Immersive Difficulty Upgrade: Sheogorath
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SuperLotus97 2013年11月6日 6時03分 
@Pillparty: There are some mods that raise the armor cap. You'll still be able to hit the armor cap with smithing (or at least get close to it depending on the value), but since NPCs can't smith they'll have less protection since their damage resistance will be calculated differently.
Pillparty 2013年11月4日 6時25分 
Actually, the ideal fix (IMO) for higher difficulty levels would be to keep NPC damage as high as it is but nerf their health and armour ratings. At Legendary, it would still make sense, and combat wouldn't be as tedious.
Pillparty 2013年11月4日 6時21分 
I like your mods a lot, it made no sense that a normal bandit could tank me out just because I raised the difficulty level. Thanks :)

The problem was always that, while I was fine with taking more damage, the enemies' health bars were extended to infinity. I play this game a lot and I'm good at evading strikes and arrows, however when facing 3+ enemies or a mage (whose attacks you just can't dodge) it became sooo tiresome having to strike them 50 or so hits before they succumb - and a single misstep on your part sent you immediately to the grave.

At least now it makes more sense.
The Boss 2013年8月8日 13時00分 
good to know I'm not the only one
David Sid  [作成者] 2013年8月8日 12時30分 
Yeah, I kept running into Level 50 coursework while being only a lowly Level 1 student. I thought, "Why not bring those same insane difficulty spikes to Skyrim?" And thus a mod was born. (See, I can tell bad jokes too.)
The Boss 2013年8月8日 3時02分 
bad joke I Know
The Boss 2013年8月8日 3時02分 
wow thats a challage is this mod based on life
Sku11M0nkey 2013年4月24日 20時00分 
@ David Sid - have you checked out the "requiem" mod or the SKYRE mod? they both overhaul the game and drastically up the difficulty level. you should also check out frost fall and realistic needs + diseases if you want to bump up the challenge.
BarbaricOrc 2013年4月23日 22時09分 
I've not yet tried out the mod, but this seems like a brilliant idea.
And as much as I hate to admit it... I read the entire description in Sheogorath's voice.
happy 2013年4月21日 6時08分 
i was thinkinig of using yours instead, ive got too much mods, time to clean up a bit and use only 100% compatible things
David Sid  [作成者] 2013年4月20日 21時47分 
Yeah, there shouldn't be any issues using those this with "Improved Potion Animation" and "Earlier Health Warnings".

I don't know the details of the no-scaling mod you're using, but adding this mod on top of it may have no appreciate effect. I really can't say, since it depends on what the other mod's author changed.
happy 2013年4月20日 21時14分 
i already play with a scalling stopper, ill try your mod, im used to getting oneshot

i guess since you re the same modder, its totally compatible with your potion aimation,and health warning mod

could be fun to play skyrim on lowest difficulty with a new character, a permanent death rule, and your three mods combined
Seewhyseeoh 2013年4月20日 14時37分 
Great idea for a mod! Makes the game much more realistic and probably much harder ;)