The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Asher Warheart 26 sept 2014 à 13h50 
I realy like the mod great idea thumbs up to you!
mdm24601 21 avr 2013 à 16h06 
Thumbs up.
David Sid  [créateur] 20 avr 2013 à 12h47 
Update: Lacking perks in a skill no longer causes you to advance half as quickly. This caused significant issues with skill book advancement, and I could come up with no good solution other than to remove the aforementioned effect entirely.
David Sid  [créateur] 19 avr 2013 à 14h21 
The Serpent Stone is for those who are satisfied with their current level and skills (and don't want the enemies to level up any more) and for those who want to do a low-level challenge (e.g. collect all the dragon masks at level 1). I wouldn't expect that one to get a lot of use.
Clark Kent (Not Superman) 19 avr 2013 à 12h33 
You realize that using the serpent stone means you literally stop leveling up, right?
I think that you should instead have it so that the stones increase certain skill sets at a higher rate, while other skill sets get no bonus, like the Guardian stones do.
David Sid  [créateur] 18 avr 2013 à 9h29 
Update online now: The training bug from the vanilla game seemed to get worse with this mod, so I fixed it. Also, the mod no longer alters AVAlchemy, AVAlteration, etc., so it should now be compatible with a lot of other mods that alter perk trees or the advancement rates of individual skills.
mrtiny113 16 avr 2013 à 11h58 
thank you i subscribed not wasting level ups on skills completly pointless to my character "class" anymore you deserve more subs on this!
David Sid  [créateur] 15 avr 2013 à 15h30 
It works perfectly with current save games as long as you don't load your game with the Apprentice, Lady, or Serpent Stone active (and even then, the issue is fixed as soon as you visit a different stone).
mrtiny113 15 avr 2013 à 5h03 
I love playing pure mage sign mage great idea thank you for making this I hope it works as well as advertised will this effect my current save game?