Dragon Knight Armor
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Nabimrah 7. zář. v 6.52 odp. 
pretty cool :D
tyger 7. zář. v 4.48 dop. 
could you make more versions for the helm, like a grand helm you find on dragur?
Numinex 1. zář. v 10.49 dop. 
I love the armor, but to be honest the helmet pictured is the best part. The set is great looking and feels awesome, don't get me wrong, but the helmet complements it in such a way that turns great into epic.
ALBINO MAN 27 29. srp. v 4.20 odp. 
is there any way you can bring your follower mod "Hoth" to the steam workshop
coldfoxxjoe 29. srp. v 7.10 dop. 
this kicks butt! really cool set of armor
OpticBronze 26. srp. v 3.01 dop. 
is it possible to make a request ?
hermitthefrog13 12. srp. v 3.09 dop. 
@arkvonstraini agree its badass but the helmit looks slilly its dragon not ebony LOL
ArykvonStraln 11. srp. v 12.04 dop. 
Gotta admit this is pretty badass...except for the helmet, that just looks a bit silly to me. I've never liked the weird pinched look the Ebony helmet has and it doesn't look much better with the visor slit widened like that honestly.

Irregardless I'm certainly marking this down for a possible subscription/download, it would probably go great with some of the Dragon Priest masks with the new look.
Kaelan, The Titan God of Doom 10. srp. v 7.09 dop. 
You are my new/first fave modder.
TealLeaf 9. srp. v 6.01 dop. 
VERRY WELL DONE! i use your warchief armor, and when i seen this instantly fell in love with it, thank you for another great armor mod! i wonder though, what your take on glass or elven would be, dont particulerly like the vanilla ones.
Purgator 7. srp. v 1.43 dop. 
Where do I find this armor in game? I am new to this.
skymaster 6. srp. v 3.32 dop. 
This is my opinion about this....THIS IS BADASS
matiastaino71 28. čvc. v 7.27 dop. 
donde las encuentro
ying_ko13 25. čvc. v 11.24 dop. 
jconnell1735 7. čvc. v 8.57 dop. 
You have to go in your game and then go back out so it is there, and also this goes great with the dwarfs not dwemer mod and, the company of dwarves!!! it adds 5 new dwarves!!!!!! have it on for everyone maybe have an archer in between!
mrice39 5. čvc. v 1.51 odp. 
Yeah, where is it?
Dafobieus 2. čvc. v 9.26 dop. 
??? i do not find it in my perks ???
THE MAN WHO GIVES NO FUCKS 30. čvn. v 5.01 odp. 
maybe make a light version but make it look lighter aswell
yumeggs 23. čvn. v 12.41 dop. 
where is it?
gtfb 17. čvn. v 12.02 odp. 
do the gaurds still say somthing like they normaly would it you were wareing Dragon Plate armor ?.
gargoylefang21 11. čvn. v 6.22 odp. 
does it require dlc?
gargoylefang21 11. čvn. v 6.21 odp. 
i have lvl. 100 smithing but i can't find it on my smithing menu
gargoylefang21 11. čvn. v 10.16 dop. 
damn fine armor
Timesplitter 3. čvn. v 10.43 dop. 
Skyrim Ultimate RPG Experience: All Expansions thanks you for your mod/mods made that have been implemented into the collection. It does require all the Skyrim expansions, but is composed of all the most promising mods ever made for Steam. Make sure to check it out at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106745968 and don't forget to rate it.
Mr Freeze 24. kvě. v 8.53 dop. 
This Armor looks better then the ebony or the dragonbone. Well done! :D
ying_ko13 17. kvě. v 11.45 dop. 
Looks absolutely incredible! Well done.
tbarrett14 14. kvě. v 12.55 odp. 
i cannot find the armor in the forge, nor can i find the id's using console commands...
Darklord6000 9. kvě. v 4.14 dop. 
What's cool is that in TES: Online, there's a class called Dragon Knight! Awesome armor (i got this with immersive armors) and amazing creativity.
Puffing The Magic Dragon 15. dub. v 5.58 odp. 
Yeah this armor looks absolutely amazing. Great job :) I really wish you can eventually make even more versions of the dragonbone armor
[301] Owand 13. dub. v 7.21 odp. 
Awesome looking armor ! Nice work. I find the helmet too big and bulky though.
angelcardenas.g123 10. dub. v 4.56 odp. 
This armor is Awesome with Fur hoods HD ang Bags and Pouches!
xXLightningMageXx 12. bře. v 1.31 odp. 
wont show in the forge plz halp
LijSams14 3. bře. v 6.30 odp. 
it wont show up in any of my forges in game. Help?
LijSams14 3. bře. v 3.41 odp. 
im not a big armor modder or overall mod friendly person, but this is too badass. i downloaded right away.
admiral twakkie 26. úno. v 6.27 odp. 
admiral twakkie 26. úno. v 6.26 odp. 
admiral twakkie 26. úno. v 6.25 odp. 
fucking amazing

xVanitasTheDeceiverx 18. úno. v 1.27 dop. 
Wow. Great job on this.
RADIOactive Dumpster Diver™ 2. úno. v 1.15 odp. 
Galhamon 1. úno. v 7.27 odp. 
For some reason this armor stopped working, but all the other armors from you still work. Not sure what the issue is. I just get the generic "error code 15"
christopherwball 25. led. v 2.52 odp. 
hey hothtrooper im not saying you have to but could you get immersive armours and weapons i hope you consider this
Cheesy Weesy 24. led. v 7.54 odp. 
Big fan of your mods. Does anyone know if Immersive Armors will be updated with more of his cool armors in it?
ElectricViolin 21. led. v 4.55 odp. 
Good look for someone who plays that kind of player but i think that Ebonsteel looks better.
Victor Ayala 17. led. v 5.24 dop. 
Lonesome Wanderer is a bozo. This armor is classy and tasteful on both classes.
danosh_de_blaig 14. led. v 10.28 dop. 
so far .. it looks like the best dragon bone armor design i´ve ever seen !
Russian dog dota2newbb 14. led. v 5.16 dop. 
Senor Fluffy-Butt The Duck 13. led. v 2.33 odp. 
Hothtrooper44 plz plz plz put the seadog pirate armor on workshop, it wont let me download it on nexus because i dont have an account but i having some email troubles right now so it isnt as simple as just making an account, besides, steam workshop is easier in my opinion
Kalaaver 10. led. v 10.41 dop. 
@The lonesome Wanderer Wtf are you talking about! The armor looks great and there is nothing wrong with the female, jeez calm down you feminist.
navygurl2582 9. led. v 11.38 dop. 
this might be a dumb qustions but how do you use mods off here?
The Monolith Girl 9. led. v 5.00 dop. 
Just really? this really put me off this mod >:I Nice little touch for the female you perv.