Left 4 Dead 2
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Demon 19 лип о 8:38 
One of the BEST Addons!!!
420 13 лип о 5:45 
Best addon ever ! (No joke)
Civic100 2 лип о 12:16 
Welcome. To Jurassic Park.
My name is Nobody 1 лип о 5:30 
J'AIME BIEN TON CADAVRE 19 кві о 11:11 
xXfirepawXx 17 лют о 9:03 
how to i pick the raptors?
Alexa★ 29 гру 2016 о 15:38 
When Steam released the game free for christmas, I downloaded this and it would work perfectly. Now it's in red and I can't use it. Why?
Vercetti 8 гру 2016 о 5:58 
Can u do a Velociraptors that switch for BOTH campaings??????
ping丶小人 29 жов 2016 о 23:33 
Moonlight 1 вер 2016 о 12:50 
Oh em yi! This is soo coool D:
Tankzilla 25 сер 2016 о 0:59 
Is there a way you can make it so that people can pick between the Raptors? Some people such as Myself want to have them with other modded Survivors.
EddZeppelin 12 сер 2016 о 20:36 
How can I install this mod? i check that in l4d2 is easy but this not works on l4d1 :(
Eduardo Cunha meu príncipe <3 7 сер 2016 о 19:42 
gostei :)
TheRobotPenguin&Friends 21 лип 2016 о 18:18 
I would not mind seeing these models on their own, for the L4D1 survivors alone. seperately.

please :)
MrToast QC 6 лип 2016 о 7:57 
it look so funny
MrBlizzard10 19 чер 2016 о 11:37 
ok, good to know. THANKS!
Splinks  [автор] 19 чер 2016 о 10:19 
They only conflict beause they use the same textures. This confliction does not hurt anything. It's just the game saying "HEY THESE TWO MODS HAVE THE SAME ITEM IN THEM"
MrBlizzard10 19 чер 2016 о 8:24 
Do the two sets of survivors ( the 1st and the 2nd) conflict with each other? I turned off all of the other player modles, and both still show as red!
FonderManx4797 16 кві 2016 о 20:17 
esta bien sensualoso
BIGDADDY SUCC (Aids) 1 бер 2016 о 11:12 
I got to be like cr1tkal
Dr Dinosaur 24 лют 2016 о 23:56 
A lot of Zoey raptor's animations are buggy online, and sometimes when she dies or gets smoked, she goes into T pose. All the other raptors work great though.
Gravy 5 лют 2016 о 21:10 
Is it possible to make the raptor player models Sepret from one another to? that way we can only have a Serton player be a raptor
Ind0minus rex0 7 січ 2016 о 21:07 
this is good
Gendelf the Grey-ish 30 гру 2015 о 20:02 
Are the names supposed to show (Rex, Snipp, Snap, Tink) because when I use these models, it shows the normal names.
Jahaerys 28 лис 2015 о 7:28 
Flick Catman 23 жов 2015 о 4:11 
Dolphin 26 вер 2015 о 20:41 
none are working for me. I have the left for dead 1 and 2. Or it just doesnt work online?
IHASPUGS 13 вер 2015 о 20:22 
clever girl....
LowestShark 25 лип 2015 о 17:26 
@[Mα̶gmα̶] Slim
You're welcome.
Nigerian Kid Smuggler 24 чер 2015 о 12:09 
Thanks now i can find a mod renmaing them
Charlie, echo , delta , blue.
The Little Pyro That Could 23 чер 2015 о 19:45 
The Story: After Jurassic World Opened up dinosaurs became more intelliginte and soon when the zombie apocoalppes happens the dinos are whats all thats left of humanity, they must not go igstinct again! (Sorry for the bad spelling but you know what I mean)
HaxorousTheRaptor 31 січ 2015 о 18:48 
I REALLY! wish we had a separate characters for this.
Clem 23 лис 2014 о 15:10 
I wish it was for specific survivors but that would take more work than needed!
Lance 4 лис 2014 о 19:24 
Lance 4 лис 2014 о 19:24 
hey hey hey , this mod... need to be winker cough* i mean favourited and thumbs up (:
monti 28 жов 2014 о 3:59 
That's the best addon in the world!
monti 28 жов 2014 о 3:59 
broseidon, king of the brocean 26 сер 2014 о 0:12 
Im not even high yet and this is funny.
broseidon, king of the brocean 26 сер 2014 о 0:11 
vonschuhart 24 сер 2014 о 17:05 
it conflicts with the other velociraptor mod
ZPP Policeman33 25 лип 2014 о 13:01 
Hello there, after downloading this mod, I would really love for a remodel of the L4D2 survivors, and as a dog lover, I think they should be certain dog breeds determining the character. Like for instance, Rochelle is a border collie, Coach is a pitbull, Nick is a german shepherd, and everyones' favorite Ellis will be a golden retriever.
Vibin 23 лип 2014 о 21:17 
SearchingSouls 17 лип 2014 о 11:10 
Can you make a velociraptor commen infected mod?
by the way great job
Cap 12 лип 2014 о 23:01 
Seksey_Assassin 10 лип 2014 о 23:54 
This is so awesome, but im going to miss Zoey =P
Relm 9 лип 2014 о 16:34 
Omg this is so awsome XD
Click to win a free ipod 3 лип 2014 о 5:40 
ZPP Policeman33 19 чер 2014 о 15:01 
pretty cool! : )
Mikjáll HvirgelHolm 6 чер 2014 о 19:23 
MBHarkins 26 тра 2014 о 12:35 
This is actually really super awesome xD