Midas Magic Evolved v17.1
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rangerhepp 7 hours ago 
Nice! For a rookie spellcaster, this is awesome.
No Buddy (Gandalfian) Jul 8 @ 6:13pm 
Do I need to start a new game?
OzonePro Jul 6 @ 3:37pm 
PSB=Player Spell Book I believe
Remus Jul 6 @ 2:14pm 
PSB=Populate Spell Book. It's a console code that grants you all the spells in the game including many unfinished, debug, and broken spells.
EisenhelmSilverbag (Ger) Jul 6 @ 6:35am 
Wie heißt der Zauber mit der Welle ?
what is psb?
skyrimasteraptor Jul 4 @ 10:13pm 
when i use psb it crashes when i open up the magic tab
cr4zy Jul 3 @ 3:14am 
for those who not know where the chest is if u walk up the stairs of the trader make a u turn so to say there is a little side table stand on the side table look up and u will see a chest coming through the roof if not use the no collision and go through the wall
Captain Clackers Jul 2 @ 3:27pm 
i cant find the cheat chest. you type in the console commands psb and enter and you get every single spell shout power
zTrok Jul 2 @ 2:19pm 
otherwise great mod
zTrok Jul 2 @ 2:18pm 
i cant find the cheat chest
15bsmoot Jul 2 @ 8:44am 
Hey would anyone know how to get unlimited souls perk to work? I unlocked it, it still just limites me to 2 summons though
DaRealSlenderMan  [author] Jul 1 @ 8:59am 
@betyoudontknowwhythesunsetsred you need a rarer verison of water breathing it appears, ill change that when i can, and the graphical effects too having issues. The ids for potions sometimes are the same for common and uncommon, wanted common, thx for reporting those spefic errors to me. Making an huge update with new spells, all bug fixes, and a new magic system (Overcharge Casting). UPDATE COMING SOON
also a few other problems. the summon (i forget the name but its unique it seems like something special cuz its a 1 word name for a special thing. it doesnt work. it starts with a D btw. also sand blast doesnt work as well. all the other spells ive made have worked wonderfully though so far. oh and graphically witch flame still retains some of the normal red fire color. otherwise very good job. though i do really want to see water :O so yeah if u know how to fix that plz let me know
alright so i have 53 potions of waterbreathing but cant make the aqua essence cuz it says im missing them. if i jsu tmissed something saying the aqua essence isnt working sorry :P my bad. please get back soon
LeviM1126 Jun 27 @ 12:12am 
where is the store that you buy them from?
emilss1995 Jun 24 @ 5:33pm 
davistator1198 Jun 23 @ 11:17am 
why did th vendor dissappear
Mistkiin Jun 22 @ 4:16pm 
@MotorboatMyGoat read the mod description:

"DO NOT USE PSB. use cheat chest if you are going to cheat. psb will crash your game. too many spells being added at once. spell tomes do not cause this error "
OsamaBinLlama Jun 22 @ 1:20pm 
I used PSB console command to get all the spells, but as soon as I click tab and click on "Magic" my game just closes. What is the problem? I can run the game easy, but why does it close when I open magic?
Ryduin Jun 22 @ 11:50am 
best magic mod ever :)
Sweet Sweet Markus Jun 20 @ 5:32pm 
Midas magic has made it into every Elder Scrolls game I play. So awesome.
Kendrick_LeMans Jun 19 @ 9:32am 
how do i use this cheat
dfinnamore Jun 17 @ 3:54pm 
It didn't work the spell went off but nothing happened
DaRealSlenderMan  [author] Jun 17 @ 1:44pm 
@dfinnamore use midas dispel to get rid of all active effects like a thral.
dfinnamore Jun 17 @ 12:55pm 
i think this is a great mod and I love the extra spells. I have 1 question I have lost 1 of my Thrals from the Posses Thrul spell is there any way to find it? So I can get everyone to stop telling how dangerous my magic is?
Nomad Jun 16 @ 3:43pm 
cursed flame made my screen turn white and game crashed hearing weapon enchantments are crashing alot of peeps
Werthyman Jun 15 @ 6:08pm 
Im guessing I shouldn't be using these spells in populated areas if I don't want everyone trying to kill me, huh? And what about companions? (I have INIGO)
DaRealSlenderMan  [author] Jun 13 @ 7:25pm 
@Wetblowdryer twilight spells are the only spells that should be crashing, that and ragnorak, and chain fire and a another chain spell should crash your game. ragnorak theres only a chance. becuase i havent realsed the update that fixes all
Wetblowdryer Jun 13 @ 7:20pm 
This might be a mind-boggling stupid question, but why I do crash when I try doing the more powerful spell? (well, I know why it crashes, but I just want to know why such outlandish animations exist in this mod to the point of it making me crash)
DaRealSlenderMan  [author] Jun 13 @ 5:33pm 
no, the update that fixes everything hasnt been realsed. Its a coding issue in the game with the spell confriguration, currently no way to fix it. thats why the update that fixes everything isnt out yet.
DarkAngel12893 Jun 13 @ 2:22pm 
the Holy Flare power heals undead wtf? same with Nexus anyway to fix this?
Tōbecume þīn rīċe Jun 11 @ 4:23pm 
ok, i guess ill uninstall this one and get the nexus version
DaRealSlenderMan  [author] Jun 11 @ 2:30pm 
I no longer have the steam files required to update my old steam mods. Nexus is different, but i will see if steam cloud revives the lost upload files. I will see when the fixes will be done, that will come out quicker, then the new magic system, and the storyline will be on nexus as a sepearte download, so if you want just spells, you can.
DaRealSlenderMan  [author] Jun 11 @ 2:29pm 
yes i know about that error, everyone reports that. It will be fixed, not on steam tho, becuase of my harddrive issue a month ago, i had to restart the update that fixes all bugs on this mod, plus adds new magic system and use. Completely new.
Tōbecume þīn rīċe Jun 11 @ 1:51pm 
theres one spell that messes up the game entirely, the name of it is 'twighlight eruption' when i use it my game literaly turns into pop art, everything is blue and green and red and the sounds of the game will make you go deaf, the spell crashes the game because of the huge explosion.
Nomad Jun 10 @ 4:07pm 
This mod is the bomb literally lol
Nomad Jun 10 @ 3:48pm 
there is one
Longshot546 Jun 9 @ 8:58am 
add a spell to turn things into gold
loringwhite18 Jun 8 @ 8:33pm 
Spirit Bomb! I get to be like Goku!
multigrubb Jun 7 @ 3:18pm 
ragronoc does it end all i see is fire in my screens way? why is that does it end the spell with the world destroyed?
JaguarGames(Cant hear mic) Jun 3 @ 4:18pm 
Can anyone tell me what the fire realm does? I googled it and the wiki had nothing so im assuming it has to do with this mod?
the largest magic mod in skyrim's history
DaRealSlenderMan  [author] May 31 @ 3:55pm 
@[BB] Mask The Infamous have you updated recently?
[BB] Mask The Infamous May 31 @ 3:49pm 
is it normal for stuff like shadow beam and other beams to be... invisable?..
-bL00dSABRE- May 28 @ 9:12am 
Jesus this mod is great! but it crashed my computer one time
UrKungFuNoGood May 25 @ 2:29pm 
Why would you tag this with "homes?"
aacecook May 24 @ 9:27am 
All Spells with the name "Twilight" Crash my Computer
vroomshripley May 23 @ 11:55am 
i dont see any chest on the celling...? where do i find these "essenses"
bruzboy93 May 22 @ 11:41am 
Really fun, just spell check some of the spells and descriptions