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Wildfire Worlds
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Stranger 28 nov 2016, ore 19:18 
Yeah, saw that shitty edit too. I wonder, if they wasn't just hacked. Re-uploaded videos, spam in their twitter. I wish someone would just fckn upload the alpha somewhere. I just want to screw this city up. Watch the nature take over. Nope. Nowhere to be seen. Game's dead and gone. Not ever going to happen. :/
TCLG6x6 27 nov 2016, ore 16:24 
According to their site its going early access in 2017, so it is still being made :D
I3lackI3eard 4 ott 2016, ore 7:59 
Hope you didn't get scammed helping fund this.
Zach Fett 9 apr 2016, ore 16:43 
That isn't a dev, if you're talking about ng-vrondakis. Take a look at my post in his thread, I showed proof that Mike is fine. He even posted a thread on the game's forum explaining why the game was put on development hold and why refunds were being sent out. Not because he died, but because there were money troubles, it sounds like.
Park501 9 apr 2016, ore 7:10 
the comment in "popular discussions" from one of the devs...seems to indicate that he did die?
wsbell13 3 feb 2016, ore 18:29 
you do know you can go to a link in the description or go on a website and buy the alpha for the game right guys come on
Совесть 5 gen 2016, ore 19:45 
Sad but RIP.
_EipeX_ 13 dic 2015, ore 12:13 
guys stop waiting, its not coming out. the dev mike died a 1 or 2 years ago unless the team recovers it but it wont happen there doing other things now anysways good luck waiting
Memed 5 dic 2015, ore 6:08 
Sync 27 nov 2015, ore 15:25 
I WANT IT!!!!!
Scrungo Beepis, Lizard Supreme 7 nov 2015, ore 7:13 
Does anyone still want this bc I have the alpha here, all I need to do is upload it
Sauce 9 ott 2015, ore 19:27 
I'm waiting because someone like the staff or something could do something about it.
☦ Albertv GC ☦ 29 set 2015, ore 4:56 
Stop waiting peaple, the developer of the game is DEATH...

This game is cancelled.
Sauce 26 set 2015, ore 16:04 
Still waiting for my money back :/
Christmas Related Tee 14 set 2015, ore 23:27 
*waits and waits*....i'll still wait! ;-;
Hiddeneagle 12 set 2015, ore 11:46 new news.......incredibly late on the release date......this project apears to have died......i was looking forward to it too.
slightly rapey 7 set 2015, ore 0:22 
how do i get it
osht 27 ago 2015, ore 3:14 
" release date early 2013 - 2014 "
aarongaming100 15 ago 2015, ore 10:32 
Rocko7927 1 ago 2015, ore 9:13 
Mabye somebody else will pick up this game. Also if Mike had the passwords why cant you contact steam and google (for the CMS password) to change the passwords for you?
Sauce 28 lug 2015, ore 14:29 
Ugh I spent 15 dollars for a game that didn't come out?
Rldunman 17 mag 2015, ore 13:56 
This stinks. A game that I would play and not bail out on is what I have came to believe went out of business. Hope this game is reclaimed soon ):
Calebc789c 27 apr 2015, ore 17:04 
This is sad, a game with a lot of awesome potential completely stopped by the untimely death of the head developer.
I sincerely hope this is picked up again in the future.
Colemande 19 mar 2015, ore 23:46 
they guy developing this died and the game died with him
no 25 feb 2015, ore 17:00 
I want it now!!!! D: please come OUT!!!
That Guy 13 feb 2015, ore 0:32 
welp dead game is dead... time to do a kickstarter that copys this game because apparently they couldnt find another developer to lead the project rotflmao gimeh yor monies XD
Vandal 6 feb 2015, ore 21:41 
This is never gonna come out.
wsbell13 16 gen 2015, ore 13:02 
EwokeonPrime 5 gen 2015, ore 9:51 
#hyped my butt of
Petroleum Shadow 24 nov 2014, ore 0:56 
I hate this, why? because it aint coming out....ever.........EVERRRRRR
And i was so excited, like [h1] REALLY [/h1] excited, but now ive grown to hate it, because it aint coming out, im sure everyone is disapointed but, still...cant they release this for the community or SOMETHING? atleast, release it and dont update it, whatever, just my opinion
Fairy Nuff. 19 nov 2014, ore 21:16 
n3o 15 nov 2014, ore 6:40 
Is this game dead?
You Kissed a Boy and Liked It 11 ott 2014, ore 5:44 
London riots = Rise of the City of the Apes.
Shagglehod 21 ago 2014, ore 14:53 
So it looks like you'll never be able to obtain even the alpha version of this game again. The site is more or less dead and rotting, and everyone apparently got a refund. GG, guys.
Chargeback Thomas 17 ago 2014, ore 1:45 
Game is dead. I logged into PayPal the other day and noticed I received a refund on the 11th of August. Likely everyone who pre-ordered also got their money refunded. Shame, the game had potential. Too bad the devs dropped it almost immediately after putting it out.
Edzone 15 ago 2014, ore 15:37 
Dead as fuck.
osht 13 ago 2014, ore 3:13 
Looks... exciting
A Stuck Lorax 30 lug 2014, ore 10:30 
wsbell13 28 lug 2014, ore 15:35 
weres the demo for this
wsbell13 28 lug 2014, ore 15:32 
i also want to know what other disasters there gonna be in the future
wsbell13 28 lug 2014, ore 15:31 
i want this game very bad
and are those zombies
graphic jam 25 lug 2014, ore 2:21 
@Agent Blowfish (appropriate name) - They sent out emails to every backer saying that they will refund every purchase. Perhaps check for facts before screaming about scams.
kme160 24 lug 2014, ore 18:55 
How do you get this game?
CAIVS IVLIVS CAESAR 14 lug 2014, ore 21:49 
Guys, don't you realize the game is dead and it isn't coming back? The devs just made a first look to try and get peope to kickstart it. Then they dropped it and used the kickstarter funds for their own use. The definition of greed and scam
dawsinn 14 giu 2014, ore 21:12 
if your not going to work anymore on this can you just open source it so mabey someone amazing and awesome can go through with what your ideas were? would really appreciate it... shame this game died...
The Corgi Pupper 7 giu 2014, ore 21:20 
Such a good ieda, dead in the water... It's just dissapointing. Maybe a later time, but it's just plain sad to see such a well-developed idea die.
Stranger 2 giu 2014, ore 11:05 
Opt_0. You know, that project is dead (for now), and they doesn't give a shit about greenlight (with is stupid)?
Opt_0™ 27 mag 2014, ore 23:44 
Glad you guys are Greenlit! Hope to see this game on Steam soon. If we pre-purchased long ago, will we get free Steam-key?
Stranger 26 mag 2014, ore 5:40 
I only wanted to destroy humanity...