Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

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659 opmerkingen
better test, better game
Doomer 25 jun om 11:54vm 
+1. Let's us back to 1995 .
AYY LE MAYO 10 apr om 11:08vm 
waiting for release man
Doomer 9 dec 2015 om 2:41vm 
Any news?
Roast Lord 30 nov 2015 om 6:19nm 
good job
^7(]^1[)^2~=>WarLord<=~  [auteur] 10 okt 2015 om 12:24nm 
@Nathan, I am glad you are excited about. Sorry it's taking awhile, I just want to make sure it's in good condition when it is given to you guys again.
ℐncee 10 okt 2015 om 12:22nm 
And I can't wait..
^7(]^1[)^2~=>WarLord<=~  [auteur] 10 okt 2015 om 12:21nm 
@Doomer, Working on it.....
Doomer 10 okt 2015 om 12:18nm 
Waiting for release.
ℐncee 28 sep 2015 om 4:17nm 
I like the simple style it has :)
ℐncee 28 sep 2015 om 4:13nm 
sweet bro. :) looks good
nep 12 aug 2015 om 3:48nm 
:O This looks pretty cool.
StartupTim 27 jul 2015 om 6:27nm 
Just saw the screenshots, looking good! Keep up the good work!
Shibeton 23 jul 2015 om 7:32vm 
with love from muricaaa
BOT Isaac 12 jun 2015 om 1:02vm 
Good luck on sales!
kruemelmonsterxD 5 apr 2015 om 9:23vm 
With Love from Germany
kruemelmonsterxD 5 apr 2015 om 9:21vm 
A retro dungeon game with the power of pinball? AWESOME!
championaxd 5 apr 2015 om 9:17vm 
With Love from Greece
BloodHood.ϟ 5 apr 2015 om 9:09vm 
With Love from Kazakhstan!
GHHxDD 5 apr 2015 om 9:04vm 
With Love from Ukraine
CN_Hawkingts 5 apr 2015 om 8:01vm 
With Love from China
Lexington 5 apr 2015 om 6:32vm 
With love from Germany
Mary Frost 5 apr 2015 om 6:15vm 
With Love from Ukraine
REAL Chicken 5 apr 2015 om 2:57vm 
With love from the greatest country in the world: Sweden!
ÐΣΛ VΩLT 4 apr 2015 om 8:16nm 
With love from Russia!=)
Lichtheld 4 apr 2015 om 10:37vm 
With love from Germany!
NotASnowman | kickback.com 3 apr 2015 om 4:08nm 
With love from New Zealand
Jean P. Polnareff (S.Chariot) 3 apr 2015 om 3:50nm 
With love from Argentina! :D
messup 3 apr 2015 om 3:45vm 
With Love From Portugal
Caroline Middlebrook 3 apr 2015 om 2:06vm 
With love from the UK. Congrats on the Greenlight!
Loc Slowik|KellyParkComptonCrip| 2 apr 2015 om 7:01vm 
With love from Poland
ayibogan4444 1 apr 2015 om 7:11vm 
With love from Ankara/TURKEY
Yoshi_138 30 mrt 2015 om 12:25vm 
With love from Eterna
MeetTheScorch 24 mrt 2015 om 2:06nm 
With love from Poland
LightMan 24 mrt 2015 om 4:30vm 
With Love From Romania
Barboar 23 mrt 2015 om 1:48nm 
With Love From Poland
Captain Slow 22 mrt 2015 om 9:18vm 
With Love From Belarus
LZL0 20 mrt 2015 om 5:10nm 
Congrats, add "Soundtrack" to the list
Arkist Guardian 18 mrt 2015 om 3:21nm 
Congrats :D Hey i am from Trinidad and Tobago Too :P
Ldrambal1 18 mrt 2015 om 11:15vm 
congrate with love from trinidad and tobago
SilentSpartan 18 mrt 2015 om 10:58vm 
Puto Largo 17 mrt 2015 om 8:55vm 
With love from Seville
dctoe_US 16 mrt 2015 om 3:19nm 
Defiinitely needs a graphics hookup, but yes I would buy this game. Looks like relaxing fun.
ØvT | Klumb3r 16 mrt 2015 om 3:14nm 
vols 16 mrt 2015 om 3:14nm 
RepoGirl2039 15 mrt 2015 om 7:44nm 
With Love From Alberta Canada

^7(]^1[)^2~=>WarLord<=~  [auteur] 15 mrt 2015 om 3:14nm 
@SirLagsalott, Yes you should be able to look around when we are done with the fixes and upgrades
SirLagsalott 15 mrt 2015 om 3:09nm 
Also, can you actually look around in the game? The trailer seems to be completely from a single perspective..
SirLagsalott 15 mrt 2015 om 3:06nm 
Very nice story about the game's development. Good luck!
^7(]^1[)^2~=>WarLord<=~  [auteur] 14 mrt 2015 om 6:53nm 
@-PPG- Obi-Wan Kenobi, Thank you so much. This is not the final product we are adding a lot to the game which you guys will love. And yes we will most likely update the graphics to the game since we are using a new engine for the game called Unity