Jessop A Horse In Solstheim (Dragonborn Required)
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johnboygillett  [créateur] 25 mar à 1h59 
I dont know why the horse is different in pictures it may be an effect from another mod I have installed @Shakers101 glad youre enjoying the mod :-)
Shakers101 8 mar à 21h17 
umm..what happen to its mane? oh and thanks for making this mod i really needed a horse on the island
ZalrokChaos 3 fév à 20h33 
If you had dawnguard a very conveinent thing was probably getting Arvak's skull and getting him as a summonable horse. But this works for people so whatever.
johnboygillett  [créateur] 6 juil 2013 à 11h25 
@windhavenpublishinginc Well thats a newe one to me It's never happened to me before but then I don't use convienient horses mod I honestley don't know what to suggest :-(
Angel Phenix 5 juil 2013 à 16h18 
Problems: I use Conviant Horse Mod with a vanilla horse and just tried out Jessop over on the Island. Prob;em one, the horse doesn't look like the pretty Dun horse in your pictures. Jessop on my game is just a gray like the horses in Riften, Really that is no big deal-just letting you know. Second BIG problem I used him rode him for a while got off left him outside the market place. I then fast traveled to my hearthfire home Lake wood and guess who showed up and won't return to the island??? How do I get that horse back over to the island I have tried everything?
johnboygillett  [créateur] 23 juin 2013 à 0h42 
@windhavenpublishinginc yea no problem and yep a horse makes for better play lol if I can help in any way I will I use all you need is a horse for yourself :-)
Angel Phenix 22 juin 2013 à 11h44 
ok well maybe I'll run with the idea might need your help or just have some questions in the future... Thanks again for making the add-on sooooo much better with a horsey... God Bless Angel..
johnboygillett  [créateur] 20 juin 2013 à 13h10 
@windhavenpublishinginc I'm sorry but I don't know how to make horse's for follower's that would be a sweet idea though lol :-)
Angel Phenix 17 juin 2013 à 11h24 
Thank you for adding a horse for us on the Island could you make one for our follower too sweetie??
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h52 
and nexsus is safe as house's try this in youtube skyrim mod sanctuary by gopher that will tell you how to use nexsus safely honest you dont know how much your missing ;-)
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h50 
I dont know I use that one ill have a quick look in the search engine on here :-)
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 10h50 
I tried nexus, but I kinda ***** my computer O_O (sorry for the many questions XD)
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 10h49 
thats for the NEXUS, is there not something similair on the steam workshop?
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h48 
@Arthedain try this one ;-)
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 10h47 
dont see it :(
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h45 
read comments and find link below
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 10h45 
its not on the workshop?
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h44 
its on nexsus

Horse Whisper --- Horse Calling - Horse Locating - Horse Teleporting by ride
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h41 
Horse Whisper you may have to find your horse in Skyrim and mount him once and do the same in Solstheim to jessop you will find your horses will work then :-)
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 10h38 
I will try that, what is the name of that mod which allows you to call your horse? :)
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h37 
well when I did it and recalled in skyrim my other horse mod Snoopy came so I don't know, I can only suggest what works for me lol :-)
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 10h27 
but thats just the problem, my horse has been replaced by jessop so if I reacall my horse it will call jessop because thats now my horse O_O
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h25 
ah try that mod out it's a shout mod that recalls your horse I think you can get it here in steam but if not try out Nexus I know you can get it from there :-)
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 10h23 
johnboygillett  [créateur] 3 mai 2013 à 10h23 
@Arthedain have you used a horse recall mod like Horse Whisper?
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 6h06 
† Artheдain † 3 mai 2013 à 6h06 
ehm i ckeched it out and my horse on the mainland skyrim has been replaced by jessop O_O
johnboygillett  [créateur] 1 mai 2013 à 7h14 
no problem mate :-)
† Artheдain † 1 mai 2013 à 7h14 
thx :-)
johnboygillett  [créateur] 1 mai 2013 à 7h13 
@Arthedain Hey mate no it wont replace your horse on the mainland Skyrim or at least it didn't for me though you will find that Jessop will try and go back to his point of origin this is something that I dont know how to change lol If you use a horse recall mod ie. horse whisper jessop will come back to you. Please let me know if you have any problems cheers :-)
† Artheдain † 1 mai 2013 à 6h20 
† Artheдain † 1 mai 2013 à 6h20 
will this horse replays any other horse you are riding? like will the horse that you usually respawn/fast travel with be changed with jessop?
johnboygillett  [créateur] 25 avr 2013 à 6h43 
True there is that summonable horse (I think you got the spelling right on Arvark but I use horse inventory and horse whisper (horse recall mod) and it was annoying me that the horse would simply run out of juice and disappear right when I needed him were this horse is there and wont disappear ;-)
camer823 24 avr 2013 à 20h51 
theres always arvak (or however you spell that horses name) from the soul caren (i know messed that one up) but i get that not everyone had dawnguard.
ludmila.erharte 24 avr 2013 à 7h55 
ok ;)
johnboygillett  [créateur] 23 avr 2013 à 20h56 
I think thats my lantern light bouncing off him lol
ludmila.erharte 23 avr 2013 à 13h23 
Jessop looks like a Frost but dasn,t look like on a picture.
Alice 19 avr 2013 à 9h38 
on steam...!
johnboygillett  [créateur] 19 avr 2013 à 9h37 
@Alicia I'll have a quick look at it were is it on here or Nexus?
Alice 19 avr 2013 à 9h34 
look for this under:
creatures, you will find this patch in this category...!
johnboygillett  [créateur] 19 avr 2013 à 9h32 
@Alicia Sound's good :-)
Alice 19 avr 2013 à 9h30 
Take for this, to, the rideable horses of monty X, they are summonable...!
johnboygillett  [créateur] 17 avr 2013 à 20h18 
@zombiekiller Ha ha more subs would be nice rateing and favouriteing too ;-)
Hacker 17 avr 2013 à 19h23 
johnboygillett  [créateur] 14 avr 2013 à 13h01 
thanks buddy ;-)
Naughty Farmer 14 avr 2013 à 10h33 
<3 Perfect!
johnboygillett  [créateur] 14 avr 2013 à 8h35 
Glad your enjoying it mate its all working like it should do then I take it :-D
[PGCA]nodijo 14 avr 2013 à 8h13 
YYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! FINALLY! I was wondering why someone hadn't done this sooner! Subbed, liked, loved, favorited, and rinsed and repeated... lol