TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space
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Adventurertaco преди 14 часа 
Mrseanicles you need to load the skyrim launcher via steam and then load up skyrim skse
MrSeanicles 9 юли в 12:40сут. 
How do I use this mod, I subscribed but it's not appearing in my game and I have SKSE, do I need to use the Nexus Mod Manager or something?
the doctor 8 юли в 2:26след. 
best tardis mod i have ever seen in skyrim
the doctor 8 юли в 2:26след. 
cool could yow make th 10th doctors tardis and maybe a new sonic?
cartermcgregor 8 юли в 8:18сут. 
what dose skse do?
DrAvvesome13 6 юли в 2:02след. 
What's the "Hypercube Navigation Relay"?
NalydReppel 5 юли в 10:40след. 
I heard you can regenerate with this mod? is that true and if so does it happen when your health goes to 0?
Tycer 4 юли в 6:03след. 
Why don't you make a video, or open a discussion that says "make me a video" so everyone else will.
Psychotic Potato Dwarf 4 юли в 4:36след. 
Never mind, I just have to command them to exit for some reason.
Psychotic Potato Dwarf 4 юли в 4:32след. 
For some reason every time I bring a follower into the TARDIS and land it somewhere else, they just hang around inside. Am I doing something wrong?
texasrb45 3 юли в 6:22след. 
Still my favorite mod. As cool as bowties.
The Lazy Procrastinator 3 юли в 1:46след. 
What does the Hypercube thing on the conssole do?
[DFS] XenoPheonix 2 юли в 8:55сут. 
it says its incompatible :(
Jamma77 1 юли в 9:27след. 
@Kolossus You can use the MCM menu to give yourself atotal of 5 additional regeneration cycles. That's 60 additional regens after your first 12- and that's a grand total of 72 regens! Is that not enough?
Kolossus 29 юни в 8:02след. 
12 regens and counting on doc who thats why
ShatteredSteel  [автор] 29 юни в 5:20след. 
What? There's plenty of regens!
I'm only on my 3rd regen at level 43 (having unlocked regeneration at level 5)
Fairly simple to reset your regen count if you know how to use console commands though

Someone suggested I make the sonic need to be charged, and it seemed like a good idea at the time...
Next version increases the ammount of charges it has, as well as *hopefully* fixing the door/container detection (although no idea when I'll finish said version)

Next version should have a feature to select specific locations (if it works)
Kolossus 28 юни в 1:36след. 
should have had more regens
striberx 28 юни в 1:04след. 
@ShatteredSteel I was just curious on something... May I ask why does the Sonic need to be recharged?? I can understand due to the lore of DW and making it more unique. But I am curious on why?
clydebice 27 юни в 4:40след. 
hay is thare a way to make the TARDIS go whare you what it to go?
WINTERGAMER 25 юни в 10:55сут. 
@shatteredsteel thank you
striberx 24 юни в 10:09след. 
@ShatteredSteel Thanks man ^^
ShatteredSteel  [автор] 24 юни в 1:53след. 
Because the mod uses features from them?
While I don't recommend it, its been reported that *most* features work fine without them.

The old control system still exists in the form of the Quickflight button, except modified to use the location list selector instead of being limited by the number of pull bars I can add to the console.

Winterhold console room (I forgot to move it to the new one when I changed the default room)
{PwH}The Phantom 23 юни в 6:20след. 
Make a Dalek mod or a Cyberman mod Please :D
WINTERGAMER 23 юни в 6:06след. 
why you need the skse and skyui?
Athena The Ancient Absol 23 юни в 9:10сут. 
i think this broke my skyrim ;-;
striberx 23 юни в 5:02сут. 
Love your mod ShatteredSteel! It's thanks to you I got Skyri for pc. ^^ I will say I am liking the changes.. But is there a way or can you possibly make the controls back to what it first was?? Of course optional by SKSE. And I don't mind the new changes. But to me the first controls were a lot easier to navigate. I know due to the TARDIS that's not suposed to be the point. I'm just wondering if it's posible to allow others to keep it simple. Thank you for your time.
brandon 22 юни в 8:06след. 
where is the sonic screwdriver
ArlexLightDragon 22 юни в 11:26сут. 
So I managed to do something VERY strange with this mod...
I managed to land the Tardis inside of the Tardis:

I didn't go in it, but I did take a picture of it! After watching Doctor Who
(the episode where they land the Tardis in the Tardis) I got a bit frightend.
batman645 22 юни в 8:50сут. 
Perhaps it count as incompatible as it requires another program that doesn't come with the game.
vmh10 21 юни в 3:12след. 
shouldn't it be Time And Relative Dimensions In Skyrim? lol, bad joke
史郎 Shirō 20 юни в 6:10след. 
help me the tardis wont spawn in whiterun and i already downloaded skse so HELP
general baked patatoes 18 юни в 7:32след. 
where do i get the sonic screw driver when i enter the tardis it travels as normal but the sonic screwdriver isnt there all there is is the port and when i click on it says needs required items
Reyalan 18 юни в 4:26след. 
What is that Strange Cube?
Reyalan 18 юни в 4:25след. 
Shrine of the Blue Box? I just got the hypercube, and I put it on the navigation relay, and it traveled me to the shrine. Is there a Shrine that could give me a buff or something? lol
thaw717 17 юни в 10:31след. 
where can i find the sonic screwdriver?
tedwildlife (pyroshark) 17 юни в 4:44след. 
this is one of the most amazing mods in the workshop, good job .
Mr.Tardis Waffle 17 юни в 5:29сут. 
also it is quite hard to enter the tardis the handle is the only entrance thing
Mr.Tardis Waffle 17 юни в 5:28сут. 
when do i get the sonic screwdriver and cube?
Jamma77 16 юни в 10:34сут. 
@The Doctor If you're playing as a character called the Doctor might I suggest this mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259808998
@kye.ramage If you try to regenerate for a 13th time nothing will happen unless you use the MCM menu to give yoursels a new regen cycle
Jamma77 16 юни в 10:29сут. 
Ok, for some reason, the X regens left notification is back to being a text notification at the top of the screen (For which I am grateful, since it doesn't interrupt gameplay), even though there's been no update since june 3rd, and the notification was still in box inmiddle of screen format after that update for me.
Also, I've just come to the end of my first regeneration cycle, and I noticed the text notification after regen no. 12 is "No regenerations left!" Can I ask you, for reasons of adding a small refference to the show, to change it to "You have expended all your lives!" I know its a really small thing, but for a huge Dr Who fan like me its the small refferences that have the biggest impact.
Oh, and this mod is AWESOME!
The Doctor 14 юни в 5:52след. 
Before I Get this mod i just want to say that I Made My Charecters name The Doctor of Galefrey
Sellorio 13 юни в 6:16след. 
The sonic screwdriver does work. You equip it, press down the appropriate mouse button (right usually) and then release after 2 seconds (approx). If you are pointing at a normal door (doesnt work on TARDIS) it should lock it at Novice or unlock (not sure at what level since I haven't done any unlocking above Novice).
chaos_rider_507 13 юни в 5:54сут. 
the sonic screwdriver does not work
kye.ramage 13 юни в 1:56сут. 
what happens when you regenerate 13 times?
Sellorio 13 юни в 1:14сут. 
First off, this mod is INCREDIBLE! Very polished, no glitches that I've come across and definitely captures the essence!
One small thing is that it would be nice if the Sonic Lock was Master and not Novice (tiny thing really).
@monkey3604: You need to set to stone theme and then go into the Living Quarters door. There you have a hub to everything (including the REAL living quarters). <3 The butterfly room, simple yet nice touch.
monkey3604 12 юни в 7:57след. 
so i just subscribed to the mod and i only have 3 different looks for my TARDIS 4 are prented above and only one is identicle. help?
Adventurertaco 12 юни в 11:14сут. 
do i need any kind of dlc for the hypercube?
arrowcraft12 10 юни в 5:43след. 
the sonic screw driver is in the whiterun desktop
HDBSD 9 юни в 9:37сут. 
you have been busy for the last time i played skyrim
たつと - (Tatsuto) 8 юни в 2:21след. 
Incompatibility is used in non approval workshops for hidding the item from the workshop and hub pages. Bethesda does weird workshop moderation.