Josh's Skill Capes
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HERO_xVIPERx hace 9 horas 
ahhhhh the runescape flashback
Josh SP  [autor] 24 de Nov a las 7:27 

Guild capes hey? Not a bad idea. Guild insignia capes for completing the guild...
I'll look into it.
Maxin 22 de Nov a las 3:44 
can you do a special misc harmaeus mora cape? as long with vampire/dawnguard/holds? but the harmaeus mora cape would go good for miraak armor since its related to da seekas
Cyp5er 21 de Nov a las 17:09 
awesome mod. Thanks

lordcanis1 18 de Nov a las 22:55 
you should add guild capes
piagolas 11 de Nov a las 10:17 
hey i just downloaded your mod, and i LOVE it.
i used to play RS, i Quit still good memories.
nice models and all, just a good mod in general <3

Josh SP  [autor] 10 de Nov a las 12:15 
@lonely medic

Make sure the mod is subscribed correctly and downloaded, and try a different format to the command.

as: "coc 11a1joshtest" works for me and others.
WALLE 10 de Nov a las 10:54 
what i meant was i typed the 1st commant and it didnt work
hiddenw 10 de Nov a las 8:08 
we need 360 walk and run plus but it's not in workshop .. but great mod.
Hex Master Hoodie 6 de Nov a las 14:57 
flashbacks to runescape....
Monty OwO 6 de Nov a las 14:00 
I just think this is brillant :3
Josh SP  [autor] 6 de Nov a las 2:21 

Please read the description in full. It explains how to get the capes both legit and non-legit.
WALLE 5 de Nov a las 19:05 
what barrel? is it a place and how do i get to it or were is the barrel?

Broken 5 de Nov a las 18:40 
So the title, for lack of a better word, claims that it improves x, and the description also says this? The titles are all of different skills, but all descriptions are talking of two-handed, no matter which I look at.
Oh well. x3
I'll just look through my subs list and see if I have any perk-altering things, or something. :P

Is there any way to check on the skill improvements without looking at active effects?
Monty OwO 4 de Nov a las 13:13 
lol skillcaps liek from that one game called runescape but this isnt a copy its your own desings xD i like it very nice :3
Josh SP  [autor] 4 de Nov a las 2:31 
I investigated the bug you are refering to. On my side when I equip the "Skillcape: Max Cape (T) HD" I get all the skills idividually buffed in my active effects, as well as the HP, Magicka and stammina buffs. So it must be a problem on your end with displaying magic effects.
Broken 4 de Nov a las 2:02 
I have a problem with the Skillcape: Max Cape (T) HD
In my active effects, all the skill improvement things say they improve two-handed by 30%. This would be cool... if I used two-handed weaps. Unsure if text bug or actually only improving two-handed.
tyger 2 de Nov a las 15:52 
the standard works hand in hand with the black mage armor mod almost perfectly. same goes to become a bard mod. excellent work.
N0FeaR 2 de Nov a las 12:08 
Cool mod!
Copper Rose 30 de Oct a las 15:45 
Is there any way you can fix feet clipping through the cape when walking/running/sprinting? I love this mod but I can't stand to have 3rd person view on while wearing a cape because the clipping just bugs me so much.
lukas.mattick 29 de Oct a las 23:55 
hello can you make capes in all coulers please but not with a symbol within
Josh SP  [autor] 28 de Oct a las 11:23 
Here is 3.0:

+ Finalised the current designs.
+ Fixed some inventory names.
Josh SP  [autor] 28 de Oct a las 11:18 
Here is 2.9:

+ Added a New HD (t) varient for the 3 Spec capes.
Josh SP  [autor] 28 de Oct a las 10:42 
Here is 2.8:

+ Added a New HD varient for the 3 Spec capes.
+ Renamed the new HD capes to have a "HD" tag in the inventory.
-TS/ZC- CryBlue 27 de Oct a las 10:01 
Wow Runescape Ref maybe?
Hatman 27 de Oct a las 6:02 
/▌☻ ︻╦╤--
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I███████████████████] ( if you see this you must copy and past on at least
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Relic the Philosopher 26 de Oct a las 14:14 
i liked teh capes from the Frostfall mod, but the mod causes alot of crashes, but i still wanted capes. this could be my replacement!
Josh SP  [autor] 26 de Oct a las 2:38 
@MrBearBear06 no, passive buff effects.
Copper Rose 24 de Oct a las 2:06 
Bug: I loaded the game with this mod and when I drew my bow my hands were invisible. Also one of my daggers when I dual wielded daggers was just a line. It still functioned correctly but it looked really weird. The dagger fixed itseld when I unequipped and re-equipped, but the bow didn't. I exited the game and loaded it this time without this mod and the glitch was gone.
Josh SP  [autor] 23 de Oct a las 4:15 
No worries. Glad you like the mod.
CronusO 23 de Oct a las 4:10 



Josh SP  [autor] 22 de Oct a las 11:07 
Here is 2.7:

+ Added a new standard cape, the "Asiimov cape".
+ Added the original idea for a completionist cape to the test room (easter egg).
Josh SP  [autor] 22 de Oct a las 9:22 
Here is 2.6:

+ 3 New HD Elemental capes: Inferno, Blizzard and Storm.
+ Added 2 new HD Varients of the MAX cape.

+ Changed the crafting recipe of most standard capes for ease.
+ Changed the colour of the inventory image to white for all capes.

+ Fixed issues with the new HD max capes.
+ Fixed a few bugs.
+ New Workshop pictures and descriptions.
Josh SP  [autor] 21 de Oct a las 15:07 
I'm afraid I cant help you, it doesn't happen to me and no one else has reported this issue.
It could be:
-Conflict with a HP based mod
-Conflict with an Archery Mod
-Conflict with an enchanting mod
-Your mod load order isn't quite optimal.
X๖Skell๖X 21 de Oct a las 15:06 
Well. I dont have any other sort of cape mods. So, i dont know what it could be. I didnt die when I put on any other cape. Just the archery (t) one. But the second time I did it I couldnt see any of them, but when I put the archery (t) one on, I just died again. Any ideas of what it could be?
Josh SP  [autor] 21 de Oct a las 15:04 
It must be conflict with another mod. As this is definetly not supposed to happen.
X๖Skell๖X 21 de Oct a las 14:57 
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. I need help. When i go to the coc room, i get all the capes, but then i try on the capes and i die. I dont know if its the just Archery (t) cape, but i keep dying. Is this supposed to happen?
Adam 14 de Oct a las 12:47 
Ahhh,,, RuneScape, I got enough skill capes thank you.
seanroof 9 de Oct a las 17:02 
I equip a cape and save and crashes?
Excalibur-Link 7 de Oct a las 21:17 
Suggestion: Capes for Uncapper users?
Huitectli 28 de Sep a las 21:56 
somebody loves runescape
devinf 13 de Sep a las 9:34 
How do i get the skyrim cape
Ceiis 29 de Ago a las 17:00 
does this work with the dawnguard, hearthfire, and dragonborn dlc?
mdhammond07 21 de Ago a las 23:21 
this is awesome!!!
SnauQ Is Back 18 de Ago a las 23:28 
its hard to have this cape
(SupaSlapa) 9 de Ago a las 17:08 
and which barrel do i check after i type in the code?
(SupaSlapa) 9 de Ago a las 17:04 
i dont see it in the misc...
Dogeflakes 6 de Ago a las 14:23 
Go Runescape! :D
kmann2 29 de Jul a las 16:42 
still waiting for a firecape mod
Monogue 29 de Jul a las 10:27 
Yay! Runescape.