Skill Smash - Faster Leveling with Standing Stones
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☜❶☞☆VIPER☆☜❶☞ 7月20日 11時19分 
nice mod 5/5 long swing skills from the beginning of the game)pass game 5 times lol
Hallsy 7月10日 21時56分 
are always higher*
Hallsy 7月10日 21時55分 
This mod is in my top 5. since most crafting mods or always higher levels, this helps a lot.
emilss1995 6月25日 15時51分 
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 6月2日 23時38分 
Unselect it on your load order.
LegendaryGspot 6月2日 23時32分 
How do i uninstall it?
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 4月22日 22時01分 
@Hydriegon That's what I keep telling people... ;)
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 4月22日 22時00分 
@The Grim Reaper Yep!
Hydriegon 4月19日 7時32分 
You. Are. Awesome.
DancinMuffin 4月4日 17時30分 
Does this work with existing saves?
☢Spooden☢ 2月8日 3時32分 
Why is my copy of the mod unable to retrieve data using the launcher?
dj 2月5日 9時47分 
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 1月28日 14時13分 
Check your active effects and look at the numbers :)
Currawong 1月28日 8時32分 
I hope it's working! I haven't noticed any difference yet! How can I tell if it's working???
Currawong 1月27日 7時07分 
What a perfect mod for me! I've lost count of how many times I've started a new game, (to try out new builds, or there's something unsatisfying about the current game) and it's painfully slow when you've done it all before so many times! This will help. A lot. Downloading now.
[DeMO]FrostiFood 1月18日 12時36分 
lol- how are u so amazing????? pls tell me dude :(
navygurl2582 1月12日 16時30分 
it keeps game fun!! i love it
Kitten 1月9日 18時22分 
Excellent job, perfect for some one impatient like me. The best part is that it still keeps the game balanced.
loganogy 1月5日 9時53分 
This looks like an excelent mod perfect for those who are impatient... Good Job!!!
lasereye5 2013年12月27日 6時42分 
you do good job on this mod... played skyrim on over 100 characters... now i can level faster!
Loli Assasin 2013年12月8日 20時48分 
mayhap you wish to elaberate that in the desc. Mr. Grey
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年12月8日 20時47分 
A 100% increase means that the skills level twice as fast as they would without the stones.
Loli Assasin 2013年12月8日 12時05分 
how is 100% "twice" as fast if nrmal speed for the stones are 20%? not to tell you how to do this, but rethink your math....
ManBearSheep 2013年12月3日 9時25分 
nvm im just stupid and missed a lot of the text
ManBearSheep 2013年12月3日 9時24分 
how does it work, it doesn't say in the description
Z man kov 2013年11月18日 7時48分 
Is this compatible with the Aetherial Crown of Dawnguard? As in will the bonus still be increased by using the crown? Or should thee crown be avoided while this mod is in use?
Ty[R]o 2013年10月3日 8時51分 
(y) :-)
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月14日 21時39分 
Your idea woth the pasive bonuses for alteration is a good one! Ill try and work that into it :)
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月14日 21時39分 
Yeah ill probbably do more perk trees in the future. I have definate plans for an illusion and alteration tree and I will aslo do a smithing one. :)
Perry D Leonhart 2013年9月14日 8時47分 
@TheGreyLight, are you gonna redo more tree perks like the Destruction one? I'd always thought that many tree perks needs substantial and more "meaningful" changes, like the Alteration tree (why not doing that the perk that gives you "passive" magic resist give it only when using an actual Alteration buff, like Ebonyflesh?) and so on. If I'd know how to do it i'm sure i'll try, but I'm not that good with this kind of thing as someone like you :P
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月14日 7時41分 
Haha yep! ;)
Perry D Leonhart 2013年9月14日 7時16分 
How are you so amazing?

Oh wait, that's already answered in the FAQ xD
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月12日 14時18分 
Will do! Thanks ;)
boogieman1324 2013年9月12日 13時56分 
bro i am a big fan of your mods and i just wanted to say keep makein them
Munin 2013年9月6日 20時38分 
nevermind. figured it out. i had the alternate start perminant birthsigns mod active, further up, which modded the stones.
Munin 2013年9月5日 20時07分 
there are no stones for me, either. i have the random start mod and chargen overhauls, so the normal helgen scripts may not be running as per vanilla. mod is last in load order. any further ideas?
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月3日 22時51分 
@chaosmarine4nurgle Hey thanks man! I accepted your request. :) Im glad you like my mods!
chaosmarine4nurgle 2013年9月3日 13時27分 
Long time lurker first time poster, so here we go. . . I love all your mods!!! I have all of them and have favorited you in general, adding you as a friend now!!! Thanks for all the kickass work.
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月3日 1時02分 
@DragonMaster2962 Same here ;)
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月3日 1時01分 
@Sir Nuka-Cola :) No worries
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年9月3日 1時01分 
@Silly gentleman So do I ;)
DragonMaster 2013年9月2日 13時12分 
one thing i hate about rpgs, grinding i can never be botherd to do it, so thank you so much!
The Drunken Bunny 2013年8月31日 5時39分 
Thanks Man.
Silly HypehrCanehdian, eh? 2013年8月25日 10時54分 
i <3 the part where it says
Q: How are you so amazing
O Skyrim 2013年8月13日 23時04分 
^_^ No problem :3
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年8月13日 14時17分 
@Warm sands, friend. If only I could :) Thankyou for doing so!
O Skyrim 2013年8月13日 9時42分 
I read the description :3. Will you pet me now? or give me a cookie?
Champion of the Fallen 2013年8月10日 10時10分 
Okay, thanks.
TheGreyLight  [作成者] 2013年8月10日 6時49分 
@I Can Haz Puppy? No, if you have one of these stones on your save and then you remove the mod, your passive power stone bonus thing will just revert to the vanilla value. :)

@Jazzigeo «M1A2» And yep, what you are saying is true as well.
Champion of the Fallen 2013年8月10日 6時26分 
Actually I meant does it affect the save adversly after you remove the mod.