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ZigZag Games 3月17日下午12:55 
Check our new S-F game Lemuria 7:
And add it to your collection if you like it.
Whoracle 1月25日上午4:41 
Hi everyone, pls take a moment to check out our game. 1337 Studio introduces Asteroid Bounty Hunter, a space shooter, that on the first resembles old arcade games, but give it some time to experience the full dept of the game. Your primary mission is to blow things up, but as the game progresses you will find that numerous upgrades and new ships will spice the feel, dozens of unique boss fights, new enemies every level and more. So spare a moment and check it out.

If you find anything good or bad about the game, pls do let us know, it's in our best interest to fulfill the users expectations.
Suncrash 2015年10月17日上午5:12 
Hey guys, What do you think of Judgment? Is it a good fit for this collection?

In Judgment you rebuild society and survive the apocalypse when demons overwhelm the planet
jaket 2015年10月7日上午4:55 
Have a look at Syndrome, a survival horror game where the player wakes up in a ship with his memory blurred from cryosleep. There are weapons but ammo is limited, which means the player must carefully plan his moves - when to hide, when to run and when to fight.
ZigZag Games 2015年9月15日下午1:16 
Check our new game: Abrix the robot:
And add it to your collection if you like it.
Naloki 2015年8月26日下午9:55 
Thank you Chaz !

Chaz  [作者] 2015年8月26日下午2:21 
Thank you, I will add this to the list. Looks like fun for the kids :)
Naloki 2015年8月26日上午10:21 

Please check our game - Epic Showdown:

Mysterious Alien obsessed with TV Reality shows decide to organize his own reality show - Epic Showdown. He gather the best fighters from all dimensions, universes, and realities to survive in a battle to the death!

Please consider to add it to your list! Thank you!
howlinghamstergames 2015年5月23日上午9:08 
Thanks Chaz
Chaz  [作者] 2015年5月22日下午5:17 
Nice, consider it added! Thank You !
howlinghamstergames 2015年5月22日上午9:06 
Hi there, please take a look at our game, Trench, and consider it for your collection.
kalandras75 2015年3月26日上午8:03 
I want to introduce you our project "AWE".
It's a god game, in which you have solve a puzzle of colors and musical notes to create your own planet and system:

Currently we are in greenlight and we need a little help from your side.
If you like it, please, add to your collection.

We really appreciate your help and support.
Chaz  [作者] 2015年3月4日下午5:04 
Cool, Many Thanks. That is AWESOME!
Cylne 2015年3月4日上午9:36 
Hello Chaz,
I am pleased to announce Cylne will be available through Steam tomorrow ! I thank you again for your help.
Chaz  [作者] 2015年2月21日上午8:33 
Welcome :)
KIRO'O Games 2015年2月21日上午7:05 
Hi, you did it! Great!!!! Thanks
KIRO'O Games 2015年2月17日上午2:03 
Hi, nice collection. Could you take a look at Aurion? We hope you will be interested in adding it to your collection. Here is Greenlight link Aurion is an Action-RPG based on African-Fantasy. Thanks
Chaz  [作者] 2015年2月15日上午5:37 
Thanks, I Just wish I had more time to find more fantastic upcoming Jems !
LowPolyCow 2015年2月15日上午5:16 
Thanks a lot! Great list.
Chaz  [作者] 2015年2月15日上午5:14 
Awww, how cute :p Hehehehe :D
LowPolyCow 2015年2月15日上午4:15 
Please take a look at Akuatica. We appreciate it if you could include us on your list.
NobunagaOta 2014年12月27日上午1:21 
Chaz  [作者] 2014年12月26日下午8:10 
Absolutely !! :-)
NobunagaOta 2014年12月26日下午5:33 
Hi, I'm one of the devs on Ookibloks.
We just released a demo and would love it if you considered us for inclusion in your collection.
vedran.klanac [Solar Division] 2014年10月29日上午3:35 
Thanks for adding Zotrix, much apprciated! :)
vedran.klanac [Solar Division] 2014年10月28日上午3:28 
This is a message from space station Entropy, we're under attack and need backup forces, please train your people using this game and send them over:
Cylne 2014年9月6日上午2:29 
Thanks a lot for adding Cylne and for the announcement !
Chaz  [作者] 2014年9月5日下午5:24 
Looks very good. Thank You.
Cylne 2014年1月23日上午9:27 
Hello Chaz,
Can you take a look at Cylne ? It's a first person surrealist exploration game :
Chaz  [作者] 2014年1月10日下午3:48 
This is a good place to add new upcoming hot games. I hope 2014 will blow us away ! I also periodically Post'em up on Twitter.
Dan Rhodenizer 2013年12月15日下午10:32 
I hope you can consider adding my friend's game to this list.

Insanity's Blade--A blend of action, platforming and rpg elements with a classic 8-bit style.

Thanks for your time. :)
Digital Happiness  [作者] 2013年6月20日下午12:04 
yay! thanks chaz for adding us :)
RD07 2013年5月17日下午11:58 
Chaz  [作者] 2013年5月17日下午3:33 
Very Welcome. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I will try to help as much as I can for everyone.


Dragon's Lair is now Live. Yaa!
Phantom Compass  [作者] 2013年5月15日下午6:46 
thanks for the add, Chaz!
Chaz  [作者] 2013年5月15日下午2:18 
I <3 Pinball
scutersquirrel 2013年5月15日下午2:04 
Hey Chaz,
Check out "Rollers of the Realm" it's our pinball-puzzle-RPG. We have a super experienced team making an awesome game, but this our first time on Steam Greenlight and so we could use some help getting noticed. You have a great list here. Hope we make the cut :)
Chaz  [作者] 2013年5月13日下午3:48 
I think it's worth looking into, thus far the videos and screenshots are great. Thank you.
squattingpenguins  [作者] 2013年5月13日下午3:43 
Thanks for adding The Mims :)