Arch-Mage's Enchanted Chest
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YunieBeth 2013年12月14日 18時36分 
I found the chest but it does not work. Keeps saying "can only add ingredients
& that is all I was trying to put in it. sigh.
reverendsholiday 2013年11月17日 20時42分 
The chest does not appear in the Mage's Quarters. Sorry, geek-speak is still very new to me.
I turn the Mod off, then my PC ,then put the Mod back in but the Chest is still not there. This has worked with other Mods I have subscribed to but not this one:( The only other Mod I have used in the Mage's Quarters are the Enchanter's Gloves a few months back. The Gloves appear in a secret container in the Mage;s Garden. I hope this helps:)
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年11月17日 10時32分 
@reverendsholiday I am not sure what you mean by "Could not get it to load".
reverendsholiday 2013年11月16日 22時56分 
Could not get it to load and I don't feel comfortable going into the programing to get it. I love the idea and miss the Arch-Mage's Chest in Oblivion. I will wait for an up-graded Mod. :(
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年8月24日 19時58分 
@redshirt The keyword I used is the default set on ingredients in the vanilla game. The only thing I can think would be a clean save just to test, and additem the chest and a few ingredients. The easiest way I can think to do this is in the title screen open the console and type "coc WhiterunBreezehome" and the default character will be loaded in Breeze Home, then you can additem the chest and a few ingredients (make sure all other mods are disabled when you try this).
redshirt 2013年8月24日 18時40分 
I did make sure I only added one at a time. I installed this mod in the middle of a game where I was already around level 32 rather than started the game with it installed -- would that have anything to do with it? Is it your custom keyword, or are you using one that came with the game? I tried removing all custom content but yours, and went back with a savegame and it still had the problem (although since it was still an existing savegame, a conflicting mod could have messed up the save).
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年8月24日 6時31分 
@redshirt Using the chest outside the Archmage's Quarters won't affect it. The chest looks for the ingredient keyword on the item being placed in the chest, so it's possible either a current mod or one previously installed changed keywords on ingredients (or deleted the keyword). Also, be sure you are only placing one item in the chest at a time (make sure you don't place a stack of a single ingredient also).
redshirt 2013年8月23日 19時33分 
When I try to add an ingredient, it says only ingredients may be added, and gives it back. I tried this with a few cheap simple ingredients to see if it would work -- both with blue mountain flowers and with garlic, I think. Other mods installed are Caranthir tower, Midas Magic, and my own that mods the destruction and restoration perks to scale the spells of the given level a bit (doesn't change ingredients, only perks). My character is the archmage, and I'm trying to use the chest outside the archmage's quarters, if that affects things.
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年8月21日 8時59分 
@[MooN] MlgPr0snipurr The location of the chest is shown in the picture above. If you have a mod that places something in that area, or replaces the interior of the Arch-Mage's Quarters completely you might not find it. If so, while in game open the console using the Tilde key and type "help enchanted" and look for an entry called "Enchanted Chest" in the misc category. Then using the form id number along side Enchanted Chest type "player.additem xxxxxxx 1" entering the form id where the x's are.
♥ Keter™ ♥ (Shapeshifter) 2013年8月20日 20時08分 
I cant find the chest, will it not work if any mod that places anything items in the arch mage quarters?
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年8月19日 18時10分 
@mikedzoellner What are you trying to add? If it's something from another mod can you let me know which one so I can take a look?
mikedzoellner 2013年8月19日 13時43分 
Says only ingredients can be added even when it is an ingredient.
Wingmann #41daystobday 2013年4月20日 20時24分 
Thanks! :D
mentilreq  [作成者] 2013年4月18日 13時45分 
@Wingman I added an image above to show the location of the chest.
Wingmann #41daystobday 2013年4月18日 12時47分 
Its not in the mages quarters?
[PGCA]nodijo 2013年4月14日 8時01分 
Subbed, that was an awesome feature in Oblivion and thank you for bringing it to Skyrim.
Vidani81 2013年4月13日 12時51分 
I like this, there are not many places to plant things in the addons, so this helps to gain those extra ingredients. Theglowing effect is awesome too, Thanks!