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Unique Uniques
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Mr . D 5 октомври в 11:17 сутринта 
Nice work i lov
Garoto SemNome 24 септември в 6:48 сутринта 
Why don't have the Okin and Eduj ?? That are good, and unique weapons, on my line of sight :3
laxdannyz227 4 септември в 4:41 следобед 
Sorry if this is a repeat question, but do you have a nexus post with this file in it?
gunman shepherd 31 юли в 6:36 следобед 
hey insanity bolars oathblade is just a blades sword i think the custum texture is broke
Raven 8 юли в 4:30 следобед 
Hey InsanitySorrow i know you want to focus on other Stuff but can you pls make an Unenchanted version of this weapons ? I rly love your Work man but i cant love this weapons in game when they are not "mine". If you do this for us i will invite you to a beer
Oktober Blitz 15 юни в 1:04 следобед 
please ad unique reskins of the thane weapons. the only reason I'm even asking is I really like what you did to these weapons and I'd love to see you do more
Danger! Flying Objects 6 юни в 11:59 сутринта 
The bone-sheathed katana is Dragonbane, which you can find in the armory at Sky Haven Temple. Do note that you should take it as soon as you get there in Alduin's Wall, or you're going to count as stealing it.

The sword with the wavy blade is the Pale Blade, of the quest "The Pale Lady". You can find that one at Frostmere Crypt, southwest of Dawnstar.

The other blade with a curve is probably the scimitar Windshear, which can only be accessed on The Katariah during or after the final Dark Brotherhood quest. It's wedged into the bowsprit at the very front of the ship.
Danger! Flying Objects 6 юни в 11:59 сутринта 
I can give you the ones I know.

Aegisbane is the big wooden warhammer. A symbol of Clan Shatter-Shield of Windhelm, it was stolen by Alain Dufont, who is the first target of the Dark Brotherhood questline.

The other one must thus be the Longhammer, which you can find in the middle of nowhere southwest of Dragon Bridge and northeast of Karthwasten. Look for a cave called Liar's Retreat.

The bow is Angi's Bow, which is given to you along with some free Archery training for finding and working with Angi, a long ways south of Falkreath.

The short dagger with the wrapped handle is (I think) Kahvozein's Fang, a dragon priest dagger used to collect dragon heartscales for Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold. It's radiant, but talking to Tolfdir to get the quest should make it show up for you.

The cutlass is Red Eagle's Bane, which is the reward for the minor quest The Legend of Red Eagle.
drake1977 17 април в 6:01 следобед 
Can someone give me a list of all the weapons in the pictures, not the ones of them equiped, in order of how they show up?
Fox 11 април в 8:52 следобед 
Need Axe Of Whiterun. Some sort of Two handed Steel Axe With frost enchantment. Obviously custom design not default steel axe.
Tλακιιη ★ - Thakiin 29 март в 1:58 сутринта 
Update please! :)
Pahsuleyk 17 март в 7:09 следобед 
can you include the axe of whiterun for one of the uniques? if you can, can you make it so it looks like something only a dragonborn would use? maybe some engravements?
DeWitt 8 март в 5:58 следобед 
This mod is amazing, for me, the most bealtiful armor with i ever seen, is the Ebony mail absolutely perfect
Drakevarg 25 февруари в 1:14 сутринта 
I absolutely love this mod. It manages to hit a perfect balance that few modders know how to find: impress me, but don't show off.
krymzonbladez 16 февруари в 7:34 следобед 
Also, Valdr's lucky dagger looks pitch black for I can see the sheen to it but it looks like it's made of pure ebony...
krymzonbladez 16 февруари в 7:32 следобед 
check your load order mino.
Also any chance we could get some of the other uniques from the dlc's redone? like bloodscythe and soulrender?
mino 14 януари в 7:46 следобед 
Dragonbane isnt chaning for me
[☠]HallowDraconis[☠] 14 януари в 12:13 следобед 
might i ask which one of the uniqes was made in to a cutlass?
dracodraconis1000 31 декември 2015 в 3:16 следобед 
I mean Angi's bow...opps
dracodraconis1000 31 декември 2015 в 3:15 следобед 
Froki's Bow and Aegis Bane dont change
dragonfire1234567891 23 декември 2015 в 11:44 следобед 
not sure why but my sheild of solitude wasnt changed, though everythng else was.
Idfk what this haircut is 5 декември 2015 в 2:55 следобед 
Wow, all of these look realy great. Good job.
AFirehouse 18 ноември 2015 в 11:46 следобед 
God damn that Oathblade looks good
ZSilentNinjaX 9 ноември 2015 в 11:30 следобед 
Fantasic work! If only you added the Chillrend from the Thieve's Guild storyline tho! ;)
algirdas.videos 2 октомври 2015 в 8:11 сутринта 
This mod is fantastic! But Why is Valdr Dagger black ?
biofalcon 9 септември 2015 в 5:55 сутринта 
add the daedric weapons
Victoryguard 28 август 2015 в 3:51 следобед 
Are you planning on adding Froki's Bow?
Azura 26 август 2015 в 5:49 следобед 
I downloaded this mod, and it doesn't seem to work. In fact, I think it deleted those items from my game. I have your silver bow mod and dragon katana mod installed as well...would those conflict?
Fennikk | 22 юли 2015 в 3:29 следобед 
none spacific one, just all of them.
Fennikk | 22 юли 2015 в 3:29 следобед 
this is on the "Top 10 Skyrim Mods of All Time" Mods List.
Fennikk | 22 юли 2015 в 3:28 следобед 
insanity ur mods are the BEST!
Wancakes 20 юли 2015 в 11:42 сутринта 
Question: Does getting this mod mean that your other retextures such as the separate Dragonbone are useless to subscribe to(atleast for the vanilla uniques)?
Hutchy01 14 юли 2015 в 12:35 сутринта 
What does Bolar's Oathblade say (or is it just random characters)?
Werde Spinner 9 юли 2015 в 1:25 следобед 
Same here - Valdr's dagger is completely black. Also, Bolar's Oathblade seems to have shrunk and lost its curve; I'm not sure if that was intended or not.
CaptainNonsense 8 юли 2015 в 7:34 сутринта 
By the way, you missed "Froki's Bow" its a longbow found in a troll cave to the east of Whiterun
CaptainNonsense 8 юли 2015 в 7:29 сутринта 
i LOVE this mod! i makes all of those boring, vanilla uniques and turns them into TRULY unique weapons! i can finally use Read Eagle's sword with pride, knowing that it once looked like the very ugly ancient nord sword (god those look terrible...). i now have a Sabre with "Red Eagle's Sword" attatched to it. I cant wait to see what new and exciting uniques you make next!
WoWDerro 6 юли 2015 в 1:55 сутринта 
You should do Daedric artifacts
Dunco_Disappointo 1 юли 2015 в 6:14 следобед 
hey, i was wondering, since you re-did these weapons maybe you could do the ebont armor. i've always hated the way the ebony armor looked in skyrim so maybe you could do like dark elf armor
Syncuno 27 юни 2015 в 1:32 следобед 
ya valdr's dagger isnt loading the texture it seems, and just comes up completely black. dont know if this is the only one that does that because i havent gotten any others besides windshear which works fine.
Sgt42donuts 21 юни 2015 в 9:54 сутринта 
I seem to have the same problem as the others, completely black valdr's dagger
jamesllewellyn74 14 юни 2015 в 11:17 сутринта 
whats the cool dragon katana in the screenshots?
flyde 9 юни 2015 в 7:52 следобед 
add eduj bru
Ulti Aralic 6 юни 2015 в 5:45 следобед 
Same as below, completely black.
Kundra 28 май 2015 в 2:46 следобед 
Valdr's lucky dagger looks completely pitch-black on my game , is this a bug or intended? i haven't seen any other problems with the other items
VitaminZeth 24 май 2015 в 8:55 сутринта 
@CanemSanguis That shield is only obtainable once you have become the thane of Solitude (if im correct) And it is an enchanted shield, not a regular guard shield. (Like the Kvatch Cuirass from TES:Oblivion)
Matiati 19 май 2015 в 10:45 сутринта 
why are people so furious about paid mods?

A paid mod is no more expensive than a cup of coffee from starbucks and besides you know people spend effort to develop mods for skyrim. Their effords should be rewarded somehow.

Also earning money by modding would be a very good motivation for developing better mods for skyrim.

The only part that can be protested about that decision I think is the cut the Steam gets from mod sales. It should of course get some commision but should it should be no more than %10-15. The remainder of the money should be transferred to the modders bank account.
CanemSanguis 18 май 2015 в 2:23 сутринта 
on a seperate note, when was the solitude shield unique?
CanemSanguis 18 май 2015 в 2:21 сутринта 
*sigh* how many times do people have to say this. NOBODY CARES ABOUT PAID MODS ANYMORE!
The HeartSteel 18 май 2015 в 1:16 сутринта 
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...."""""""""........../ \.................◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.......◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤ GOODBYE PAID MOD COPY AND PASTE THIS EACH COPY AND PASTE= FUEL TO LAUNCH THE NUKE TO THE PAID MOD BASE
Joe Mama 14 май 2015 в 1:49 следобед 
Also, I have a problem. Valdr's Dagger was in my inventory when I downloaded the mod, and now I have a new model but blank texture. Any suggestions?