
John Smith 2015年6月28日 10時56分 
@Jamma77 That's a good news
Jamma77 2015年6月28日 9時16分 
@John Smith He's going to update the Steam vesion once he takes care of all the biugs in the new version (He said it would be too much work posting constant hotfixes on Steam)
John Smith 2015年6月28日 8時04分 
Why ShatteredSteel does not update the mod here in Steam? Updates will always be only on Nexus from now on?
Jamma77 2015年6月24日 22時29分 
@later MCM "Other Options" tab.
melcraft01 2015年6月23日 15時29分 
Might I suggest adding a flightmode option.