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close but far
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Light  [tekijä] 4. touko, 2013 14.13 
who else?
buckfuts1 4. touko, 2013 13.00 
My girlfriend, that is.
buckfuts1 4. touko, 2013 12.58 
Sorry, I meant she hates me!
Light  [tekijä] 4. touko, 2013 12.15 
she hated me? why? what did i ever do to her?
buckfuts1 4. touko, 2013 11.09 
I told you in the other post that I added all of your other puzzles to my queue. I just thought that I would comment on them as I played them.
BTW, my girlfriend doesn't hate you anymore.
Light  [tekijä] 4. touko, 2013 9.45 
are you hunting me?
buckfuts1 4. touko, 2013 9.20 
I'm not sure I did it the way you intended, but I liked it.
Light  [tekijä] 25. huhti, 2013 8.02 
play this level or die from over eating humen meat!