Gelocity Time Trial - Track 1
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janjtv Sep 18 @ 11:26am 
Wow, i finnaly beat it!
Raidix  [author] Sep 1 @ 10:45am 
1. Yes, the time is true. One of my friends, who helped me testing the map, achieved this time.
2. There isn't a real leaderboard, because it's just a map. I can't track best times and save them etc.
But I have made a list of the top 5 fastes guys (watch screenshots above).
Kingfisher Aug 29 @ 12:07pm 
Is the time in the secret room true?
Kingfisher Aug 29 @ 8:26am 
Do you have a public leaderboard to compare others. if not, why not? but any way . loved it. very addicting. 1.07.00 :)
ChaplinLIVE Aug 27 @ 7:43am 
1:08.60 after like... 12 tries? :P
[AK] Hassam Aug 25 @ 6:18am 
It's cool ! 1:08 after 5 tries
Atomic Aug 17 @ 8:15pm 
Amazing 10/10 Very interesting concept
Frisco Aug 10 @ 10:54am 
Very original!
trak49 Jul 29 @ 11:05am 
Wow, Great!!
Legofan613 Jul 27 @ 7:42pm 
I think this is an awesome map. Even though you claim it's not a kind of is, and that's what I love about it: testing with a bonus. :)
Evil Angel K´egg Jul 27 @ 9:03am 
fuck you and your timers. how are you supposed to even get below 1:10. impossible shit
Styz Jul 26 @ 6:07am 
Best Map Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tamnco Jul 20 @ 8:24pm 
one of the best!
Lord Spankerson Jul 12 @ 8:44pm 
absolutly brilliant one of the best maps I've ever played
Bullwinkle Jul 9 @ 8:00pm 
i must be lame, can't get under 1:19
Sevrin Jul 9 @ 7:23pm 
nice job love this vertion and the co-op one 5:42 oh and i'll be one of the many who probly notised all the stars lol
Angry vs Combine Jul 9 @ 12:34pm 
awesome map! you disigned this well
TS_Mind_Swept Jun 18 @ 3:46pm 
i got 1:06 :D
Defreox Jun 13 @ 11:20am 
Love it!
jinalspkothari Jun 9 @ 6:13am 
Brillian map!
Gofastmike Jun 4 @ 1:14pm 
you should add this to the "secret" room in orange text (it actually did happen to me, no joke):

"i don't know how, but the timer didn't initiate when i started, so my "fastest time" is somehow 0:00.00"
Parian Jun 4 @ 8:51am 
Карта супер! Хоть какое-то разнообразие=)
conmartinico Jun 3 @ 9:51am 
the next must be in coop!!!!!
Ronocback May 28 @ 12:20pm 
Great work cannot wait for the next one!
Cathal May 24 @ 3:23pm 
make moar coop please!
Nolay May 23 @ 3:39am 
Love it
Hesty May 23 @ 2:42am 
Love it
CESTQUOICA May 18 @ 11:03pm 
Awesome map!!!
Personal record: 1:05.14
Kebab Master May 18 @ 3:25am 
Love it
Atomowy Benek May 18 @ 3:07am 
Love it
Hatemageddon May 18 @ 2:57am 
Love it
Fuckmageddon May 18 @ 2:46am 
Love it
Equality May 18 @ 2:07am 
Love it
someone you know May 14 @ 6:20pm 
This is easily the first time I've thought about Chell's cornering. love this level!
Psychotic Jâsôñ May 13 @ 12:32am 
Nice.Can you make Gelocity Time Trial - Stage 3?
[Tom K] May 10 @ 4:43pm 
Hi. Here is my 'playthourgh'. I hope you enjoy watching. See the description for the correct timestamp.
282108708 May 10 @ 3:41am 
Fuzzydacat May 5 @ 6:32pm 
Very unique. You sir, are a genius
Thor, Chicken of Thunder May 5 @ 3:40pm 
*@Themechanic313: I hate you. I will kill you. Beware! (JK)
Somebody May 3 @ 9:21am 
Omg this is amazing! Best thing i have ever played! im addicted. i cant stop! i wont stop until i get 1:02:00
Gamer4Christ May 3 @ 8:16am 
WOw! Wow! WOW!!!!!! Best Test I've ever seen!!!!!!
yerick May 1 @ 9:00am 
Valvac May 1 @ 6:10am 
Trop cool elle est a faire
makuniverse Apr 28 @ 11:36pm 
Exhilarating.. great course
MastahFlash Apr 28 @ 10:01am 
Nothing but pure excellence. As many have said, it's very unique and an extreme amount of fun. But of course I would like it, I love racing games!
TheRedKorsar Apr 24 @ 2:51am 
my fastest is fun =) it's 1.01.01
MechanicalGaming Mar 27 @ 12:06pm 
my fastest is only a 01.09.84 lol
Enderscout12 #SmashHype Mar 25 @ 7:58pm 
Both maps glitch out for me. Help please.
Enderscout12 #SmashHype Mar 25 @ 7:42pm 
Both maps glitch out for me. Help please.