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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted
Komentarzy: 341
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Samuel Shank B3 18 godz. temu 
looks more like morrowind mixed with wow, and still voted
lun_sei 13 Lip - 14:02 
If this game did not have a subscription fee, I would play it because dragons are awesome. But I refuse to shed money every month for a game with old graphics and mediocre gameplay.

Make dragons a one-time purchase, and I would vote for the steam greenlight of this game.
MegaGamer 11 Lip - 20:07 
This game is similar to World of Warcraft
Dwarfurious 6 Lip - 21:58 
Your screenshots are bad. Show us actual in game screenshots with the HUD up, show us menus, inventories, character stats, skill bars, etc. Useful things.
mr.riki 5 Lip - 14:16 
mr.riki 5 Lip - 14:16 
Ka'ex 4 Lip - 18:28 
The quests are boring and always the same pattern. Kill 20 those, fetch 10 that. You gotta grind hours for crafting and have pretty much nothing from it. The whole game is completely unbalanced and there's no such thing is good builds. Either you have the right classes and armor or not. Playing a dragon is awesome and all, but there are no real goals. Once you're ancient and got your armor there's a few high level bosses. You could get a lair and build it. But it's extremely boring to grind materials for hours. The whole game feels more like a bunch of chores with the only purpose to get to max level. Roleplaying is the only thing to do after that. The community is also pretty down these days. Sometimes only 20 – 30 players on the whole server. In the places with some people is silence or a bunch of trolls causing drama. And about those updates. They recycle the same 2 events each year, maybe adding 1 or 2 new items. The "new content" can't under any circumstances keep you busy.
Tails41347 4 Lip - 7:57 
It's almost the only game where you can be a dragon. But yeah it cost to get the dragons...
Totodile 1 Lip - 10:52 
the main feature is playing as a darn dragon. people will download this to play as the DRAGON. they will not pay to play as it. lose the P2P and this will be a good game
|RR| Fatalis 24 Cze - 4:57 
Kinda awful that you still have to pay to play all races besides humans. Would love to try out playing as a dragon, but meh I have other games where I can play as a dragon all I want for free. If you were allowed at least one free race of your choice or have one free slot for each race permanently then this would be a consideration to upvote for me.
Tarax00 22 Cze - 11:45 
Me wantz!
Raptor R9 21 Cze - 21:43 
I love this game so much :)
Opal 19 Cze - 23:46 
This game is awesome.
I played this before, it was amazing! <3
{JD}Dragon King 5 Cze - 7:58 
do you like start the game like no player got it or still the same way at it is?
Frostfall 1 Cze - 14:40 
I played this when it originally came out due to absolutely loving the character designs, especially the dragons. However I lost interest as it appeared to be incomplete, it was very hard to find any enemies to level on and a lot of the world was empty. If it didn't have the pay to be a dragon/Saris model now, I may pick it up again to see how it's changed, but with the current pricing structure, I would rather play Guild Wars 2.
(LoD)Ren Shadow 28 Maj - 7:00 
whoa, Subscription fee? FTW? i anin't buyin this then, after it said "Istaria offers Free to Play" and "Paid access provides
Extra character slots
Access to all player races: Dragons, Dryads, Dwarves, Elves, Fiends, Gnomes, Half-Giants, Saris, Satyrs and Sslik
Biped plot or dragon lair" That pissis me off
Happy Hunter 28 Maj - 1:17 
I was thinking about picking up this game due to its draconic appeal... then I saw the subscription fee plastered onto it for everything else save humans. I think WoW and all of it's attempted competition have pretty much sucked us bone dry cash-wise, don't you think? I feel cheated.
(LoD)Ren Shadow 27 Maj - 17:09 
yeah, have like some Micro transactions type things for like gear or dens for dragons, i'm not gonna pay to be a dragon, Nuff said
Azuredragon 26 Maj - 20:06 
Played it on trial, loved it. But I'm not going to pay to play, as much as I want to play as the dragon. I would have if it was pay once instead. :(
Shikk/Seph 25 Maj - 3:12 
It would be great to see this excellent game on Steam. =)
Pluma the Fluffy Dragon 19 Maj - 15:48 
You know why i want this? To be a dragon. Poop to the "Build that Village", I want to be a friggin dragon! No guns or artificial weapons, just dragon :)
[OWND] Mazrogal 7 Maj - 1:49 
I'ts a good MMO and im impressed that the developers put out patches and new content still to this day. The game is Relaxing and fun when you log in to do a quest or craft in your Lair/Plot and the community is helpfull towards other players.
se_latrevo_rebbie 1 Maj - 5:27 
Seems interesting. From description sounds like a sandbox game, any more info on it?
Samuel Shank B3 27 Kwi - 16:31 
me too
Rider4life505 26 Kwi - 10:35 
Samuel Shank B3 24 Kwi - 13:38 
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▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This░░░█
▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
berth.ljunggren 18 Kwi - 7:19 
Played this game quite a lot back in the day, love the crafting part, and playing a dragon is always nice :)
Mere 15 Kwi - 19:11 
This game is a pain in the buttox as first, but after that first flight... wow. <3
Spookie Scary Skeletons 14 Kwi - 16:31 
patrickg910 11 Kwi - 12:04 
I dow hoop this game will wuck fain not laick prim world wen I start plein for 3 deys untill it had a ddos-attack I hoop this game wont hapun still it is a relle good game I cant wet untill it has a cunnfumd relles dayt
Saleck 9 Kwi - 16:37 
I used to play this game a lot, I'd probably give it another go when it jumps onto Steam. I'll look forwards to it.
lcarson 6 Kwi - 3:15 
it's really cool!
lcarson 6 Kwi - 3:15 
Dragon Cameron 5 Kwi - 19:00 
My ONLY complaint is: It's pay-per-month. Which isn't a big complaint for me, mind you. The lore of this game is beautiful, I love it. The gameplay is half decent. You can't breathe fire anywhere and any time you want, but that's not really a problem. It's something I would like to see in this game, though.
Dragon Cameron 5 Kwi - 18:51 
I played this game as a trial, and I must say I loved it, ESPECIALLY the dragons. The roleplay will take me a bit to get used to, but it's good.
Samuel Shank B3 3 Kwi - 14:04 
everyone greenlight this game
patrickg910 29 Mar - 17:24 
patrickg910 29 Mar - 17:16 
hall thy S*** rele this game luck somuch betur then dragon and tatun that you can be a dragon in 3D orels plus is it unn mmo mutepleurs plus free to pley F*** it I relle wunt to pley soow much naw wen will it be relest?
'MURICAN Bear 28 Mar - 0:50 
Not a particularly good game. I'd give it a pass on graphics... Yeah, they're dated, but I'll move past that. The crafting, however... You're paying around $15 a month to run around and pick up items. That's it. The combat is slow paced and, I'll grant it this, challenging.

It has the potential to be a great game with a few major changes.
(LoD)Ren Shadow 22 Mar - 10:20 
reson i love it: one of the first games EVER to be a dragon! (with fantesy elements)
MurdocNiccals 20 Mar - 6:50 
God, i hate that game.
I didn't played it like a month, and already have to pay for it, to get my Characters back!
No thanks!
Shayura 15 Mar - 21:36 
This game, I loved it when I played it years ago. Had a level 100 Ancient Dragon and still have an addiction to it. I'd love to see it here on Steam to get a bigger following, the game deserves the attention!
Dukaan 10 Mar - 16:50 
As someone who has always had a life long addiction to all things dragon, I can say that this is the most fun I've had in ages!
Brother Flix 9 Mar - 15:16 
If it was a free to play, I would play it. But the fact that they want us to pay to get the most attrackting bit ( playing as a dragon ) in a game that is now outdated makes it BAAAAAAAAAAD
Lovestruck the Huntress 7 Mar - 11:49 
I took a good look at the game's page because the fact that you can be a dragon interested me.Then i saw that it's subscription based, and f2p players ONLY get humans and no homes.No thank you, i don't need another cashgrabbing MMO, World Of Warcraft was enough.
diablowsr 5 Mar - 11:53 
Nice. Looks good.
Kryllic 2 Mar - 0:17 
When I watched the video, at first I was kinda like "eh" about it, but then it said you could become a dragon and build your own lairs o.o Voting YES!
CachProGamer™ 1 Mar - 13:39