Det här spelet har fått Grönljus från gemenskapen!

Gemenskapen har visat sitt intresse i detta spel. Valve har tagit kontakt med denna utvecklare för att börja gå mot ett släpp på Steam.

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kruemelmonsterxD 5 apr @ 9:23am 
With Love from Germany
kruemelmonsterxD 5 apr @ 9:21am 
A retro dungeon game with the power of pinball? AWESOME!
championaxd 5 apr @ 9:17am 
With Love from Greece
WhyNotCrazyTrain. 5 apr @ 9:09am 
With Love from Kazakhstan!
GHHxDD 5 apr @ 9:04am 
With Love from Ukraine
CN_Hawkingts 5 apr @ 8:01am 
With Love from China
Lexington 5 apr @ 6:32am 
With love from Germany
Mary Frost UA 5 apr @ 6:15am 
With Love from Ukraine
REAL Chicken 5 apr @ 2:57am 
With love from the greatest country in the world: Sweden!
Genie Verteidigung 4 apr @ 8:16pm 
With love from Russia!=)
Lichtheld 4 apr @ 10:37am 
With love from Germany!
EvilBarrels 3 apr @ 4:08pm 
With love from New Zealand
The Swaggy Alien (TKF) 3 apr @ 3:50pm 
With love from Argentina! :D
IDIOT 3 apr @ 3:45am 
With Love From Portugal
Caroline Middlebrook 3 apr @ 2:06am 
With love from the UK. Congrats on the Greenlight!
SlowikYT [Hajsownik] 2 apr @ 7:01am 
With love from Poland
ayibogan4444 1 apr @ 7:11am 
With love from Ankara/TURKEY
Yoshi_138 30 mar @ 12:25am 
With love from Eterna
MeetTheScorch 24 mar @ 2:06pm 
With love from Poland
LightMan 24 mar @ 4:30am 
With Love From Romania
Bazul 23 mar @ 1:48pm 
With Love From Poland
Captain Slow 22 mar @ 9:18am 
With Love From Belarus
LZL0 20 mar @ 5:10pm 
Congrats, add "Soundtrack" to the list
The-Guardian 18 mar @ 3:21pm 
Congrats :D Hey i am from Trinidad and Tobago Too :P
Ldrambal1 18 mar @ 11:15am 
congrate with love from trinidad and tobago
SilentSpartan 18 mar @ 10:58am 
Puto Largo 17 mar @ 8:55am 
With love from Seville
dctoe 16 mar @ 3:19pm 
Defiinitely needs a graphics hookup, but yes I would buy this game. Looks like relaxing fun.
Klumb3r 16 mar @ 3:14pm 
vols 16 mar @ 3:14pm 
RepoGirl2039 15 mar @ 7:44pm 
With Love From Alberta Canada

~=^[(O){d_b}(O)]^=~  [skapare] 15 mar @ 3:14pm 
@SirLagsalott, Yes you should be able to look around when we are done with the fixes and upgrades
SirLagsalott 15 mar @ 3:09pm 
Also, can you actually look around in the game? The trailer seems to be completely from a single perspective..
SirLagsalott 15 mar @ 3:06pm 
Very nice story about the game's development. Good luck!
~=^[(O){d_b}(O)]^=~  [skapare] 14 mar @ 6:53pm 
@-PPG- Obi-Wan Kenobi, Thank you so much. This is not the final product we are adding a lot to the game which you guys will love. And yes we will most likely update the graphics to the game since we are using a new engine for the game called Unity
(FLoFF) Floofie 14 mar @ 6:32pm 
This is a fab idea, really brings back memories of Wolfenstein3D, Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, Black Stone: Aliens of Gold love it! :)
Doopsums 13 mar @ 8:23pm 
Cuz I'm drunk and can't make decisions by myself.
<< TheRoach >> 12 mar @ 11:21am 
I voted your game long ago, it's awesome, but this comment with much love from spain <3
BeigeMidnight 12 mar @ 9:53am 
with <3 from tatarstan
Define 10 mar @ 5:38pm 
with luv for ia=2041ajfajfjfjaskdkasd
Maljun Recnar 10 mar @ 5:27pm 
With love from New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FluffBall™ 10 mar @ 9:55am 
With Love From Portugal! :D
[VAL] ۞ Robin 10 mar @ 1:42am 
With love from the Netherlands
Kunserwa 10 mar @ 12:23am 
With Love From Poland
☤ Xemlaux ☤ 9 mar @ 6:27pm 
With Love from the Kitsune Lands
polarbearb 9 mar @ 3:27pm 
With Love From Cat Island (^_^)
netCat 9 mar @ 3:18pm 
With Love From Bucharest, Romania ♥
(♥) Pink Lily 9 mar @ 3:18pm 
Votes Yes with Love from NYC
gabrielssj4 9 mar @ 1:50pm 
Kathy 8 mar @ 5:47pm 
With Love from Germany ^_^