Portal 2
Mission: Highly Unlikely 2.0 (Updated!)
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Petutski 4月7日 11時42分 
Nice logical map with reasonable flings! Thanks!
ghostyman719 2014年11月27日 18時36分 
The platforms were pretty cool, but the whole thing was way too easy.
Don't Ask 2014年7月21日 9時36分 
Fun chamber, but quite easy. Thanks :)
BUG 2014年4月29日 12時17分 
Cool chamber,lots of fun.
King Bean 2013年12月1日 22時09分 
Oh my gosh, was this test great! Good job, I tip my hat to you sir!
Lil' Gideon  [作成者] 2013年5月13日 14時45分 
@Dr. Strangelove: Have fun! While you're doing that, I'll subscribe to your test so I'll remember to play it later.
Dr. Strangelove 2013年5月13日 14時33分 
Thanks. I will just have to be patient then for people to find and enjoy my tests ;)
In the mean time, let me try some more of you 50 (!) tests :)
Lil' Gideon  [作成者] 2013年5月13日 14時16分 
@Dr. Strangelove: Well, after I create each of my test chambers, I zap them with my special "Popularity-Inator." Once that takes effect, no one on Steam can resist downloading, playing, and upvoting the map! Mwahahaha!

Just kidding. There's no real secret. I just make what I think is fun, and sometimes the public agrees with me. :)
Dr. Strangelove 2013年5月13日 14時11分 
Hi Lil' Gideon!
Nice and easy small map, enjoyed myself for at least 2 minutes :) Thanks!
What is your secret on getting over 4000 subscribers for a smallish test like this?

I tend to get carried away myself: got to the limit of max number of objects in the FR@NKENCUBE TEST but have not had many testers. Feel free to give it a try, while under the watchful eyes of the Frankencubes -- testing you! :)

Johannes-im-Dampf 2013年5月9日 4時45分 
Nice, a little bit straight forward
Princess Azula 2013年5月8日 10時47分 
very very easy :(
EuroSong 2013年5月7日 13時44分 
Easy peasy Vietnamesey.
Nice chamber, however :)
If you want a real challenge, try my latest chamber: "Misdirection" at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140602475 - and leave a comment!
Cat. 2013年5月7日 8時39分 
Nice, please try mine, the semi relaxing decieving test.
Nube52 2013年5月6日 21時48分 
It was after all a messy but great meshy - grate ha ha illusion.
Had me fooled fpor a bit but figured it out. good one try some of mine http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198082574081/myworkshopfiles/
Lil' Gideon  [作成者] 2013年5月6日 16時22分 
@WubTheCaptain: Oh... okay. I can fix that.
WubTheCaptain 2013年5月6日 16時20分 
I have to say that I unfortunately vaporized the third cube in the first room. I took it from behind the non-portalable wall where the other end is open behind the glass, then made portals to rapidly switch the relay. After that, I placed a portal on that platform that expands from the wall, destroying the portal very rapidly. I think the cube got stuck between that portal or something, destroying it. Now I can't complete the puzzle with only two cubes.
redjester4now 2013年5月6日 11時45分 
we need more minerals
GameChanger 2013年5月6日 7時51分 
Simple map. Passed it half sleepy.
Trexler™ 2013年5月6日 5時42分 
One of the best maps I've played! Hope you'll make more great ones like this :)

bettheillusionist 2013年5月6日 3時15分 
Great map and well thought out. Had me thinking hard!
Psanule 2013年5月5日 19時36分 
Great and simple map! Had me thinking hard in some parts. Thumbs up!

Also, could you try one of my maps? I worked on this one for 5 days. :)
Chazz the Elder 2013年5月5日 16時46分 
An interesting map with some platforming characteristics. Reasonably simple but quite enjoyable...
ttimo123456 2013年5月5日 15時24分 
toncica 2013年5月5日 10時50分 
I've recorded a session of playing through some of the maps from the workshop front page. Yours was among them (skip to 8:20): http://youtu.be/jPINAw7mUEA
Lil' Gideon  [作成者] 2013年5月5日 7時44分 
@lord_dhaf: I've been told about that before, but I haven't gotten a chance to fix it yet. I'll do it very soon, though.
Myosis 2013年5月5日 6時06分 
Could be good if more longer, cause 2min too short
lord_dhaf 2013年5月5日 5時57分 
Good chamber! Not very hard to solve. I found a minor shortcut that I think you should fix!
To get the last cube in the end you could place a portal on the floor in the outer room instead of on the outher angled panel. In this way you don't get the satisfaction of catching a cube in the flight!
Please try one of my most difficult puzzles:
YouVotedTrump&AllYouGotWasAHat 2013年5月4日 21時37分 
Enjoyed the map.

At the beginning, there's a slight issue with the laser cube in the glassed cage. If you push the button you pretty much cut off access to it. Also I never used the 3rd laser cube in the other glass cage - not sure what the point of it was.

Feel free to try my newest (and hardest) map: Major Lazer - Will Melt Your Brain.
For migranes consult the video link in the description.

Lil' Gideon  [作成者] 2013年5月4日 17時02分 
@EdgyStraw: Uh... hello.
EdgyStraw 2013年5月4日 17時01分 
smallstallion 2013年5月4日 11時44分 
Vulgar 2013年5月4日 10時09分 
Very good Map =)
Dota2.ru^BenDIx <3 Rachel Starr 2013年5月4日 8時15分 
Easy & Interesting :)
Moysey89 2013年5月4日 7時31分 
really like this map, made me think. you should try out my map series :D
xevious 2013年5月4日 7時30分 
i made the box get stuck in the door :)
Fowl 2013年5月4日 7時20分 
Muito boom!!! Esta de parabens! Otimo quebra cabeça! ;D
Killaruana 2013年5月4日 6時24分 
Great work!
QT3.14 2013年5月4日 5時43分 
short but fun
KONO DIO DA 2013年5月4日 5時20分 
как скачивать
PackSciences 2013年5月4日 4時53分 
Good for a non-Hammer map
ICHIGO_SLABAK 2013年5月4日 0時09分 
глупая камера, особенно в самом конце полный бред!
Andi 2013年5月3日 14時49分 
A well thought out and well put together test. Not to hard, not to easy. Thumbs up.

Would you mind trying one of mine?
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月3日 12時57分 
It works.
Mr Fraggle (UK) 2013年5月3日 1時09分 
Nice fun map.
Alros Faevar 2013年5月2日 10時46分 
I liked the upward jumpy part (love those things since prelude), but all in all it could have been harder, although I liked it. =)
Lil' Gideon  [作成者] 2013年5月2日 9時55分 
@drew: Ooh, good catch. I'll be sure to do that.
drew 2013年5月2日 4時59分 
I was able to avoid the puzzle in the jumpy room by using the portal surface near the exit door. You may wish to make it flippy activated by the cube.
Dafflewoctor 2013年5月1日 16時30分 
And so our paths cross again. I like your puzzle style. And I especially loved murdering the turrets! ....hehehehehmurder...