Unique Uniques
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breedlove 2月17日下午3:32 
Thgos mod is awesome, the only one missing is ghostblade.
Brainstorm104 2月8日上午11:10 
which one is which?
NewkirkX2 2月8日上午10:58 
if you want to install the mod just hit subscribe and when the game pops up with the play, optionsa and all that stuff menu just wait and it will download it, and your done.
hellokarrot 2月8日上午8:41 
Can you do this for armor too?
[TP] James 2月8日上午1:16 
to install it do i click subscribe
HallucinatingElvis 2月3日下午5:19 
love it
johncraigc 2月2日下午10:45 
Can You PLEASE make more unique weapons for the other holds Thanks
jamesllewellyn74 2月1日上午10:52 
I know but Im a noob so i dont no how to install the mods also no
Hot Wheels B O I S 1月30日下午2:51 
MIGIT-ZILLA you can find it on the nexus
Thakiin (SWE) 1月7日上午2:17 
please update
MIGIT-ZILLA 1月2日上午3:25 
everything works except the reskin for dragon bane
any suggestions?
jamesllewellyn74 2014年12月28日下午4:26 
well file error for me thats shit i love this mod man
Friday the Thirteenth 2014年12月26日下午8:56 
I want to remain subbed, but this version leaves the Aegisbane, and I'm going to guess a few others, unchanged. Gotta go for the nexus until that's fixed...
This is the right link, yeah? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33292/
RubyRoseRwby 2014年12月24日下午4:12 
can you have a texture for the Notched Pickaxe?
Jimshi's Banter Bus 2014年12月22日上午10:15 
I am also suffering from a problem involving valdr's lcuky dagger where the wepon is jet black, when equipped or dropped.

Does anybody have a fix for this?
Ringo Starr 2014年12月21日下午6:42 
is Valdr's Lucky Dagger ment to be so dark the other wapons are fine but it's very dark
Ringo Starr 2014年12月20日下午12:08 
man just fixed skyrim and went to re sub to my favorte mods and saw the new stuff you did grand job mate
Robster-Rpg 2014年12月20日上午2:22 
Another sick mod Insanity
Deathstroke the Terminator 2014年12月17日上午6:58 
Do you plan on making a unique for the Gauldur Blackblade?
Chi 2014年12月17日上午4:37 
Who is TES Alliance?
Friday the Thirteenth 2014年12月16日下午3:00 
ScoutxD, I wished for you to not be kiled in a car accident on the 24th. Except I didn't paste yoru piece of **** post anywhere else.

Also, Insanity, the Aegisbane is still an ordinary warhammer for me. Did it not properly update, or...
TheSandClan1997 2014年12月14日下午6:47 
where is the bow
Dalamite 2014年12月14日上午3:42 

ScoutxD 2014年12月6日上午9:39 
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mhw4725 2014年12月3日下午2:02 
what are the item codes
M'aiq The Liar 2014年11月29日下午12:05 
I love this mod, Bolar's Oathblade looks so well done, as does Windshear.
z0m13ie RaV3ns 2014年11月24日下午1:29 
and chillrend being blue isnt really that unique, now if it looked like an icicle/ glass sword mix then it would be unique
z0m13ie RaV3ns 2014年11月24日下午1:27 
what about eduj and okin ive checked every where on the nexus and steam but no one has done a retexture of those two weapons, just buffs. it would be awesome if you ever did do such an awesome retexture. i have just about all of your weapon mods and they look the best bar none. thanks for your hard work!
Expand Dong 2014年11月22日下午7:00 
Ooooooh boy, this mod is just too awesome :3 Thank you soooo much! :D
Sasquatch34 2014年11月22日下午1:33 
@MadWolf144 Chillrend already has a unique texture. Or is there another BLUE glass sword in the vanilla game?
MadWolf144 2014年11月21日下午5:46 
Could you please make Chillrend a unique weapon??
Jackal Boss 2014年11月19日下午7:41 
where is the cyrodiil weapons mods :(
yoshilenz13 2014年11月15日上午11:02 
When ever I have this mod on the guards will randomly attack me
DaggerWrath [bKza] 2014年11月12日上午10:19 
Ill be uploading a top 5 mod review including this one. is it possible to be featured if i do?
NoiseMan 2014年11月10日下午3:44 
Please make textures of all the unique weapons PLEEEEEEEESE!!!!
Deathla 2014年11月6日上午6:30 
Is there a certain loading order to get this work properly? Valdr's dagger is the cranky one.
FriendLeeAsianDude 2014年11月3日上午2:37 
Modder's Will:

If I am offline for six months or longer and do not respond to any attempts made at contacting me, I give full Ownership of my Projects to TES Alliance.

TES Alliance are free to modify/redistribute/remove as they see fit. -InsanitySorrow
Retro Plays 2014年11月2日下午12:26 
works a charm
DaggerWrath [bKza] 2014年10月31日上午10:38 
This with see enchants is so sexy :3
Chilihead3712 2014年10月18日上午8:28 
I have a black Valdr's Lucky Dagger too. I guess the texture doesn't load. I really love this mod, but I would appreciate a fix.
Total Warrior 2014年10月14日上午11:30 
I'm also suffering the jet black Valdr's dagger
Lord_Snow 2014年9月27日上午3:09 
Love it, the wepons look epic and high rez. Really sticks to the lore.
Chi 2014年9月25日上午9:25 
Sky forge weapons?
Thane Weapons?
streaksilver 2014年9月24日下午1:50 
Love it. This is the best mod I've downloaded this month. Love the moddles, love the concepts, love that unique weapons finally have their own personality to them. Now I actually have a reason to wield Red Eagles Bane or The Pale Blade. Absolutely fine work, InsanitySorrow.
voodoovibe 2014年9月23日上午10:33 
i fanlly redownloaded this mod, but it seem to have change the color or valdr's dagger to jet black, anyone else having same trouble?
voodoovibe 2014年9月22日下午11:45 
im having same trouble as well, ive waited for 30mins now >_< i guess i'll just check it out later..
Owen Weese 2014年9月17日下午2:55 
can you do one for angi's bow?
SilentWolf 2014年9月14日上午10:03 
Are you gonna add a new model for Bow of the Hunt?
PicaGreen 2014年9月13日上午11:52 
when i have this mod active it soesnt retexture the items i was wondering why this happens.
ArcaneStone 2014年9月11日下午8:07 
@People asking for locations There items are already in the game. I repeat, these are VANILLA ITEMS. This mod retextures them. Look up the item names on a wiki, that will tell you the location.
@bnb2000 Like I previously mentioned, these are vanilla item textures, so yes they are compatible with the DLCs.
@Trisaly That's probably Dragonbane. Again, look it up on a wiki, it will tell you the location.