HearthFire: Windstad Manor - Fortified and Upgradable -by OH
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Orsome 6시간 전 
Yes it does work with the mine, but it should be modified a bit to make it look better. Hopefully this is in the updates?
myownterms66 2014년 10월 12일 오후 1시 00분 
does this work with the windstad mine mod?
mycastlecellar 2014년 9월 28일 오전 9시 23분 
Nightwolf; the farm does not work, the people do not come there, the flags can't be changed, and the walls are not complete. Why?? Because he has not taken the time to complete this mod as yet. Maybe he is on Vacation, or there is too much real work he has to do, or maybe he is studing in school or maybe a wife/girl-friend will not let him be the man he is supposed to be and let him play the game or create in the Creation Kit? Could be a lot of reasons. We may never find out what his reasons are in our life-time?
aroundthefur79 2014년 9월 20일 오전 3시 19분 
wow another "too good to be true" mod... This sounds epic if you plan on completing it
mycastlecellar 2014년 9월 15일 오후 8시 04분 
NightWolf; The farm isn't working because he hasn't completed most of what he started. There is much to this mod that needs finishing. He wont even give an update because he doesn't know when he will do anything any more. Sorry; Kermit. It's been ages since you do anything to this mod to update or finish. It would be nice if you did. Thanks.
NightWolf 2014년 9월 14일 오후 6시 30분 
the farm isnt working for me. :( help please?
Jacki Chen Man 2014년 9월 11일 오후 1시 42분 
Is there an option to change how the manor guards wear?
Boldfacedbroom3 2014년 9월 8일 오후 5시 47분 
godzilla_9337 question did you like the new godzilla film
Boldfacedbroom3 2014년 9월 8일 오후 5시 46분 
what wife should i get in hearthfire alea is a bitch lydia is anti-social and i dont know about ysolda
mycastlecellar 2014년 9월 5일 오후 5시 30분 
OK; so when are you going to upgrade?
mycastlecellar 2014년 9월 5일 오후 5시 30분 
Dagregbomb; you have to have your steward build the castle and everything that goes with it.
DaGregBomb 2014년 8월 21일 오후 7시 36분 
RangerRex 2014년 8월 19일 오후 7시 25분 
What the actual fuck?
DaGregBomb 2014년 8월 18일 오후 8시 23분 
were is the damn thing?
TheInfinityJavelin19 2014년 8월 16일 오전 11시 08분 
When will you start adding in more features? I really like this mod and hope to see it go much farther.
mycastlecellar 2014년 8월 14일 오후 12시 50분 
Try usng Gibby's Stewards and Servants to use as Stewards to guard and take care of the houses you purchase in the game. Some can even be followers for you. They are great and don't die on you. Have fun.
mycastlecellar 2014년 8월 14일 오후 12시 48분 
All NPC's selected to be Stewards will build all items around the Estate. But it takes your selected NPC a while before he/she will start taking orders to build for you. Damn; I've never seen so many children crying over how to play this game. I think I will cry too. Whine, cry, blow nose, dry eyes. Now what was I doing?
mycastlecellar 2014년 8월 14일 오후 12시 44분 
Place this mod at the bottom of of the Data Files box and quit complaning. If you have it over (4) mods higher; you may have problems using this mod. Do that and stop crying all the time. Satchel; do the other houses all build and look just the same image as Windstad Manor? DUH? Then what did you expect? Live with it.
mycastlecellar 2014년 8월 14일 오후 12시 38분 
Dr. Evil; what is your problem? Either you do or don't have Hearthfire and Dragonborn or you do not? If you don't then just take it out of your "Data Files". Meaning open it un-click that which is checked. High-light it and go to the bottom of the white box and delete it. How difficult is that?
mycastlecellar 2014년 8월 14일 오후 12시 35분 
Hi kermit; I know you get tired of hearing this, so as not to change what I'm asking. When will you make your changes to this mod?
Satchel 2014년 8월 12일 오전 5시 06분 
I'm having issues with being able to build the other houses with this mod. It just duplicates the work bench from Windstad at other locations.
Dr.Evil 2014년 8월 10일 오전 8시 12분 
I am having serious issues with the uninstall. My save will crash after I unsubscribe, likely due to a content that does not exist bug. Do you know how to fix?
9tailedfoxdragon 2014년 7월 22일 오후 9시 01분 
The mod is very nice to look at. it is buggy and glitchy and froze when i used the porticullus but it was more of an awesom froze since im in nightingale armor so.... but yeah. aslo this mod conflicts with the sailable ships mod. Cant wait for finished release :)
9tailedfoxdragon 2014년 7월 20일 오후 11시 25분 
The dialogue doesn't come up for my housecarl.

Leonard Church 2014년 7월 18일 오후 12시 44분 
@Dalton Morthal. If you did the very first DB quest, the little building you exit is next to the grounds of the home.
Leonard Church 2014년 7월 18일 오후 12시 41분 
@valletpeter You need to have a follower with you when you go to Winstead Manor. Either they'll volunteer, or you can talk to them to become the personal steward of the house. When that's done, talk to them using the option to make improvements to the grounds. Then purchase them.
Dr.Evil 2014년 7월 16일 오후 6시 44분 
also, perhaps the guy from which you purchase wallls and stuff should have not-as-bandity armor, because I almost killed him when I fast traveld to my house.
Dr.Evil 2014년 7월 16일 오후 6시 41분 
Perhaps there should be an easier way to access the fish hatchery than going around from the stockade.
valletpeter 2014년 7월 9일 오전 10시 06분 
how to use
mycastlecellar 2014년 7월 8일 오전 6시 21분 
Awsome Mod; big guy. Keep up the good work.
mycastlecellar 2014년 7월 8일 오전 6시 20분 
I think everyone would have to agree with me. This way we can have it our way. NOT Bethesda's way! Thanks Kermit. Even if you don't follow my advise; it was good that you at least read it.
mycastlecellar 2014년 7월 8일 오전 6시 17분 
7. The stabe should be away from the house or behind it. No one wants smelly horses in front of the door to their house. Also the Front door to my home I would want to be a lot bigger with Guards on either side of it. 8. I don't know why but the adopted children are afraid of being in the Castle instead of the City. Maybe because there is still a lack of protection.

Kermit; why not just have a "Build a Castle Kit"? This way we can have a home with a Castle anywhere in Skyrim. Let's face it; on the three sites that allow you to build a home they are all the same. They are on crappy spots of land that no one would ever really purchase in the first place. So why not DIY any where in Skyrim and defend it with all these guards we have. Make your own. Please Kermit; you are already doing all this stuff, so do one step further.
mycastlecellar 2014년 7월 8일 오전 6시 07분 
Hi Kermit; it's me again. I don't have enough room to write all the changes and flaws I see that may help with better Castle Walls and Fortress to this mod. So I have sever changes that may help by looking at what I would personally want around my home. 1. The Stockade: Walls are too low and there is no shelter for those guards against the weather. 2. There is still no entrance to any of the parapets around the property. 3. The lever for the inner Fortress is on the outside of the Drawbridge on an easy platform. For protection the Lever should be inside the Second Fortress with guards already there to let you in and out.
mycastlecellar 2014년 7월 8일 오전 6시 02분 
4. No shelter for the guards or the First Family if attacked at the Inner Fortress. 5. the Inner Fortress walls should be higher at all points or balconies. My character can easily enter the whole fortress by entering from the hillside. This is ridiculous. The hillside leaves the whole fort/castle vulnerable to attack. 6. I don't know if you can make any changes to the Steward or just create your own. But if he/she joins you as a follower for even a little while the place starts going away. I did this once before and it was a big mistake. I had to purchase everything all over again.
dalton69 2014년 7월 4일 오후 5시 46분 
like what town
dalton69 2014년 7월 4일 오후 5시 46분 
where do you buy the house
LordPhan 2014년 6월 30일 오후 6시 40분 
Best house mod out of the ones i have! Now I feel safe knowing that my house is guarded with big walls and tons of guards! here's my opinion.. It's great! I smiled while looking at everything I felt safe, no weird creature will attack me and my family now! - PS - I hope you aren't turning this mod into a little town.. I kinda like it the way it is.. if you do turn it into a town I hope things go well.. kinda scared from the prison, thieves, and raids you mentioned lol.. but it makes it more realistic! keep at it! 9.5/10
Makaishura 2014년 6월 25일 오후 9시 45분 
I think this is an awesome mod, and I too would love to see this for the other two manors that you can build. However, I've found a large bug. I can't go into all of the details, there's not enough space, but briefly: Once I buy the land and leave the Jarl's longhouse I get stuck in the next loading screen. If I try to load a game from the main screen that was saved after buying the land I get stuck in a load screen. If load a game from the main screen that was saved before buying the land, and then once in game I load a game that was saved after buying the land, I'm fine.
fendeaus 2014년 6월 10일 오후 6시 20분 
Kermit, I do not much write any coments cause I type two fingers. In this case I have no choice. I just spent 3 of the most fun hrs doing the quest to buy this land, building everything the org mod & the add on had advable,& then touring the whole place inside out. I found 000 glitches, NONE. No lock ups, no crashes, no holes to fall trou, no funny looking landscape, no fubars at all. This is by far the most outstanding piece of work I have seen as a mod. 10 of 10. Thomas.
navigator311 2014년 6월 2일 오후 3시 11분 
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Eviscerator 2014년 5월 28일 오후 8시 15분 
Make one of tehse mods for each hearthfire home please
elves_ghoul1 2014년 5월 28일 오후 1시 08분 
its awsome but my other holdings are vunerable pleese help me protect them!!!!
nekonooni 2014년 5월 22일 오후 8시 09분 
i'll subscribe when it's done ^.^ but for now, i'll keep watch on it. and i agree with ZalrokChaos. the other homes would be awesome if they had stuff like this too ^.^
ZalrokChaos 2014년 5월 15일 오후 9시 48분 
When this is done, make stuff for the other hearthfire homes too.
'saug y balls 2014년 4월 22일 오전 8시 50분 
otherwise it's a great mod :D
'saug y balls 2014년 4월 22일 오전 8시 47분 
is there any way you can remove the flying grass and rocks from the area ?
DaanJordens 2014년 4월 15일 오전 7시 44분 
Can't wait .. do you have a date for the next update? btw. This is one of the best mods ever!!
wbearpal 2014년 4월 12일 오후 7시 51분 
U said 3.0 was coming next week back in March.
Ricky | InsanePain 2014년 4월 7일 오후 5시 34분 
I dont know why, is it bad that my manor is finished? I downloaded this mod and i have lydia as a housecarl, but she never has the option to "improve the grounds" I dont know what is wrong I dont have any other mods that could effect it
☣Burrito Brawler☣ 2014년 4월 5일 오후 10시 25분 
I don't know if this is just me, but every time I try to add the 3200 gold option for Castle guard patrols or whatever, it only shows up when I CAN'T afford it, but when I can it doesn't show up at all.