Evil MasterMind Armor
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toni.j.hardin Aug 18 @ 4:51pm 
Noob Aug 18 @ 8:01am 
by thre way love the intro vid
Noob Aug 18 @ 8:00am 
i allready got the contractor armor so i will get this one too
lost_souls_98 Aug 15 @ 6:18pm 
then get rid of ur beard
AdamUKx97 Aug 14 @ 9:06am 
can you fix it so beards don't go through the mask
Uzda4rz Aug 8 @ 2:45pm 
@sonic the armor is male only and will show up as db armor for any female charcter
[L0]GholaOfMe Jul 26 @ 7:38pm 
What lvl do u need to be to kill the gusrds? damn I think I am to low lvl to make them a slight damage
xXBloodsageXx Jul 26 @ 12:18pm 
i dont know y but it gives me dark brotherhood armor did i do something wrong
boyd1 Jul 21 @ 9:32am 
dam this is one epicly awsome armor, I hope you make more.
gudical19 Jul 19 @ 6:09pm 
This is the sexyist Skyrim Armor mod I have ever seen, I just can't get over how detailed it is.I also love Satyr's Silver Dragon Armor on the Nexus. I would highly recommend everybody that like's the Evil mastermind set to check out Satyr's Profile over on The Nexus.
ii4oii Jul 17 @ 5:35pm 
wwwow, your good!!
Pierce Jul 10 @ 10:46am 
can you make a mask with out a hood?
Catshit one Jul 10 @ 2:34am 
what a song ???
Xavier Valkaryian Jul 7 @ 4:23pm 
I hope you add more of your deviant models up here!!
Lucian SaDiablo Jul 5 @ 5:40pm 
Methinks I found my character's end-game armor, plus his weapon is gonna be the Sword of The Ancient Tongues. Should look good. :)
lawrencerlanier Jun 26 @ 4:02pm 
this mod is dope
ALDERSONI Jun 16 @ 7:03pm 
dude your good
Satyr  [author] Jun 14 @ 11:55am 
@Voriox Thanks
Voriox Jun 13 @ 11:31pm 
@Satyr That's really great, man. Keep up the exceptional work.
NecromancerXIX Jun 11 @ 10:48pm 
make a female version!!!!
Anime_Guy Jun 6 @ 3:52pm 
............................i've been looking for an armor set that i can always wear and always like.................this is it

Satyr  [author] Jun 5 @ 11:12pm 
@Voriox Yes, i made it from scratch.
This below was the initial Zbrush sculpt
Voriox Jun 5 @ 8:44pm 
Was this entirely from scratch?
... Jun 5 @ 6:58am 
what is the mod that makes the graphics better loke in the picture
mortelobscurite Jun 3 @ 3:34pm 
Favorite Armor mod! I love it so much
stroggchief Jun 1 @ 12:32pm 
hey my argonian apparently changes the evil mastermind hood into a shrouded cowl. please fix, but other than that, this armor is awesome
EXCLSUS May 29 @ 4:28pm 
Amazing man, Great work!
naildriver May 28 @ 10:38pm 
i don't know if you take request but i love the look of your armor in was wondering if you could make a set of drow armor from dungeons and dragons
Songbird May 27 @ 5:47am 
Please make more, its amazing
The_Cool_Guy May 26 @ 5:47pm 
dang, the location isn't there.
nostalgia. May 25 @ 2:14pm 
Legos. It will be too OP.
LEGOs104 May 18 @ 2:18pm 
can you make it have a higher armor rateing im trying to get my follower to wear it
Shadowsscream May 17 @ 10:30am 
I use this and the contractors armor. I also have the mavori (I think thats what its called lol) But i put that on my follower.
rc501st May 13 @ 4:40am 
This guy is an fucking artist
DavyBoii676 May 12 @ 8:49am 
didnt work wtf
where is nightfall temple i cant find it!
KARKALICIOUS_ May 8 @ 1:49am 
theres no chest......
Obo e May 3 @ 4:51am 
i cant find it at that place! help please
j3ster228 Apr 28 @ 4:46pm 
does it work for beast races?
Valantine Hellsing Apr 26 @ 1:34pm 
Could you maybe make your armors compatible with each other? Like, the Contractor Mask with the Mastermind hood?
Cody Cottontail Apr 18 @ 10:18pm 
I have to say, I am really a BIG fan of your armors! They are all fantastic and very well made. Keep up the good work!
[Mz] NINJA HUNTER GHOST Apr 2 @ 3:44pm 
this is amazing great job on this
Deif Mar 28 @ 10:03am 
Fem version plz
barmyness Mar 22 @ 9:33am 
were about is it
zzackmann Mar 16 @ 6:51am 
Should make this a bit more like the contractor set, in that besides having a hood, and hooded mask, should have mask by itself. And possibly a long cuirass and short, like the contractor armor. Would love to be able to wear just the mask by itself. Also just a fan of the long coat/robe look on anything really.
Satyr  [author] Mar 9 @ 5:47am 
@nannyoggins Thanks.
nannyoggins Mar 9 @ 5:40am 
Wow, I can see why you aren't making a female version of this! I've just grabbed Raven Witch and Mavari armours they look great!
nannyoggins Mar 9 @ 5:37am 
@Satyr Thanks for that, I'll definitely have a look see!
Satyr  [author] Mar 9 @ 5:35am 
@Nannyoggins I don't plan making a female version and i'm definetly not into skimpy armors.You can check my female armors, they pretty much do what they are supposed to do.
nannyoggins Mar 9 @ 3:29am 
I'd love a female version of this but please, not a skimpy style. I can't stand having my followers or main character with their hearts and all major veins and arteries saying "come and stick a knife in me please". Maybe I'm weird but though I wear light armour I prefer it to do its job!
Bimbo Mar 7 @ 7:37pm 
can you please make this armor for females too?