ZX Eyes (Alt Vamp)
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tweetypilant 20 de mar às 10:51 
XD I was drinking a glass of water and I did a mini spit take!! The eyes looked kind of scary because its dark and I hear coyotes.
Azethoth 4/dez/2013 às 8:07 
Lol I was eating some chips when i clicked the link, almost spit it out cuz how awsome the eyes are now :D You make some of the best detailed mods ;)
Zardoz Xerxes  [autor(a)] 12/ago/2013 às 13:48 
This is just a texture and does not affect the glow, that is set in the mesh not the texture file. Any glow issues are your own issues with Skyrim or Dawnguard. Try a Dawnguard troubleshooter or faq?
youngguz660 11/ago/2013 às 18:02 
I have dawnguard and the eyes dont glow :/ BUT IT FIXED The vampire eyes for females. Woot!
Zardoz Xerxes  [autor(a)] 30/mai/2013 às 12:32 
All the dawnguard eyes are modded, it's most likey that is working and you haven't noticed, or you have installed it wrong. It works fine for everybody else.
Ardentis 17/mai/2013 às 22:46 
I have dawnguard and it won't work :/
Zardoz Xerxes  [autor(a)] 16/mai/2013 às 8:57 
you need Dawnguard for glowing eyes.
Ardentis 10/mai/2013 às 4:49 
Sweet mod but could you make them glow?
mysteryman3 5/mai/2013 às 23:52 
@Thunderscreamer yes it replaces the normal glowing orange eyes for Dawnguard vampires with what you see in the screenshot above. I play low-res anyways so I don't need this mod, but I'll rate up.
Thunderscreamer 5/mai/2013 às 17:56 
I'm confused. Is this for vampires, or what?
roodeepoo 5/mai/2013 às 15:12