Enchanting / Smithing Potion Elongurator
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Herobrine_Masher 13 чер о 12:04 
HEY YOU!!!! MOD CREATOR!!!!! /) brohoof
TheCanterlonian 3 чер о 23:19 
Thanks man! I didn't realize I needed this until I found it, now I do! : )
René Marcusio 10 кві о 22:46 
Well, you're not a hater, so we don't need to hit you with our OFC. :D
But what we can do is hug you. :D *Gives you a bit hug.* XD <3
brainzzzzz 22 бер о 12:16 
TS I just love your comments :)
Savick 16 бер о 10:06 
Does this mod work for enchanting potions you add by using the cheat code player.additem?
jigafree71 1 лют о 6:32 
I got 37% enchanting and 147% smithing. It would rock if i could have more time.
Turbosnowy  [автор] 1 лют о 4:25 
Does not affect home made potions at this time sorry.
jigafree71 31 січ о 22:10 
Will this work with crated potions at the alchemy labs?
NiteCyper 19 січ о 21:37 
One of the funniest Skyrim mod descriptions I've read.
Narylena 7 січ о 6:36 
Nice little mod TS. It's kind of a shame it only works with the standard potions, especially since the ones I make are better. But I love your work so I'm still subscribing. :-)
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 12 гру 2013 о 14:17 
@OR30_BOY: Did you mean, FUS RO DASH?
Turbosnowy  [автор] 24 вер 2013 о 11:36 
Thanks for the comments - as for the ZOMG thing only works with standard potions you find or buy rather than ones you made yourself. If I can ever be arsed (unlikely) I may look to see if I can expand to homemade ones also.
OR30_BOY 23 вер 2013 о 16:03 
umm you seem cool but this isnt a mod i would want sorry but you should make more mods that are different types. Im the the that they fear...the bronie born FUS RO PONY!!!!
archer185 21 вер 2013 о 3:49 
love the robo cop thing thats hillarious
MadSadahka 3 вер 2013 о 19:39 
talktothehand@noreally.com.......spat coffee on my monitor....that was funny, but seriously though, hows this work, my potions aren't ZOMGing as they ought. Must I make new ones or just use shop bought I have tried all variations so far and well ZO isn't MG'ing.....any ideas?
MadSadahka 3 вер 2013 о 13:27 
thanks for this, love your other mods too
Turbosnowy  [автор] 20 сер 2013 о 13:06 
That's the idea - hated the doomsday clock where you had to rush evertime you smithed or enchanted - now you can take it easy and decide what you want to and what to name stuff :)
NATOMIK 18 сер 2013 о 9:22 
excellent mod. now i can take my time deciding enchantments
jerrykundesku 13 сер 2013 о 21:02 
I subscribed 'cause...I like the mod. >.>
UmbreonTheater 28 лип 2013 о 2:11 
kinomedia 22 лип 2013 о 18:27 
Don't forget to click the thumbs up under the perdy pictures!
brainzzzzz 21 лип 2013 о 2:11 
You got me at intelligentia :)
Cpt Grumpy 16 чер 2013 о 5:13 
if i made my potions of smithing and enchanting by myself will it have 5 min to *-* ?????
PETER "F*CKING" NIELS!i! 10 чер 2013 о 5:24 
That description is pure genius!1
IBMrYanshu 7 чер 2013 о 20:25 
The pony in that pic was what compelled me to subscribe.
NightEyes 29 тра 2013 о 18:50 
While great, this mod only affects standard potions.. player crafter ones still only have a 30 second duration. However the 300 seconds was enough time for me to enchant entire sets of armor so long as I knew what enchants I wanted on them already.
Pramienjager 26 тра 2013 о 23:26 
Finally I will have enough time to type a new name for a set and still be able to chant the next piece.
NightEyes 22 тра 2013 о 14:28 
Thank you, yes, 30 seconds was far too short, or the smithing ones, I'd chug a potion and go to upgrade my gear and it would run out halfway through. even a 60 second would have been plenty.
mayingan 22 тра 2013 о 12:19 
Excellent! 30 seconds were quite too short...
jodahavatar 7 тра 2013 о 16:25 
I second flamingpotato's motion. Add home-made potions to this.
Evil Muramasa 7 тра 2013 о 15:20 
Great Mod! Though some improvements (in my opinion) to make this mod even better is to make the cost lower and make it so that home-made potions of enchanting and smithing have the same duration (300 secs instead of 30)
jungpariah 7 тра 2013 о 9:25 
Ha! You put I'd buy that for a dollar. I thought I was the only one who loved old stand-up. Thanks for the mod good sir
The Derpy Hooves 6 тра 2013 о 0:27 
another derpy? :D awsome :D
anywho Turbo you sound like you know a lot more then you describe :D but if you ever feel like giving the show a chance Watch the Daring Do episode honestly if that wouldn't have been my first episode that i watched then i probably wouldn't like the show as much as i do
Dralunt 4 тра 2013 о 8:56 
I iz love ponyz
˚Д˚ (grounded, read prof pls) 3 тра 2013 о 12:28 
@TS That is so funny.
Anyways, nice mod. :p
Turbosnowy  [автор] 3 тра 2013 о 12:06 
@Bonk Boy I have not seen a MLP episode, I am only aware of it via the internet chatter about 'WTF are Brony's and how did that happen?' and that amused me immensely so if I got the terminology wrong I apologise - I saw it mentioned a while ago with a US marine threatening he would 'tolerate the f*ck' out of the people calling Bronies gay etc and that the friendship cannon would be invoked.

I laughed my ass off.

So. If some people produce weird slashfic on MLP colour me suprised - you can get people making slashfic on anything - bet there is plenty on Jane Austin. People are like that. No not going to google if it exists as I like my sanity but I *bet it does exist*

Anyhoo hope you enjoy the mod.
Turbosnowy  [автор] 3 тра 2013 о 9:47 
Did you ensure that the mod is enabled on your Datafiles (available from Skyrim launcher)?
woodsminder 3 тра 2013 о 8:19 
Didn't work. Only mod I've downloaded that hasn't performed...as yet. Tried the formula on several different enchanter tables but still only getting the 30 seconds. Have all the DLCs; do I need to install another mod in addition to this one? Did not see any additional requirements, but I'm pretty old and miss things at times. All the best.
˚Д˚ (grounded, read prof pls) 2 тра 2013 о 12:25 
Low-orbit friendship cannon.
Its the ORBITAL Friendship Cannon.
Also, lack of knowlage detected
Firing ALL the knowlege!
Silver Pone (Bipolar Bear) 1 тра 2013 о 13:28 
read* goddamnit! why do i do this?!
Silver Pone (Bipolar Bear) 1 тра 2013 о 13:28 
once u ready fallout: equestria, you won't think bronies are cute
(spoiler: Headshot x34 [with rocket launcher x6, with grenade machine gun x12, ect], blood, kill kill kill, r*pe r*pe, burned alive, leg cut off, radaway, drug addiction, murder murder, slavery, massacre massacre, ect.....[chpt 20.5 u don't even want to know....takes your innocence away...])
Peel 1 тра 2013 о 10:23 
Does this change the prices? I would assume that if so it was an unwanted side effect, but it just means that I'll have to refrain from selling them for quick cash!
Lou Lord Inquisitor 30 кві 2013 о 16:05 
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 30 кві 2013 о 13:33 
1. This is a good idea
2. Pinkie, it's a bit, not a dollar. You're a pony, STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!
Rusolehti 30 кві 2013 о 3:45 
Wow, you actually moved it down. You, sir, are a gentleman.
[TWO] Sinox 30 кві 2013 о 3:45 
Thank you 30s was really silly
Turbosnowy  [автор] 30 кві 2013 о 3:00 
Haha fair point, and a masterful control of the capslock I see you have there.
Rusolehti 30 кві 2013 о 2:00 
Thats for making me open the mod site with horrible text positioning.
But anyway, useful mod. I've usually taken my time to fix in my mind what enchants I want for a particular item before enchanting it, along with the name, but this really helps.
Ghoulish Gub 29 кві 2013 о 13:32 
Heh, I kinda get what your saying there
DagonKel 29 кві 2013 о 12:27 
I don't care for your character model but I LOVE your outfits. I am glad to see you making stuff again after you disapeared for awhile. Now with this mod I won't have to "speed buld" items anymore. I look forward to your next design.