Amazing Follower Tweaks
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This is perfect! Works awesomely
does this work with multiple followers light?
phoenix127 Feb 28 @ 9:01am 
when i tried to get another follower he didnt follow me
Carnage Feb 26 @ 2:44am 
@DDS_ThatGuy try the Nexus site,
@Manthacake I have no issues with Conv Horses and AFT.
BRKAnarchy Feb 25 @ 7:31pm 
It keeps telling me there is a mod conflict, but i don't use any other follower mod, any known incompabilities? He also says that there is a missing parameter everytime i ask someone to follow me, and a (?mod conflict) message.
DDS_ThatGuy Feb 25 @ 4:20pm 
How do I contact the dev outside of this comment section? I have something important to tell him.
Any information would be highly appreciated.
Manthacake Feb 24 @ 5:51am 
I wish I could've kept this mod, but it kept crashing my game to desktop. Are there any known conflicts with AFT? I would think that Convenient Horses is the only one I have that might not work with this. (If conflicts are in the readme I apologize ahead of time: I didn't read the whole thing.)

Darn it. I guess Onmund can't be the fabulous fashionista follower I've always wanted.
Sasha Pines Feb 23 @ 6:25pm 
work with custom follower ?
jackson Feb 22 @ 6:09pm 
on the upside, i now have my own personal army. on the downside, i am now insane.
Aela: "Something has shifted in the moons, sister."
Mjoll: "I'm itching for a fight."
Serana (who is now a normal human, btw): "The sun's not good for my skin, if you know what i mean."
one second passes...
Aela: "Something has shifted"...
Yeah, i've gone totally crazy.
Lo_Skatzato Feb 22 @ 11:36am 
Very useful thanks
sapperkid Feb 21 @ 7:05am 
hey didnt get the book and i waited for about an hour
DimitriTech Feb 21 @ 2:46am 
So for those of you who had problems like I did when you couldnt find the aft readme book or you didnt know how to open the ui remotely, you have to set the tweak options spell as one of your active shouts. I was thinkin you had to set it as a regular spell but no. From the main ui you can choose Misc. and use the 'View Readme' command to open the book and save it from there and it'll be stored in your inventory! I was searching literally for hours for an explanation on how to work this mod but found out on my own. It really is sad that this is supposed to be assumed common knowledge because it doesnt state how to do this anywhere in the read me or in anyones posts ive read. So if your having the same problem I am just do this and your set! :D
Ethan .S. Feb 20 @ 4:21pm 
huh the options to tell the follower what to do with this mod isn't there, whats wrong?
gertrudeschmidt Feb 20 @ 2:09pm 
I had issues with this version (on Steam). Once I downloaded from Nexus, it was fine, however. Great mod (via Nexus)!
johnny.spartan.dude Feb 20 @ 12:02pm 
[MET] Aditsan Feb 20 @ 2:39am 
It's cool but doesn't seem to work. Even thought i have it so followers die they still don't die. If I attack Sven for example he'll fall on his knees and immediately stand back up.
[MET] Aditsan Feb 20 @ 2:09am 
Nice mod.
TheLazyBrownFox [Furry] Feb 19 @ 3:42am 
Is there a Console command for the book, or am I screwed for just using this and not getting the book?
msravenn Feb 18 @ 2:42pm 
it shouldn't I found that the mod pariodically has issues .. what I do is make sure amazing follower tweaks is closer to the bottom of my load order.. if follower don't follow use the shout command found under magic and reset it will go through a process dimiss all followers and the like and then tell you to save your game do that reload and read atf book in your inventory everything should work.. i
rcu1995 Feb 18 @ 1:30am 
I have 2 kids and Lydia in my house in whiterun. Would adding this mod and the fully upgradeable breezehome mod effect anyone living in the house?
Lᴀʜᴀʀᴇᴅ Feb 16 @ 4:23am 
Mine has a mod conflict with a question mark and i'm unsure of which; or could be an old save, unsure atm.
M'aiq the Liar Feb 14 @ 1:53pm 
M'aiq has an issue now. After installing all of the USKP mods AFT no longer works. M'aiq walks up to a follower and asks them to follow this one, but they will not. The info at the top left of the screen still shows the "AFT follower XX of 31" message, but they don't follow. When M'aiq speaks to them again they still have the "Follow me, I need your help." line which does nothing. M'aiq would like some help with this. M'aiq wishes you well.
Stormrunner Feb 14 @ 9:52am 
Is it just me or is there a running problem that when you have a follower, and when you recruit a second one, the first follower leaves? I'm changing to MFL because I added this for that one reason, to have more than one follow- oh console commands allow that too?
Dovahkiin Feb 13 @ 12:09pm 
i love this mod but it will glitch up some of the quest please fix that
ThorOfWar Feb 12 @ 5:53pm 
Dheuster, your Nexus account has too many messages. You need to clear a few and/or add me to FL here and then re-add me to your Nexus account. I tried to send you a message on Nexus and was unable to because your in box was too full; at least that is what the Forums on Nexus was complaining about.

I sent a FL Request here.

WishMeWell Feb 10 @ 1:08pm 
You need Serana's blood to enter into the soul world. I got pass it finally by, removing the mod. Crashing the first time probably because I didnt have the mod anymore. Started the game back up without the mod again worked fine and Serana did what she was suppose to do.

Before she would talk about the quest and everything. But when I needed her blood she didnt do it but continued as if she did but the portal wasnt open so the quest was broken.

I removed it, and I got past it. I still have my two followers following me. Serana and Inigo. Those are the only ones I wanted anyway.

Thanks for looking out tho McQuire.
Alcatrax Feb 9 @ 9:33pm 
I wish I had skyrim on the PC now D:
McQuire Feb 9 @ 7:44pm 

What part of Dawnguard isn't working for you that you suspect is caused by AFT? Are you trying to get Serana to follow you with another follwer on another quest? Please giver us a litttle mor information as to what isn't working so someone if not I can help you with that.

Also, is AFT at the bottom of you load order (or as close to the bottom as possible) where it belongs?

You may wish to post your issues in AFT's comment section on Nexus if you can't get satisfactory responses here.

Finally, maks sure you re-read the information on how this mod works which is what I did when I thought AFT messed something up.

I have played through Dawnguard twice with no problems, but i didn't use AFT to manage Serana until after I was done with the main DG quest.
WishMeWell Feb 9 @ 4:33pm 
destroys quest. Dawnguard, Selena wont do a part because of this mod. Cant release her from this as some of your selects dont work.
earthimp Feb 9 @ 12:45am 
Very awesome mod love it 10/10
Frieza Feb 7 @ 11:43am 
I Made a follower with the creation kit but whenever i make him follow me it dismisses inigo
jreese46 Feb 6 @ 7:59pm 
Best...Mod...Evarrrr! Seriously, idk what took me so long to learn of this mod. I honestly love it.
cverasegura Feb 5 @ 7:55pm 
This mod is awesome, it makes follower handling a lot easier and there are so many things that help
ghand85 Feb 4 @ 1:57pm 
Loving the mod so far thank you, I have a minor army behind me now. But horses ridden by my followers won't fast travel with us - has this come up before, if so is there a solution or are you working on one?
tcbvaught Feb 4 @ 9:27am 
has anyone experienced where the mod quits allowing more than one follower but will let you command like normal. but hey sometimes it seems all the mods i use malfuntion sometimes. still really like the mod
Obliviouswookie Feb 3 @ 3:53pm 
Idk if its this mod but thats doing this but I can get my followers to follow me, but they won't stay when I tell to stay (I've tried every ways to make they stay). I also can't get rid of them with out killing them. Which sucks because I play a thief class and I have to reset the stealth mode every time I go through a door......
josephthecheetah Feb 2 @ 9:46pm 
This Mod is one of the best things that's happened to this game. Thank you so much for making it.
DeluzionConfuzion Feb 2 @ 12:59am 
there is a spell that should help i think, "dismiss follower" right? or am i mistaken?
I used the "make follower"power on a skeleton but because i can't talk to it i can't make him a follower, or reset it, help.
xXDarkMageXx Feb 1 @ 3:57pm 
@Ravenwolf Find her Refid on the wiki then do
prid (Her id here)
moveto player
After that she should be standing somewhere nearby.
Hope that helps!
Mr Hpack Jan 31 @ 3:11pm 
Is there any mod conflicts?
ravenwolf2 Jan 26 @ 4:40pm 
um, yea... i just did something else. when i shut off the mod, did some saves & shut it back on.. i forgot the dismiss jenassa & have completely lost her. i keep going back to the drunken huntsman, but she isn't showing up. does anyone know a console command to get her back, besides "placeatme"? which only duplicate's a useless version of the character. i know there's some kind of move to, or relocate command, but i'm new to that.
ravenwolf2 Jan 26 @ 10:12am 
this may not work well with forsworn & imperial arbitrary mods. just found out the hard way. there's so much i have to revamp due to a lost save from this f*** up.
Sweden is love. Jan 25 @ 8:48am 
Hello, i have a mod named Inigo. On one of my save files it works with AFT, but on the other it says that it have a confliсt. Why ?
Iceotty Jan 25 @ 2:20am 
Ive got the same problem as @IronSheep, ive got 2 follower mods....
Orion Jan 24 @ 7:51am 
for some reason I yell "Light those motherfuckers up!" whenever I see this... Is that good or bad?
rasta42020 Jan 22 @ 5:39pm 
i love this mod but it would be cool if u added differint actions, poses, and some bug fixes i have problems with my fallowers disapearing then later reapearing at insignificant times. please fix thanks for the cool mod
IronSheep Jan 22 @ 2:27am 
so whenever i talk to my follower with the intention of tweaking it, the tweak option isnt there and i message in the top corner saying somethings then at the end it says "mod conflict?" ive checked thru all my mods and i dont know wat could conflicting with it.

the only mods i have that involve followers are
This mod
Followers can Relax
Sapphire follower and marriage (or something along those lines)
Plez help
Juanka Jan 21 @ 2:52pm 
I don't know why my follower doesn't attack and do nothing when we are in combat. Help?