KillerKeo's Skimpy DragonBorn Replacer
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PinkTaco1337 Jul 19 @ 3:58pm 
i use this mod but ive recently completed the theives quest and now i use the nightingale armor so it doesn't show off the curvy body mod anymore :( so i would like to request nightingale verision :D pleeeease
Rikss Jul 17 @ 4:01pm 
omg *-*
DBswag Jul 11 @ 2:04pm 
I would get something like this if it wasn't a replacer and instead a separate armour.
Blau-Blitz-Wolf Jul 1 @ 6:18pm 
And also please make reskins for all vanilla and dlc armors? :D
Blau-Blitz-Wolf Jul 1 @ 6:17pm 
Second armor is Miraak's Robes if I remember correctly.
skull kid Jun 26 @ 7:28pm 
florasfriend Jun 26 @ 9:12am 
Whats the 2nd armor?
DaedraHeart707 Jun 21 @ 8:01pm 
no skaal armor ? btw big fan :)
Grfff3 Jun 4 @ 12:16pm 
I have subsribed to it, i even tried getting this from the workshop with downloading the files and mixing them up in the skyrim files but it didn't work, though when i manually downloaded it from the Nexus it did work, yes i do know how to manually mod and i'm smart enough to be able to click the subsribe button. Steam workshop doesn't seem to work for me with this mod. i got over 120 skyrim mods right now and 70 of them from the steam workshop. Sorry about my rage and derp comment, the mod is great and i totaly love it now i got it from the Nexus!
Star Sailor Jun 4 @ 7:02am 
you should make a mod like this except for stuff like nightinglae and nocturnal armor but make them craftable too =D
Killer Keo  [author] Jun 3 @ 11:50pm 
@Grfff3: What are you talking about?
Azethoth May 27 @ 5:38am 
For some reason theese armors won't appear for me in the game on females. Any mods that could cancel theese ones out?
jadennichols9 May 25 @ 7:32pm 
where are the vanilla armors?
EdgeHood May 22 @ 11:51pm 
Just because someone has big boobs it doesn't make them a slut. And are you implying that there is something wrong with being a slut?
Pao May 11 @ 12:03pm 
Unless that's what you going for lol.
Pao May 11 @ 12:03pm 
I said the the boobs are too big cuz it make them look like a slut lol just saying.
Sir Satan Saggy Boob's May 7 @ 7:05pm 
dark arisen boobs are never to big
Pao Apr 10 @ 10:46am 
The boobs too big lol
samueljosephrushing Mar 28 @ 10:43am 
Killer Keo is there someting you can do about assassin aromer it's not the non mod that is too say it looks just like the Chitin it's not dark like the assassin aromer.( way to red )
zzackmann Feb 25 @ 4:04pm 
will still look normal on males, yes?
Excision Feb 24 @ 6:31pm 
can you link the Epic Elves mod
This. Mod. Is. Amazing.
terminallyCapricarius Feb 22 @ 8:58am 
is there a vanulla skyrim skimpy armour replacer?like, no dlcrequird?
Maphooz-52 Feb 15 @ 2:16am 
can anyone tell me how to get back my saves because i was plying and the mace of molag ball screwed up i couldnt take it or anything so i was stuck with how the house looked on the inside for graphics i got tired of it so i started to delete saves of when i was entering the house but that didnt help either long story short the last save now was in 2013 when i didnt have any dlc is there a way to get it all back? plz help
Darkfreedom Feb 8 @ 6:57am 
there's something about the Bonemold armor...too much open areas prehaps?
Jethian Feb 5 @ 10:24am 
It's the Chitin/Stalhrim I'm not a fan of
Jethian Feb 5 @ 10:23am 
I've had it for a bit, and I love the look of the Skaal armor, but I'm really not a fan of the Chitin at all. I kinda wish there was a way I could have ONLY the Skaal...I'd sub that mod in no time!
Jethian Feb 4 @ 6:19am 
This -can- be Lore Friendly, since it's armor. The clothing is much less lore friendly though.
appaloosa51 Feb 1 @ 3:51pm 
Killer Keo .. I do have a question ... when I run BOSS .. on your thingys it states the following ... Note: Obsolete. Update to latest version, FullBootForKKSA.esp ... do u have an updated one .. and where do I find it ... the mods r super but if there is an update .. would luv to have it or do I need the updated at all ...
appaloosa51 Feb 1 @ 3:28pm 
thanx Killer Keo .. I luvs all your thingys .. totally awesome ! ... Hail Killer Keo ! ...
Killer Keo  [author] Feb 1 @ 12:33pm 
appaloosa51 : You can use any version.

Utopie: No, It would take to much time to convert.
appaloosa51 Jan 31 @ 9:12pm 
which CBBE body version .. v2 v3 v3.2 ....
Utopie Jan 26 @ 5:09am 
Hello. Is there any unp body compatibility shedduled ?
<>Senorita El Grande<> Jan 15 @ 7:28pm 
Duelbear Jan 15 @ 10:52am 
Love the carved norse armor. Looks exactly the way I want my Nord to look when killing dragons.
<DutchN0rthN@tion> Jan 13 @ 6:33am 
does it only change womans ?
Robin Jan 12 @ 3:34pm 
what mod are you using to make her legs look so shiny ?
dragonlover111180 Jan 8 @ 2:04pm 
Great mod! My personal favorite is the Forsworn Armor, looks especially sexy on my character, and pretty much the look I want. Thank you for doing this mod!
Isaac Newton Jan 6 @ 1:34pm 
I love the outfit for the blue set of armor, but the hair gets glitched into the hood. Can we change this?
♛≧^◡^≦♛ Jan 4 @ 2:19pm 
...I highly suggest you add pants and a shirt for she is showing IT off to much and what I mean is she is embaressing all women across the world who have seen this photo.
SupremeWolf Jan 3 @ 3:28pm 
-.-' Where are all the badass armour mods.... too much kink, not enough badassery
Riley Dec 30, 2013 @ 8:27am 
This mod is making my game close during fast travels, anyone know a way to fix?
Tōbecume þīn rīċe Dec 28, 2013 @ 9:47pm 
i would get the CBBE body mod but i dont know how to transfer mods from the nexus over to my data files.
WoodenArrow Dec 28, 2013 @ 9:09am 
i love this mod thnx thumbs up
Master Chief Dec 23, 2013 @ 1:51pm 
I fixed the thing that made the female bodies go black, all you have to do is reinstall this mod
Master Chief Dec 20, 2013 @ 4:26pm 
sadly i found out that this mod makes the female bodies go black...well that sucks...
Master Chief Dec 20, 2013 @ 4:16pm 
hmm strange its startin to make females bodies go black...dont know if its the CBBE body or if its this mod...
dragonloooner Dec 20, 2013 @ 7:33am 
Skyrim is my favorite game, thanks to modders like you. Thank you for all your hard work,I appreciate it.You have a safe and happy holiday,thanks again
Master Chief Dec 19, 2013 @ 11:04pm 
hey just wonderin whats the ENB your using ? And if your not using one then wow your skyrim looks good. Anyway this mod is great :D
[LG] Drake Fang Dec 19, 2013 @ 3:24pm 
And a DLC is Downloadable Content. You will be able to buy a DLC if you click DLC when you go on the Library on skyrim. Or you can go to the store and search: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, or Dragonborn. Hope this helped noahdrye.