TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space
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caged corbin 3 hours ago 
why cant i get my companions in the tardis
set, THE CHRONICLES TEAM Oct 27 @ 8:10am 
for all those looking for the temple there is a video on youtube: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Finding The Lost Blue Box
robostar23 Oct 27 @ 12:13am 
i lost my sonic screwdriver how do i get it back?
sniper elite 190 Oct 25 @ 10:08am 
make cyber men
yourmama28 Oct 25 @ 7:34am 
the sonic srewdriver should at least work on dwarven enemys
Liaira Oct 24 @ 9:13pm 
does it have the summoning book or am i just screwed if i leave it somewhere....or do i have to travel back to the shrine?
RBcooldude123 Oct 24 @ 11:38am 
its a very great mod, all i think it needs is space travel. i know it already has travel all around skyrim, but it needs planets to go to. gallifrey being one. u can pick the other planets. also, i think it needs is other console rooms, like the 9th and 10th doctor's console, the classic console, the 1996 movie console, and the war doctor's console. it also needs quests, like, this guy is planning this thing here, go to here and try and stop him. or something is going in at gallifrey! go there and see whats up. also, i was thinking, it needs a custom landing coordinates, i know it has the saved locations, but i think it needs a moniter that alows you to scroll the map of skyrim and if you select, thats where your tardis lands!...i think thats it...
Jamma77 Oct 23 @ 9:36am 
@The Doctor Auto regeneration only activates if you're hit with a weapon (I personally think it shoud also activate on fall damage and drowning), and manual regeneration activates when you use the power "Gallifreyan regeneration"
krysto6 Oct 19 @ 4:31pm 
i got the Tardis and now it woun't work
alsohim2 Oct 18 @ 6:24pm 
hey, i just got SKSE. what does it do; how do i use it?
The Doctor Oct 18 @ 4:47pm 
My regeneration doesn't work. Does anybody know a fix for this?
The Doctor Oct 17 @ 4:37pm 
Does the regeneration actually work? I messed with the settings, but nothing makes it actually regenerate my character.
alsohim2 Oct 17 @ 2:44pm 
hey. how do i use the numeral dile?
and what does it do?
alsohim2 Oct 16 @ 8:11pm 
@Apotex thank you SO MUCH i didnt know i could still use it. i could cry right now.
Xathar Enderlord Oct 13 @ 7:45pm 
I can't get into the tardis any help?
Shrek The Onion God Oct 13 @ 6:41am 
@alsohim2 you can still get it here, nothing is wrong with it, its just copyright stuff, works great.
doctorwhonerd Oct 12 @ 10:16am 
the shrine is bye winterhold ok behind winter hold is the shrine of the blue box and thats it
thegrassynole Oct 12 @ 9:38am 
Just southeast of Winterhold. Big temple looking building downhill from the road.
Mamalama🚀 Oct 12 @ 7:21am 
the hooded assassain123 Oct 12 @ 4:04am 
wheres the shrine of the blue box?
alsohim2 Oct 11 @ 4:17pm 
can you make this mod but with no copyrighted names?
please, this was the only reason i played skyrim and im so mad about it :/
alsohim2 Oct 11 @ 3:31pm 
how do i download mods from the nexus?
Zombieslayer0213 Oct 11 @ 2:40pm 
I downloaded this through nexus and i just looked at the change notes and i saw the new update but my mod manager is telling me it's up to date how can ifix it so it will download the new update
BlackFriday83 Oct 11 @ 11:48am 
were do i find it
FaceofJoe Oct 11 @ 8:22am 
hey, i have had the mod a while and my tardis suddenly wouldnt change chamelion circuit setting so i went to the shrine again and i got the tardis again but suddently i have 2 and one has the new controls but doesnt allow the mechanicle desktop theme to be activated and i was wondering what i could do to fix it
TheDoctor@OfficialUNGIHA Oct 11 @ 7:04am 
where is the shrine?
VodkaBlur Oct 11 @ 5:33am 
@wolf14vargen14 I can't install it either, it broke my game last time, is it possible to make another version without the required SKSE?
Jamma77 Oct 10 @ 11:02pm 
@Mr.Sandvich Use the MCM menu to get more regenerations.
Hawky Oct 10 @ 10:31pm 
I'm not getting the quest either... do I have to talk to someone first?
Hawky Oct 10 @ 9:49pm 
I found the Shrine, but I can't find the Sonic Screwdriver. The command to activate the pedistle does nothing. Help?
letruff Oct 10 @ 6:02am 
How do I get the TARDIS task?
Mr.Sandvich Oct 7 @ 10:16pm 
can i get more regenerations?
Saturnian_Shadows Oct 7 @ 1:18pm 
I subscribed but when i open skyrim it dosen't download! It says error 16 and i have SKSE and SkyUI
ezegames65 Oct 5 @ 11:18pm 
@SpencerFalzy same thing happened to me
SpencerFalzy Oct 5 @ 9:22am 
I went in the shrine and went into the bottom floors and the door was not open and the screwdriver was not there and the tardis was not there all that was there was the two pages and the hypeercube
Tehlingstar Oct 4 @ 4:15pm 
Hi ive encounterd a problem, the TARDIS has vanished from my SkyUI and ingame the TARDIS has become useless i pull the space time throttle to take off and nothing happens.
wolf14vargen14 Oct 1 @ 12:50pm 
i can't install SKSE so is it possible to remake it but without SKSE?
The Super Timelord Sep 28 @ 1:49pm 
hey guys i have run into an issue:none of my followers follow me into the tardis. they stand outside it and do nothing. please help if you can.
Guybot1001 Sep 26 @ 6:22pm 
Also for some reason: the Galifreyan regeneration just stoped working for me a couple of days ago. i thought "Oh, maybe it's just a temporary glitch that will work itself out". It's not, because i noticed i'm dying more frequently. suggestions?
Dr_SandwichMuffin Sep 24 @ 2:02pm 
Tick Tock, Goes the Clock; He Cradled and He Rocked Her; Tick Tock, Goes the Clock; Even for the Doctor
The Jedi FOX Sep 22 @ 6:33am 
I had my sonic screwdriver in the the blue on and now It is orange and my sonic screwdriver is gone please help thanks you
Guybot1001 Sep 21 @ 3:02pm 
I made the mistake of asking my folower Lydia to go in the Tardis. Problem: she wont leave. She acknowlages, i hear the door sound but shes still there and nothign happens. I cannot revert to an old save otherwise I'll... *ehm* have to fight Alduin for the last time again. Any ideas?
Jamma77 Sep 21 @ 1:00am 
@xDubstepPvPX Incompatibility notice is over copyright stuff. Ignore it, the mod works fine.
xDubstepPvPx Sep 20 @ 2:45pm 
IT says that it is incapatible so can anyone help me ?
Jamma77 Sep 19 @ 11:18pm 
@ZombieCreeper21 Ok, here's some step by step by step instructions on how to get more regenerations.

1) Load up your game
2) Open the pause menu.
3) Scroll down to the "Mod Configuration" option added by SkyUI
4) Scroll through ther list until you find the TARDIS menu
5) Open the TARDIS menu and goto the "Other Options" tab
6) Find and select the "Additional Regenerations" slider
7) Use either the mouse of the arrow keys to move the slider to the number of regens you want
8) Exit the menu

You will now have more regenerations.
The Doctor Sep 19 @ 10:29pm 
everytime i go to fly the tardis to Whiterun or whatever it says no saved location #2 and doesnt let me use it??
ZombieCreeper21 Sep 19 @ 8:18am 
I have both SkyUI and Run SKSE but i cannot get any more regenerations in anyway, ist it due to installing the mods via nexus mod manager?
DaFox481 Sep 18 @ 5:15pm 
what are the console codes for the fast travle locations?
Kairos Sep 18 @ 2:26pm 
V3ngeful_Life Sep 17 @ 7:52am 
Nevermind, it was disabled for some reason.