Unique Uniques
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Friday the Thirteenth преди 1 час 
I want to remain subbed, but this version leaves the Aegisbane, and I'm going to guess a few others, unchanged. Gotta go for the nexus until that's fixed...
This is the right link, yeah? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33292/
RubyRoseRwby 24 декември в 4:12след. 
can you have a texture for the Notched Pickaxe?
[PLNX]Cartwheeling Spork 22 декември в 10:15сут. 
I am also suffering from a problem involving valdr's lcuky dagger where the wepon is jet black, when equipped or dropped.

Does anybody have a fix for this?
Santa Starr 21 декември в 6:42след. 
is Valdr's Lucky Dagger ment to be so dark the other wapons are fine but it's very dark
Santa Starr 20 декември в 12:08след. 
man just fixed skyrim and went to re sub to my favorte mods and saw the new stuff you did grand job mate
Robster-Rpg 20 декември в 2:22сут. 
Another sick mod Insanity
Deathstroke the Terminator 17 декември в 6:58сут. 
Do you plan on making a unique for the Gauldur Blackblade?
Chi 17 декември в 4:37сут. 
Who is TES Alliance?
Friday the Thirteenth 16 декември в 3:00след. 
ScoutxD, I wished for you to not be kiled in a car accident on the 24th. Except I didn't paste yoru piece of **** post anywhere else.

Also, Insanity, the Aegisbane is still an ordinary warhammer for me. Did it not properly update, or...
TheSandClan1997 14 декември в 6:47след. 
where is the bow
Dalamite 14 декември в 3:42сут. 

ScoutxD 6 декември в 9:39сут. 
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mhw4725 3 декември в 2:02след. 
what are the item codes
M'aiq The Liar 29 ноември в 12:05след. 
I love this mod, Bolar's Oathblade looks so well done, as does Windshear.
z0m13ie RaV3ns 24 ноември в 1:29след. 
and chillrend being blue isnt really that unique, now if it looked like an icicle/ glass sword mix then it would be unique
z0m13ie RaV3ns 24 ноември в 1:27след. 
what about eduj and okin ive checked every where on the nexus and steam but no one has done a retexture of those two weapons, just buffs. it would be awesome if you ever did do such an awesome retexture. i have just about all of your weapon mods and they look the best bar none. thanks for your hard work!
Let's dance! 22 ноември в 7:00след. 
Ooooooh boy, this mod is just too awesome :3 Thank you soooo much! :D
Sasquatch34 22 ноември в 1:33след. 
@MadWolf144 Chillrend already has a unique texture. Or is there another BLUE glass sword in the vanilla game?
MadWolf144 21 ноември в 5:46след. 
Could you please make Chillrend a unique weapon??
Jackal Boss 19 ноември в 7:41след. 
where is the cyrodiil weapons mods :(
yoshilenz13 15 ноември в 11:02сут. 
When ever I have this mod on the guards will randomly attack me
DaggerWrath [bKza] 12 ноември в 10:19сут. 
Ill be uploading a top 5 mod review including this one. is it possible to be featured if i do?
NoiseMan 10 ноември в 3:44след. 
Please make textures of all the unique weapons PLEEEEEEEESE!!!!
Deathla 6 ноември в 6:30сут. 
Is there a certain loading order to get this work properly? Valdr's dagger is the cranky one.
ManOnFire 3 ноември в 2:37сут. 
Modder's Will:

If I am offline for six months or longer and do not respond to any attempts made at contacting me, I give full Ownership of my Projects to TES Alliance.

TES Alliance are free to modify/redistribute/remove as they see fit. -InsanitySorrow
retro plays 2 ноември в 12:26след. 
works a charm
DaggerWrath [bKza] 31 октомври в 10:38сут. 
This with see enchants is so sexy :3
Chilihead3712 18 октомври в 8:28сут. 
I have a black Valdr's Lucky Dagger too. I guess the texture doesn't load. I really love this mod, but I would appreciate a fix.
Total Warrior 14 октомври в 11:30сут. 
I'm also suffering the jet black Valdr's dagger
Lord_Snow 27 септември в 3:09сут. 
Love it, the wepons look epic and high rez. Really sticks to the lore.
Chi 25 септември в 9:25сут. 
Sky forge weapons?
Thane Weapons?
streaksilver 24 септември в 1:50след. 
Love it. This is the best mod I've downloaded this month. Love the moddles, love the concepts, love that unique weapons finally have their own personality to them. Now I actually have a reason to wield Red Eagles Bane or The Pale Blade. Absolutely fine work, InsanitySorrow.
voodoovibe 23 септември в 10:33сут. 
i fanlly redownloaded this mod, but it seem to have change the color or valdr's dagger to jet black, anyone else having same trouble?
voodoovibe 22 септември в 11:45след. 
im having same trouble as well, ive waited for 30mins now >_< i guess i'll just check it out later..
Bugle_ 17 септември в 2:55след. 
can you do one for angi's bow?
SilentWolf [HD] 14 септември в 10:03сут. 
Are you gonna add a new model for Bow of the Hunt?
PicaGreen 13 септември в 11:52сут. 
when i have this mod active it soesnt retexture the items i was wondering why this happens.
ArcaneStone 11 септември в 8:07след. 
@People asking for locations There items are already in the game. I repeat, these are VANILLA ITEMS. This mod retextures them. Look up the item names on a wiki, that will tell you the location.
@bnb2000 Like I previously mentioned, these are vanilla item textures, so yes they are compatible with the DLCs.
@Trisaly That's probably Dragonbane. Again, look it up on a wiki, it will tell you the location.
bnb2000 7 септември в 4:16след. 
is this compatible with all 3 dlc's ?
J3T-FIR3 4 септември в 7:13сут. 
where is the weapons please (sorry for my english i'm french)
Chi 28 август в 9:39след. 
I really love this but theres alot more in the game though
KingOfRedguards 28 август в 2:21сут. 
bella zi
DoVikin 25 август в 6:15след. 
For Svenberg get the dark wepons mod or the empire sword mod both great wepons
retro plays 20 август в 2:19след. 
respect we needed theese
Headless Rider 11 август в 3:34сут. 
or better any of these item? where can I find them?

Headless Rider 11 август в 3:33сут. 
How can I find this item=
Matrix 6 август в 2:33сут. 
Holy shit, the details are great! Nice work.
Trisaly 5 август в 6:00сут. 
how can i have the katane with the dragon head?
gilt58 31 юли в 10:30сут. 
dragon bane is the one with the dragon head on it
thijs1515 25 юли в 6:16сут.