Amazing Follower Tweaks
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Adm. Eric the Defiant 5 hours ago 
This mod is awesome!
SoullessHeart 16 hours ago 
I tried to go to RavenRock and it crashed. So Im unsubbing for now.
cheap lipstick Sep 20 @ 1:27am 
what happens when you reach the manageable npc slot limit? i have 13 or so left and im a little worried. can i delete an earlier follower at that point, or...?
skiddy991 Sep 17 @ 6:22pm 
Thank you so much this is just the mod I needed!!!
Mojo The Fabulous Sep 13 @ 6:57pm 
Is there any way to get something like a Giant or a Troll to become a follower with this mod?
El Dovah Sep 13 @ 11:49am 
When I invite a npc to follow me it shows on top that there's a missing parameter, they keep following me but if I want to let them go by choosing ''I think we should part ways'', that same option isn't there, so they keep following me forever, its the first time this happens, btw I just started a new game and before that, it didnt happen
Weeman_gaming Sep 12 @ 10:18am 
This dosn't seem to work with every follower, I have Erandur as a follwer currently but when I try and get a third one like Darkeethus or Durak it won't work.
stephenmccauley905 Sep 11 @ 6:30pm 
stephenmccauley905 Sep 11 @ 3:07pm 
it keeps saying need parameter and it won't work
Kormmarade Sep 11 @ 1:55am 
Is there any way to disable companions from drawing their weapon when i do?
thegentleman616 Sep 11 @ 12:06am 
Awesome mod, Video was hilarious haha
naj1978 Sep 10 @ 5:36am 
will this mod conflict with the mods multiple followers lite and followers can relax.
Dutchie Sep 9 @ 11:09am 
does this mod work with follower mods, like inigo
zzarcon Sep 7 @ 6:36pm 
I tried this and UFO, and even though UFO has more max followers, this allows more cool stuff to addd to followers. So I'm staying with this one.
Baltharan Sep 3 @ 4:32pm 
love. nuff said.
ShadowMoons Sep 3 @ 1:40pm 
is there a why to make it so a follower can die? (working on daedric quest)
tech-boy Sep 1 @ 9:36pm 
your mod not work for me
Sergeant Jenkins Sep 1 @ 4:44pm 
Not sure why, but it's not working
Mustand123 Sep 1 @ 8:14am 
U sir have ruined the entire mod by putting the hamster song in the vid :P, jk great mod
SimpleSanity Aug 30 @ 2:11pm 
Anyone know where and how to find these characters? (I'm noobish)
Ravynwynd Aug 30 @ 10:28am 
Excuse my typing lol Thumbs up.
Ravynwynd Aug 30 @ 10:27am 
Thumps up. Thank you for sharing , Great mod.:)
ZephyrLuxx Aug 28 @ 8:00am 
Thank you so much for this! It works like a charm.
woutermarchal Aug 28 @ 4:40am 
I can only have two followers at the same time and the rest don't stay in the house I told them too. Is that common?
evilsamar Aug 28 @ 1:53am 
why don't my followers die?! I want them to be mortal.
Veromintain Aug 27 @ 1:15pm 
Dude, you have just made the best addon ever to be be in skyrim.
wowkid92 Aug 25 @ 9:12pm 
Im sure its not this mods fault, it might be but for some reason, when I talk to followers their talk in German and when I use Make Follower spell I can say "Manage AFT" but nothing happens.
Awesome mod when it works for me though.
rbull Aug 24 @ 9:37pm 
Thow shalst be responsible and do regular upkeep on their mod lest ye be judged!!!
The 11th comandment!
Sir Hammerlock Aug 23 @ 6:54pm 
dutchie they do work with follower mod even inigo
Woggie36 Aug 23 @ 12:51pm 
is this the same as the one on skyrim nexus?
shiny dialga liam Aug 22 @ 2:21pm 
so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Destructech_01 Aug 22 @ 6:55am 
Kwel shiznit
mdhammond07 Aug 21 @ 11:10pm 
Hands down best multi follower mod ever made...Couldnt enjoy the game the same without it
Lord Cuss Aug 21 @ 9:17pm 
and great mod io really love it :) and keep up the good work Rezzzman
Lord Cuss Aug 21 @ 9:14pm 
yes that what i had to do Symoon
Dutchie Aug 21 @ 9:10am 
btw does this work with follower mods, i havent tried yet but wanted to knoe, for the rest great mods. thanks
Symoon Aug 20 @ 5:04pm 
Thanks for the info Lord Cuss. Just to be clear, you uninstalled all the other follower related mods but then you also had to reinstall the game?
Lord Cuss Aug 20 @ 5:03am 
Symoon,Picante ranger and wowkid92, i had these problem before when i used mix follower mod (follower can relax and multi follower lite and perhaps 1 or 2 other i can t remember) i had to uninstall all my follower mod and reinstall the game and that was it. after that i fond this mod and it the only follower mod i used (exept for inigo the amazing kajiit and throthgar )
wowkid92 Aug 19 @ 5:43pm 
Let me tell you what I had problems with. I recruited the Dark Elf in WhiteRun, Uthgerd the Unbroken, some hobo in Markarth and the Dog in Markarth. They all followed me for a bit but the Elf and the Hobo disappend. I also tried to get Sven from Riverwood to follow but he wouldn't. I used the "Summon all" thing and they all came back but all of them but Uthgerd started to walk away. It says I have 27 follower slots left, and I can talk to the Elf and the hobo like they where my followers, but they wont follow. Is there a way to fix this? This is a awesome mod but this bug is ruining my gaming experiance.
Thank you.
Picante Ranger Aug 19 @ 2:02pm 
NEED HELP! I click follow me and they say lead the way, then go back to doing what they were doing and don't follow essentially making it so I can only have 1 follower
Symoon Aug 19 @ 11:27am 
Any idea why when I go to get a second follower nothing happens? I click follow me and they say lead the way, then go back to doing what they were doing and don't follow. They'll follow fine if they're my only follower, but as soon as I have one and try to get a second they completely ignore the follow command.
Monado Aug 19 @ 11:16am 
Jmanghan, Nexus does not work on my computer so I can't get it. This is a brilliant option to me.
IOwnThatGuy122 Aug 19 @ 8:35am 
Was just looking for nothing more than followers can ride on the back of your horse (or something like that) and found this. Just downloaded and off to give it a try, thanks for this, I can't even imagine how much effort you have gone to, to make this. Thank you for sharing :D :D I like that you only let us have 5 followers as 15+ would make the game to easy and suck the fun out of it, I might even just stick to 2 or 3 LOL <3 x
Jmanghan Aug 19 @ 3:19am 
Dude, no offence, whatsoever, but... You are falling behind in terms of Max Followers when compared to UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul).

It's 5 to 15. :/
Lord Cuss Aug 14 @ 5:22pm 
Good job, i love it :)
karraker_chris Aug 13 @ 7:05am 
I am getting a bad conflict between your mod and another and I need help:
evilsamar Aug 13 @ 12:13am 
Oh now that I fought against a troll I saw 2 of them go on one knee, they are immortal after all, why don't the settings work?
Jo_Mamma Aug 12 @ 5:47pm 
how do you tell you followers to equip something you've given them?
phillips.hdp Aug 12 @ 12:05pm 
i cant tell my fallowers to use magic
evilsamar Aug 12 @ 11:55am 
I setup all 3 of my followers (Sven, Lidya and Grillod or whatever his name is) so that they can die permanently, don't get boost, don't have regen boost and don't force regeneration after combat and they still seem immortal ( they didn't even go down with one knee, they are just that strong now for whatever reason). I am lvl 6 and they are too