TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space
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jnanibhad55 6 ώρες πριν 
where is the sonic?
Biscuit_Brown 7 ώρες πριν 
The screwdriver hasn't appeared in the plynth in Tiid Veysun, anyone know the correct console command so I can give it to myself?
ImaAwesomeNinja 8 ώρες πριν 
Hello Children Of Gallifrey Come Join The Time Lord Academy First 5 become a High Council Memeber!
Doctor When 8 ώρες πριν 
I have a suggestion for the mod if you don't mind, seeing as currently the vortex flight from the hypercube is currently just endless TARDIS noises as far as I can tell, would it be possible to make that a way to "travel though time" by icreasing the speed by which the in game time goes by for traveling forwards in time and for backwards making the speed a negitive value? Just a thought.
Jamma77 9 ώρες πριν 
The only reason I wanted the MCM back was so I could turn the location display on and the auto saves off. Can you make these the defaut settings for those two options?

Also I have an idea: Could the MCM bug be due to the blue box quest, since that triggers immediately upon starting the game and may interfere with the script that activates the MCM?
ShatteredSteel  [Δημιουργός] 11 ώρες πριν 
Fixing the MCM will take quite some time. I am not getting that bug, so figuring it out is complicated somewhat. I've already enlisted the help of a couple people on the nexus, but have been unable to come up with a fix. The oddest part is that I hadn't even edited the MCM for 1.7, so it should work exactly like it did before.

It should be in the recpetacle in Tiid Veysun, although there is a minor issue with saves that have used previous versions where it doesn't appear. (In this case, you might be best off to use the console to get one, "help screwdriver" and give it to yourself)

Why would I do that? Theres already a perfectly good TARDIS for Garry's Mod

@The Destructionist
The lighting turned out a bit too yellow. Still messing with it.
Jamma77 12 ώρες πριν 
Shattered, how long will it be before you can release an uptade restoring the MCM menu?
Goblin 21 Αυγ @ 4:40μμ 
Ah-h, where i can find Sonic Screwdriver in the Shrine?)
Jamma77 21 Αυγ @ 12:30πμ 
The MCM menu is gone! I have SKSE and SkyUI but the menu isn't in the mod mod configuration catagory! Can you help?
Manyetha 20 Αυγ @ 7:50μμ 
Can you do it for Gmod ?
The Destructionist 20 Αυγ @ 11:48πμ 
The control room for me is a bit of a yellow than a orange. Can someone tell me if it is supposed to be yellow or is it just my mod is screwed up?
Deat 20 Αυγ @ 10:08πμ 
Guys, go to the bridge in Winterhold just before the entrance gate into the college, and look off the side of the bridge and you should see the temple.
I recommend Etheral Form shout for this path, the other way is when you spawn at Winterhold using quick travel, go out and turn left and follow the snow and you should spot it quickly.
Jamma77 20 Αυγ @ 9:11πμ 
Oh, and one final thing, I don't see a map marker for the shrine of the blue box, even after visiting it during the quest. What could cause this?
Jamma77 20 Αυγ @ 9:11πμ 
I thank you for fixing the door targeting bug, but a new bug has risen with targeting the wibbly device in the mechanical desktop. I've got my crosshair on the helmic regulator and I'm still activating the wibbly device. The only way you can activate the helmic regulator is to position the crosshair directly on it. Can you fix this? Also, I'd like to request the option, perhaps via the MCM menu, the change the glow on the mechanical desktop's tubes back to blue? Another thing, when I landed the TARDIS in Whiterun, it landed in its usual spot, except it was orientated so the doors were facing the barrels right next to, or in this case right of fron ot the TARDIS. Also, sometimes when I enter the TARDIS I get spawned on the lower level due to the placement of my followers. Is there something you can do about this? (sorry for the overlong comment, just wanted to ask about all these thing in one go)
Deat 20 Αυγ @ 9:05πμ 
Could you go take a picture in game of where the cave is so I know roughly when I am in the right place.
ShatteredSteel  [Δημιουργός] 20 Αυγ @ 8:53πμ 
The Shrine is east of winterhold. Follow the Cliff side. Will rig up a temporary fix for the silly questmarker
Deat 20 Αυγ @ 8:43πμ 
How soon until the bug is fixed where its the temple of Talos instead of the Temple of the Blue Box?
Bin Laggin 20 Αυγ @ 7:02πμ 
i went to the temple of talos but it just says that i need to go out again an in again and so on
plz help
Jamma77 19 Αυγ @ 11:46μμ 
Seriously? The quest marker points me inside the temple of Talos, then as soon as I'm inside it points me back outside, then as son as I've gone outside it tells me to go in side the temple again! WTF?!
ShatteredSteel  [Δημιουργός] 19 Αυγ @ 7:19μμ 
Blarg. Wrong file got uploaded. Sorry to anyone affected by the issue
Ender_Dylan_ 18 Αυγ @ 7:16μμ 
i cant find it
Jamma77 18 Αυγ @ 3:04πμ 
@pas261 The reason you went back to your last save is because you died. Regeneration doesn't make you immortal. It just activates when you reach whatever health percentage you set it to activate at. You still die if your health reaches zero during regeneration.
pas261 17 Αυγ @ 3:03μμ 
i just got killed and the regeneration didnt work. the light and sound worked but the game loaded from my last save instead of the regeneration screen.
rl420247 17 Αυγ @ 11:37πμ 
thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! this has been my full time home ever sense it first appeared here. I love it so much! thank you again for all your diligence!
Dan, BVBF 17 Αυγ @ 6:06πμ 
DarkStar 15 Αυγ @ 11:41πμ 
why won't the mechanical desktop theme work
DarkStar 15 Αυγ @ 10:32πμ 
i want an update where followers can say "its bigger on the inside"

The Doctor 2.0 14 Αυγ @ 5:40μμ 
How do I get the hypercube? Also, how do I get to this so called "shrine" I keep hearing about?
Some help here would be most appreciated.
Doctor Chu 13 Αυγ @ 12:02μμ 
I ended up in the "Shrine of the Blue Box". What do I do here? There is a cube called "Strange Cube" on a pedastal infront of a tardis that's not mine that I can't get into. Any help will be appreciated.
tttomberlin 12 Αυγ @ 5:33μμ 
My TARDIS keeps materializing inside of itself when I use the controls to travel. Once it does this, I cant leave. Any ideas?
FaceofJoe 12 Αυγ @ 12:58πμ 
well good luck with the update, i look forward to seeing what the future brings
Jamma77 12 Αυγ @ 12:19πμ 
@master chief 2.0 It spawns in the winterhold console room
Jamma77 12 Αυγ @ 12:15πμ 
Ok shattered, now I'm confused. In my last playthrough the "X regeneration left" notification was just text popping up in the top left corner of the screen, now I've started a new playthrough (on a new computer, if that has anything to do with it), and the notification has turned into a box that appears in the middle of the screen that you need to click a bitton to get rid of. Is this switching between formats intentional? Can you fix it so that the notification stays as the text in the top left, since that format doesn't interrupt the game and is just as easy to read?

Also, I'd like to request the addition of more ways to trigger auto-regen other than just combat damage. Can you make it so that things like drowning, fall damage, and traps in dungeons can trigger regeneration?
master chief 2.0 11 Αυγ @ 4:17μμ 
were do i get the sonic screwdriver its not in the charge thing
ShatteredSteel  [Δημιουργός] 11 Αυγ @ 12:39μμ 
Yes, still working away on this. I'm just more active on the Nexus page then here.
Infact, have an update planned for this weekend, at least if nothing unexpected happens.


Odd. For the crashing, I can only suggest the Unofficial patches if you don't have them.
This mod isn't sending 50 alduins to destroy Whiterun. Thats either you messing with console commands or some other mod.
godsglorygirl 10 Αυγ @ 4:50μμ 
For some reason ever since I've had like 20 mods my game crashes sometimes when I ente Whiterun, and of course this mod is sending 50 alduins that destroyed Whiterun... T_T
tyninja66 10 Αυγ @ 8:07πμ 
this is one of the best mods on the workshop
FaceofJoe 10 Αυγ @ 3:06πμ 
Is this mod still being worked on? It would be amazing if it was
I'd love to see more classic who desktop themes. The classic exterior is awesome and the mod itself is just OMG. I'm just wondering if you still work on this mod or if you have moved on to bigger and (if possible) better things
tobylives 8 Αυγ @ 3:47μμ 
@dipper pines I seriously dont want you to think im bragging but look in stores for the legendary edition cuz i got it for around 20 bucks at walmart
Jamma77 7 Αυγ @ 9:07πμ 
@Dipper Pines The core mod doesn't require any DLC, it just requires SKSE and SkyUI. There are addons for the DLCs though.
Ironwolf4580 6 Αυγ @ 11:32πμ 
@ShatteredSteel how can I get an older version like the one where you could summon it it any where on the workshop without going to the nexus and downloading the one on the nexus plz tell me oh,and by the way I can't find the TARDIS and I stood right in front of where it spawns in Whiterun,so IDK :(
Jamma77 6 Αυγ @ 2:30πμ 
@Vampire Woona If the randomizer is turned off, the TARDIS will dematerialise when you are in danger, then, once the danger has passed, it will rematerialise in the same place.
@iantoon0 You can use the MCM menu to changee the health percentage regeneration activates at.
Dipper Pines 5 Αυγ @ 3:33μμ 
PLEASE tell me that it does'nt require Dragonborn and Dawnguard! This looks like a really cool mod and I want to use it!
[FP] MooTwo 5 Αυγ @ 3:30πμ 
WARNING! Just tried it and you do lose the vapire lord power, if you have become a vampire lord or are in the middle of the dawnguard quest line DO NOT REGENORATE.
Awesomeman198 27 Ιουλ @ 3:19πμ 
It just crashes the game for me. I used SKSE and the other addons.
[J5]Great1 25 Ιουλ @ 10:43μμ 
Hyper you cant theres only 11/12's tardis and 5's
masquerade75 24 Ιουλ @ 7:47πμ 
what is this strange cube you get at the Shrine of The Blue Box use for
diffirent turret 23 Ιουλ @ 6:17μμ 
speedy the tardis is in white run at the buffalo when you get to the buffalo in whiterun turn around youll hear is sound then turn around youll see it
diffirent turret 23 Ιουλ @ 6:16μμ 
how do i change the color of the tardis to 10s tardis
iantoon0 23 Ιουλ @ 10:44πμ 
Hi, I'm new to making mods and was wondering if it would be at all possible to override the death script so that instead of activating at like 20% health it activates when you die?