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Wildfire Worlds
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wsbell13 4 ore fa 
weres the demo for this
wsbell13 4 ore fa 
i also want to know what other disasters there gonna be in the future
wsbell13 4 ore fa 
i want this game very bad
and are those zombies
mean bean cuisine 25 lug, ore 2:21 
@Agent Blowfish (appropriate name) - They sent out emails to every backer saying that they will refund every purchase. Perhaps check for facts before screaming about scams.
kme160 24 lug, ore 18:55 
How do you get this game?
Agent Blowfish 14 lug, ore 21:49 
Guys, don't you realize the game is dead and it isn't coming back? The devs just made a first look to try and get peope to kickstart it. Then they dropped it and used the kickstarter funds for their own use. The definition of greed and scam
dawsinn 14 giu, ore 21:12 
if your not going to work anymore on this can you just open source it so mabey someone amazing and awesome can go through with what your ideas were? would really appreciate it... shame this game died...
xxxpurplespritexxx 13 giu, ore 13:21 
man theis game is so cool well it come out?
Don't Panic! 7 giu, ore 21:20 
Such a good ieda, dead in the water... It's just dissapointing. Maybe a later time, but it's just plain sad to see such a well-developed idea die.
Stranger 2 giu, ore 11:05 
Opt_0. You know, that project is dead (for now), and they doesn't give a shit about greenlight (with is stupid)?
Opt_0 27 mag, ore 23:44 
Glad you guys are Greenlit! Hope to see this game on Steam soon. If we pre-purchased long ago, will we get free Steam-key?
Stranger 26 mag, ore 5:40 
I only wanted to destroy humanity...
Don't Panic! 20 mag, ore 18:38 
Still holding out a little bit of hope for this game...
Pheex 20 mag, ore 14:43 
this game had (has) so much potential ;_;
Sharkeisha 17 mag, ore 13:22 
sad people are still getting ripped off
klkw93 12 apr, ore 10:19 
from the forums, by Mike( the website administrator)
Mike » 12 Apr 2014 11:52

The truth is that right now the game development has been stopped, but not totally abandoned. We are reluctant to close it down completely as we are still hopeful we can kick off again. It's a project we have dedicated a lot of hard work and love into. The situation has been like this for some time so we understand the frustration. We will keep trying. It may take more time.

Also, he's away up till the 20th of April, so contacting him before then mayb be slightly difficult
Sharkeisha 3 apr, ore 18:07 
Sooo about once a week I check up on this page, and ive come to the conclusion, that since the release date says late 2013, early 2014 this game is never going to come. Its time, these people never update the page, What a sad rip off, we should contact some type of police or security thing. Maybe a laywer, whos with me/
Don't Panic! 1 apr, ore 2:31 
Is this comming out or not? Really was excited about this game and looking forward to it...
Ranger SUPERSTRIKE 22 mar, ore 7:22 
BraveWheat 8 mar, ore 10:43 
Man i love this game but how long will it take?
Sharkeisha 6 mar, ore 15:05 
Well its early 2014, and it aint coming...
OzWally 19 feb, ore 17:28 
Jimmy 13 feb, ore 10:18 
Blackout27er 11 feb, ore 20:07 
what a scam of an idea, reap some kickstarter funds, take some pre orders and drop the idea with no trace of ever having an existance.
Gemini908 8 feb, ore 15:04 
That's a shame...
Alaskan Grim 8 feb, ore 13:40 
No, the game is dead. There has been no contact on the forums from any of the devs. They have completely ignored the people who pre-ordered the game for the past 8 months now. There has not been a single update for a year now. @Zoodletec I am sorry to burst your bubble, but there will not be a release anytime soon. I am working on getting my refund for the pre-order via email. I have been waiting for a while with no luck on an answer. $15 Wasted
PotatoTomato 25 gen, ore 11:51 
Thank god for that.
RexSprocket 19 gen, ore 11:21 
Game: Not Dead, they just haven't spoken about it, and the SITE is down for maintenance. They are still developing the game. :P
Zoodle 18 gen, ore 6:54 
It's not dead guys, they are getting the release ready. If this is not your first greenlight release you know it takes alot of time and effort to make sure the steam release goes through. They have a release posting of lat 2013 early 2014 so it's crunch time for the dev team and I'm sure they are pulling their own hair out trying to get this thing ready. Until I hear from the devs team I asume they are woking tirelessly. Be patient everyone it's comming soon =]
Homfrog 14 gen, ore 21:30 
PotatoTomato 8 gen, ore 7:39 
website said it was down for maintainance... who knows...
PotatoTomato 8 gen, ore 7:37 
people have stopped commenting so i guess... How is this supposed to make me feel any better? i just beat down a guy!
PotatoTomato 8 gen, ore 7:33 
No.... NO.... oh no...
PotatoTomato 8 gen, ore 7:32 
wait... was it put down? couldnt... what?... it was fucking wall street wasnt it... paying for not being questioned just like some societies? god damn.
TotherApple13™ 5 gen, ore 3:38 
Why is this game dead men its beautifull something i have waited for whole 2013
Model OWL Initiator [TGC] 3 gen, ore 22:50 
Definetly Not Albi 3 gen, ore 18:03 
is the game really dead? i was just on their website. preorder is closed, forums exist but noone is posting new content. whats that all about? Greenlighted AND abandoned? if devs are missing their chance its just dumb.
Sharkeisha 23 dic 2013, ore 16:32 
This game looked good, to bad its never gonna happen
Duecez 19 dic 2013, ore 17:31 
Game is dead. Been over 10 months since there has been an update to the game, devs have stopped responding on the forum, and they disabled preorders.
<fluffy> 15 dic 2013, ore 10:56 
Don't stop thinking of ideas to add to it :)
Foster CubixNet 14 dic 2013, ore 16:47 
Really good looking, love the idea. One thing I would personally love is gangs, terrorists and rebels, firearms, melee weapons, cookbookers [if you know what i mean]
Thomas Robertson 14 dic 2013, ore 8:44 
the idea behind this looks good..and it may also have the potential to be a good game, but they probably need to change their description, sure as a game it looks fun to start a riot and see the results of that (destruction, police responding), but asking us when we saw it on TV if we wanted to ''play that'' no because I just remember the type of people who was taking part in those riots, it was pointless and they was just destroying their own areas, I only saw it as a bad thing what was happening back then, but for a Game yeah its a fun idea, and I hope it becomes available on steam it has potential.
Wunderwaffe 11 dic 2013, ore 11:37 
Dead?Holy crap...
donelwero 9 dic 2013, ore 23:28 
This game is dead, they disabled pre-orders, no updates, no answer from devs...
128935 25 nov 2013, ore 18:09 
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Duecez 24 nov 2013, ore 12:04 
Haven't been any updates and their site is down. Just sent an email asking them what's going on.
DNA splat 23 nov 2013, ore 11:46 
This game looks preety cool.
Shado MK CLIX 23 nov 2013, ore 7:26 
So it's been a while since an update... It's also been a while since anything has been said about it. And now their site no longer works. This worries me.
[USF]-TF Field Marshal 6S Banana 7 nov 2013, ore 8:10 
Got the alpha for this game, so awesome
Matthew_D_D 7 nov 2013, ore 2:27 
hope this gets on ipad/iphone! after steam.