Amazing Follower Tweaks
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Gina Apr 14 @ 3:13am 
Awesome mod, works just fine except that they don't mount up when I do. I tried buying more horses and (ofc) have the option turned on, but it still doesnt work. Any ideas?
[xLnt] RAUSCHY¿? Apr 14 @ 3:10am 
how i can use the fallower?
enysoft Apr 13 @ 4:22am 

Can you please look for a solution to my problem? Well... the thing is that I have all the 3 DLCs, which means that I have Hearthfire too. And here is the the time I installed this mod , I can't make any fallower to be my steward. Please, take a look.
P.S. : The mod is still great ;)
Erithon♫ Apr 12 @ 4:45am 
OMG LOVE THIS MOD. also, you can get free training with this mod by using tweak make follower on a trainer, buy the training, trade with him (take that money) level up, Rinse and repeat.
thopeppe Apr 10 @ 8:00pm 
for some reason its in spanish. :/
Blackgaurd Apr 10 @ 4:24pm 
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
avenger20 Apr 7 @ 12:01pm 
Moon Moon The Wolf God Apr 7 @ 12:01pm 
Wow, such epic, very mod, much best mod, many werewolf follower, wow
archer51 Apr 5 @ 9:04pm 
luv this mod!
rustinr19 Apr 5 @ 12:00pm 
Awesome Mod
Sniffmyzebra Mar 31 @ 7:42pm 
for some reason it wont let me have more then two followers at one time, when i try to recruit more, one of my current followers just leave
ragnarokeod Mar 28 @ 5:00pm 
I just want to say I do think the mod is great but I have no intention on turning my followers or setting up camp till the bugs are fixed. I know it's tough to be a modder so I thank you for all of your hard work and am thrilled you came up with this mod. I personally hate friendly fire so I'm am happy to have this mod give me the chance to use my AOE spells without worry of my own follower turning on me. XD
ragnarokeod Mar 28 @ 4:57pm 
I downloaded this mod a couple of days ago but I ran into a few bugs. I like the mod and I feel what you've done is great work but I feel these particular bugs need to be addressed. I turned Ja'zargo into a vampire lord and though he successfully turned into one (great job btw), he didn't have any of the default vampire lord spells, Drain life and raise dead. That's not all that I noticed. I was so eager to set up a camp I did it along the winterhold hillside. I tried finding a level spot but the spots I had picked were slanted slightly or drastically. Either way, the camp was made, the tent was cast, and the bed rolls were floating on a drastic slanted hill. On a slightly slanted hill the same can be said with the exception it embedded itself within the hill and two of the three tents were inaccessible
oblivion4463 Mar 27 @ 8:34pm 
This mod is AWESOME! I have had this mod for months with over 70 other mods and not one problem with this mod...ever!
Gpow17 Mar 27 @ 2:19pm 
only if it didnt need skyrim patch 1.9
madmadruss Mar 26 @ 6:56pm 
People, stop putting serana in slutty outfits!
Shamo Ying Mar 26 @ 4:40pm 
can*t imagine to play without that mod. each and every feature of this mod is perfect!
Buttermilk Hammerdash Mar 23 @ 12:37pm 
Upvoted just for the Hamster dance in the video xD
Snips Mar 22 @ 11:32am 
This mod started out ok, but now my followers don't listen to me, and they get lost really easily. I don't know if its something I did, but all of the followers are pretty messed up.
White Cobra12 Mar 22 @ 6:02am 
So this is the one where you can make people your follower?
Poduchen Mar 22 @ 3:53am 
Yay! Finally I can make an army of Whiterun Guardz!
For Skyrim!
Viking Batman Mar 21 @ 2:06pm 
i just subscribed just cuz the music
HERMAEUS MORA Mar 20 @ 3:08pm 
there is an option "All: Summon/Call" and i am confused because it doesn't say what it means in the description.
Vash The Stampede Mar 18 @ 9:34pm 
none of the followers can move at all i dont know what to do i tried uninstalling it and it didnt work any help?
Fang Mar 17 @ 10:34pm 
Hi My name is fang and I look this Mod you can reset your follower to what you like them to do but u can reset there carry weight. I did find out how to do just that fix's there carry wweight justtype in one of the three cheats codes one is setav now this will set it for a short time. Now if you tyep in Modav carryweith it will stay with you for thru out the game And then there's Forceav now the Big thing with this is it can Never be change it there for Life only Mod and Set will let you and change as much you llike but with Force it there for good Can Not B CHANGE just use it if neede it you can email me at jf you have more ?s
and you can d also rest Healt and Satmina the same way it is player for you and just Setav Modav and Forceav for your followers
Fang Mar 17 @ 10:18pm 
Hi My name is fang and I look this Mod you can reset your follower to whay you like thim to do but u can set there carry weight I dound out how to do just that fix's there carry wweifht just in one is setav now this will set it for a short time. Now if you tyep in Modav carryweith it will stay with you for thru out th game And then there's Forceac now the Big thing with this is it can Never be chace it there for Life only Mod and Set you and change as much you llike butwith Force it there for good Can Not B CHANGE just use it if neede you can email me at danegarrettfergus jf you have more ?s

Think you
Dragon Slayer Ornstein Mar 17 @ 7:36pm 
I really love this mod but i really do think it could allow more than 5 followers. If it could allow 7-10 then this would be perfect for me.
Hydriegon Mar 17 @ 2:46pm 
UFO or AFT, you can't have both. Choose one.
douglass65 Mar 16 @ 3:35pm 
does it Affect UFO?
Scarlet Eclipse Mar 15 @ 8:11pm 
omg this sounds so awesome! im so gonna download!
sgtwinkler Mar 15 @ 5:28pm 
Really kewl stuff you can do with this one :) It is a little clumsy and slow, but you can make people dance so whatevs :p
MiRacLe_Death Mar 15 @ 9:01am 
Fang Mar 15 @ 5:49am 
I like this Mod but it would be nice if the followers. could smith and talk to athere people-NPC in the game to make it more real so if Lydia has some stuff that the main player dose not wont she can sell them or just talk to npc in the game I hope i hope spelled right
Der German Dovahkiin Mar 14 @ 7:37pm 
I made a bunch of my followers into werewolves and now I cant turn into one. Also I cant find my ring of hircine. Should I change them all back?
ccfaj7 Mar 13 @ 8:13pm 
mine use to work now it says there is conflict with something.
Mr maniac 451 Mar 13 @ 3:27pm 
ok i will say this once and im sorry if it is in the thingy above but i have had this fore a few months now and it stopped working and i even tryed dissabling all other mods but it still wont allow followers to be intergrated in to the system debug mode is says missing script paramiter(mod conflict?) and it will also say something a bought nutral follower than (mod conflict?) im open for ideas or "constuctive criticism"
Troy Alias Mar 12 @ 12:09pm me a noob; but where do I download this?
deathofyouth345 Mar 11 @ 4:27pm 
OH MY GOD THIS MOD IS AMAZING. I mean seriously, in my opinion, best mod out there. I have always wanted to make my companion level and learn new stuff. Standing ovation to you my good sir/ma'am. Keep up this amazing work!
monsioi38 Mar 10 @ 8:01am 
cbhicks1 Mar 9 @ 7:04pm 
ok i love this mod but i have ran into a few problems i made it to 32 companions and only had like 15 companions i never had more than 5 companions fallowing me at a time but liked to change up who was fallowing me according to the quest when i got to 32 companoins out of the 15 i had 10 of them no longer wanted to trade with me and i could no longer control outfit they were wearing so i tryed reset my atf and all hell broke lose the atf couldnt decide how many companions i had and noone had manage with atf option eaven after i tryed make them new companion and i was doing quest with a game npc not one of the atf companions the game npc casted fire ball one of my npcs were hit and so they tryed to kill her was no big deal i just reloaded and worked passed it please can you help i am high lvl in my game and dont want to lose all i got
kb3bus Mar 9 @ 6:56pm 
The URL for the readme is not correct. I am able to find a read me here, but I am not certain that it is up to date:
brandonb621 Mar 7 @ 9:57pm 
if anyone has this same problem... have you ever expirenced your followers attacking eachother on accident and then going against eachother? like wtf.... my 4th companion shot my dog, my dog attacked her, the girl attacked my 2nd comanion, then it was like a follower war.. i had the friendly fire off btw so they couldnt do damage.. SO WTF IS THE PROBLEM?!??!?
^SYP^ Anwar Mar 7 @ 7:38pm 
I am having some issues, every since the last update that changed AFT to a spell, noting has worked followers cannot relax, set home ,or even reset AFT but the spell and everything still appears. Do you have a version that offers only the individual follower tweaks, the way it was before the update?
logedgore Mar 7 @ 12:09am 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
TheKonahrik Mar 6 @ 6:31pm 
@karyn.atwell - All mod subscriptions on Steam are free. That, or I'm in debt for 200 mods...
Mimiko Mar 5 @ 6:41am 
Okay I fixed it, I had to uninstall the mod and reinstall it and the book and power have appeared....
Takeshi Mar 4 @ 2:38pm 
I played for quite a while, and the book never appeared. Would unsubscribing then subscribing again fix it?
karyn.atwell Mar 3 @ 10:52pm 
Hey, um, wait. Is this free to subscribe? No monthly fees or anything?
Mimiko Mar 3 @ 10:19am 
I was using this mod for a while and it was working fine. Yesterday I started a new charatcer and I have no AFT book or Tweak spell in powers... Anyone know why this could be?
CMC.Applebloom Mar 2 @ 12:16pm 
sorry for the swearing