Gelocity Time Trial - Track 1
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CyberBrain Oct 18 @ 6:57pm 
This is the absolute best map I've seen made in Portal 2, and I've been playing for over 5 years now, both Portal 1 as well as Portal 2. The graphics are superb, I love how it has a calm feel, I can SEE SPAAAACE above me! The highscores are challenging (I only got bronze myself) and the track is very, VERY fun to play and repeat over and over. Excellent job here, Raidix! I would pay for a game like this map, its mechanics and gameplay harmonize well.
tlchotrod Oct 13 @ 6:30pm 
This is awesome!
dOub5.DarKing Oct 4 @ 7:26am 
Very original
revampedstone0 Sep 26 @ 8:33pm 
so freaking good
janjtv Sep 18 @ 11:26am 
Wow, i finnaly beat it!
Raidix  [author] Sep 1 @ 10:45am 
1. Yes, the time is true. One of my friends, who helped me testing the map, achieved this time.
2. There isn't a real leaderboard, because it's just a map. I can't track best times and save them etc.
But I have made a list of the top 5 fastes guys (watch screenshots above).
Kingfisher Aug 29 @ 12:07pm 
Is the time in the secret room true?
Kingfisher Aug 29 @ 8:26am 
Do you have a public leaderboard to compare others. if not, why not? but any way . loved it. very addicting. 1.07.00 :)
ChaplinLIVE Aug 27 @ 7:43am 
1:08.60 after like... 12 tries? :P
[AK] Hassam Aug 25 @ 6:18am 
It's cool ! 1:08 after 5 tries
Atomic Aug 17 @ 8:15pm 
Amazing 10/10 Very interesting concept
Frisco Aug 10 @ 10:54am 
Very original!
trak49 Jul 29 @ 11:05am 
Wow, Great!!
Legofan613 Jul 27 @ 7:42pm 
I think this is an awesome map. Even though you claim it's not a kind of is, and that's what I love about it: testing with a bonus. :)
Evil Angel K´egg Jul 27 @ 9:03am 
fuck you and your timers. how are you supposed to even get below 1:10. impossible shit
Styz Jul 26 @ 6:07am 
Best Map Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tamnco Jul 20 @ 8:24pm 
one of the best!
Lord Spankerson Jul 12 @ 8:44pm 
absolutly brilliant one of the best maps I've ever played
Bullwinkle Jul 9 @ 8:00pm 
i must be lame, can't get under 1:19
Sevrin Jul 9 @ 7:23pm 
nice job love this vertion and the co-op one 5:42 oh and i'll be one of the many who probly notised all the stars lol
[GL] Pvt. Angry Vs Ceph Jul 9 @ 12:34pm 
awesome map! you disigned this well
TS_Mind_Swept Jun 18 @ 3:46pm 
i got 1:06 :D
Defreox Jun 13 @ 11:20am 
Love it!
jinalspkothari Jun 9 @ 6:13am 
Brillian map!
Gofastmike Jun 4 @ 1:14pm 
you should add this to the "secret" room in orange text (it actually did happen to me, no joke):

"i don't know how, but the timer didn't initiate when i started, so my "fastest time" is somehow 0:00.00"
Parian Jun 4 @ 8:51am 
Карта супер! Хоть какое-то разнообразие=)
conmartinico Jun 3 @ 9:51am 
the next must be in coop!!!!!
Ronocback May 28 @ 12:20pm 
Great work cannot wait for the next one!
Cathal May 24 @ 3:23pm 
make moar coop please!
Nolay May 23 @ 3:39am 
Love it
Hesty May 23 @ 2:42am 
Love it
CESTQUOICA May 18 @ 11:03pm 
Awesome map!!!
Personal record: 1:05.14
Kebab Master May 18 @ 3:25am 
Love it
Atomowy Benek May 18 @ 3:07am 
Love it
Hatemageddon May 18 @ 2:57am 
Love it
Fuckmageddon May 18 @ 2:46am 
Love it
Equality May 18 @ 2:07am 
Love it
someone you know May 14 @ 6:20pm 
This is easily the first time I've thought about Chell's cornering. love this level!
Nice.Can you make Gelocity Time Trial - Stage 3?
[Tom K] May 10 @ 4:43pm 
Hi. Here is my 'playthourgh'. I hope you enjoy watching. See the description for the correct timestamp.
282108708 May 10 @ 3:41am 
Fuzzydacat May 5 @ 6:32pm 
Very unique. You sir, are a genius
Thor, SniperTurret of Fire May 5 @ 3:40pm 
*@Themechanic313: I hate you. I will kill you. Beware! (JK)
Somebody May 3 @ 9:21am 
Omg this is amazing! Best thing i have ever played! im addicted. i cant stop! i wont stop until i get 1:02:00
Gamer4Christ May 3 @ 8:16am 
WOw! Wow! WOW!!!!!! Best Test I've ever seen!!!!!!
yerick May 1 @ 9:00am 
Valvac May 1 @ 6:10am 
Trop cool elle est a faire
makuniverse Apr 28 @ 11:36pm 
Exhilarating.. great course
MastahFlash Apr 28 @ 10:01am 
Nothing but pure excellence. As many have said, it's very unique and an extreme amount of fun. But of course I would like it, I love racing games!