The Terror Dome
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Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 7/jun/2014 às 21:06 
You shoot the arrmor and it does the FUS RO DAH!! effect
4UA[SmileyFace] 7/jun/2014 às 16:12 
Hey, DJSuperGenius [author], I'm back, & the 2nd time was just as good
as the 1st. I am not familiar with the Mehrunes' Bow, and I'm not kiddin',
what does, "+100000 push effect 3 secs" mean?
4UA[SmileyFace] 7/jun/2014 às 11:02 
Hey, DJSuperGenius [author], I ahready done the mod & took some screenshots
but forgot to do the treasure room, So let me tell you what that means. It means
I gotta go back into that "glorified" rat trap you call a "Terror Dome" and get the
screenshots I missed. I really liked your mod. You should consider renaming it.
Something like, ( The Mean Terror Dome Rat Trap?) Then of coarse you could
say something like, " I have no idea what you mean by that "Mean"! It's just an
everyday, run-a-the-mill, nothing fancy, regular "Terror Dome Rat Trap", That's all.
Gonna check your other mods, & then go back in the mod.
Arcana 16/set/2013 às 22:29 
this was a fun mod, really enjoyed it :) +rate
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 18/jun/2013 às 17:49 
@kre81967 i have no idea what you mean by amazing, they are just regular things, and some happen to be big. I also have stopped working on this mod, i see it as done. I am working on a new mod right now that requires all my attention.
HARBINGER 18/jun/2013 às 15:01 
you should make these AMAZING monsters ocur in the wild. I wouldnt fast tavel any more just to see these things!
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 22/mai/2013 às 16:11 
@taggerrung47, thanks im glad you like it. But i dont know what you mean by monsters fighting each other.
taggerung47 13/mai/2013 às 14:17 
Really well done overall, however a lot of the monsters fight each other instead of me. Personally, this mod is best combined with thowing weapons, chaos arrows (or catapult arrows as you have them), and a flyable broomstick. Hunting Dragons with explosives and javelins is just too much fun.
nick:Charizard vs. Mudkip 10/mai/2013 às 19:09 
O.O *sbu
Michael The Meme Officer 4/mai/2013 às 9:53 
Michael The Meme Officer 4/mai/2013 às 9:53 
where is it
Daedric lord 3/mai/2013 às 13:49 
Cage 3/mai/2013 às 11:16 
Sinonyx 2/mai/2013 às 23:02 
battle through*
spartan6490 1/mai/2013 às 18:34 
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 1/mai/2013 às 18:23 
@spartean6490 i know ( i think its hilarious) just try and get his attention reall fast if you can and he shouldnt fall through
spartan6490 1/mai/2013 às 18:20 
i found a glich were the giant bandit fell into the middle and i couldent fight him
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 1/mai/2013 às 17:39 
@inimical1 they should spawn, thats pretty strange. Try reinstalling it.
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 1/mai/2013 às 17:37 
@toddzilla10 monsters should respawn after a while, and i know the dragons go under ground. they kinda do whatever they want.
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 1/mai/2013 às 17:35 
@Namer i dont know how many people there are per round, it varies.
inimical1 30/abr/2013 às 18:48 
no monters spawn at all for me i go inside and it is empty
russian polar bear 30/abr/2013 às 15:57 
nothing respawns otherwise great job and dragons go under ground
spartan6490 30/abr/2013 às 7:26 
ive needed a mod like this because my charecter is to overpowerd. awsome
Phantom Bullet 30/abr/2013 às 1:13 
Challenge accepted ;P subbed.
HERGLEFLURGLE 29/abr/2013 às 5:26 
Also How many people are there per round?
HERGLEFLURGLE 29/abr/2013 às 5:25 
The beta is already free quit your shit, Also you can still sign up on the official site
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 28/abr/2013 às 8:40 
@seneca thanks for pointing out the bugs, ill try and fix them. And im glad you enjoyed it.
Dirty Bryce  [autor(a)] 28/abr/2013 às 8:39 
@gethlord47, the boss should respawn but he hasnt for me and ive waited weeks, ill try and fix that.
seneca37 28/abr/2013 às 5:28 
Nice mod. Just a couple of design glitches - some of the doors are not attached to the walls, a few of the Draugrs are halfway below ground, and the floor in the treasure room does not line up properly - otherwise nice job - I really enjoyed it.
gethlord47 27/abr/2013 às 23:00 
hey i have a question after you beat the boss does that clear the dungeon or will the enemies respawn.
ShowMeYourInsides 27/abr/2013 às 19:06 
and yes...i got it bryce
ShowMeYourInsides 27/abr/2013 às 19:05 
yay...i'm the first one to leave a comment lol