Josh's Skill Capes
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Animus  [autor] 6 godz. temu 
Here is 2.7:

+ Added a new standard cape, the "Asiimov cape".
+ Added the original idea for a completionist cape to the test room (easter egg).
Animus  [autor] 8 godz. temu 
Here is 2.6:

+ 3 New HD Elemental capes: Inferno, Blizzard and Storm.
+ Added 2 new HD Varients of the MAX cape.

+ Changed the crafting recipe of most standard capes for ease.
+ Changed the colour of the inventory image to white for all capes.

+ Fixed issues with the new HD max capes.
+ Fixed a few bugs.
+ New Workshop pictures and descriptions.
Animus  [autor] 21 Paź - 15:07 
I'm afraid I cant help you, it doesn't happen to me and no one else has reported this issue.
It could be:
-Conflict with a HP based mod
-Conflict with an Archery Mod
-Conflict with an enchanting mod
-Your mod load order isn't quite optimal.
X๖Skell๖X 21 Paź - 15:06 
Well. I dont have any other sort of cape mods. So, i dont know what it could be. I didnt die when I put on any other cape. Just the archery (t) one. But the second time I did it I couldnt see any of them, but when I put the archery (t) one on, I just died again. Any ideas of what it could be?
Animus  [autor] 21 Paź - 15:04 
It must be conflict with another mod. As this is definetly not supposed to happen.
X๖Skell๖X 21 Paź - 14:57 
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. I need help. When i go to the coc room, i get all the capes, but then i try on the capes and i die. I dont know if its the just Archery (t) cape, but i keep dying. Is this supposed to happen?
Adam 14 Paź - 12:47 
Ahhh,,, RuneScape, I got enough skill capes thank you.
seanroof 9 Paź - 17:02 
I equip a cape and save and crashes?
Excalibur-Link 7 Paź - 21:17 
Suggestion: Capes for Uncapper users?
Huitectli 28 Wrz - 21:56 
somebody loves runescape
devinf 13 Wrz - 9:34 
How do i get the skyrim cape
Ceiis 29 Sie - 17:00 
does this work with the dawnguard, hearthfire, and dragonborn dlc?
mdhammond07 21 Sie - 23:21 
this is awesome!!!
SnauQ Is Back 18 Sie - 23:28 
its hard to have this cape
(SupaSlapa) 9 Sie - 17:08 
and which barrel do i check after i type in the code?
(SupaSlapa) 9 Sie - 17:04 
i dont see it in the misc...
Baconflakes 6 Sie - 14:23 
Go Runescape! :D
kmann2 29 Lip - 16:42 
still waiting for a firecape mod
Monogue 29 Lip - 10:27 
Yay! Runescape.
StabbedByFireJr 29 Lip - 4:07 
if this goes well and i can wear it with armor then i give you 5 star rating but if not still good looking capes ;)
Coconut Head [TudFud] 27 Lip - 9:29 
nevermind, mod i had also had cape on the armor i was using :,(
SilleeCookie 26 Lip - 20:58 
can you make the trimmed capes gold outlined with a black field?
Coconut Head [TudFud] 26 Lip - 18:21 
im naked when wearing... why?
SilleeCookie 26 Lip - 0:35 
my capes (t) are a grey color with black border...i do not know if this was a recent update or not
jagraham12 15 Lip - 18:44 
Nice man

Batman 14 Lip - 13:44 
why in the pictures it shot black capes but when i play the game its tan
kylehicks87 5 Lip - 19:39 
I'm sure this has been asked before, but could you possibly reduce the brightness on the white sections of the cape? To be honest it is keeping me from wearing the dragon slayer capes because they are so blindingly bright. Also clipping but thats been mentioned already
XxQroganpwnzorxX 29 Cze - 20:50 
Flowing cape. Awesome
cool i love runescape capes. and now in skyrim? nvm
Drakeskullnl 1 Cze - 4:37 
I agree with the feet clipping, but the length of the cap has its charm.
One thing that I would like to suggest is making the normal capes available if you have Legendary'd a skill at least once and the trimmed cape only available if you have the skill at 100 (legendary not required).
[GFA] General Refrigerator 31 Maj - 11:25 
While I love this mod, there is one thing that bothers me about it. I play in third person quite a bit, and it annoys me that my feet always clip through the cape. If you could just make the capes a bit sorter, that'd be great. :)
ShadowReiku 12 Maj - 21:36 
Wow how many hours did I spend on Runescape in the past? Hundreds probably. I can't resist. You're awesome for the nostalgia boost.
jason9510386 10 Maj - 11:15 
my feet clip through the back of the cape... even when im walking...
Jojy 5 Maj - 13:27 
Thanks for the link. I'll give it a try, since I do love these capes. Good job on them, by the way.
biankawhitetiger 5 Maj - 4:56 
Thx mate, you're great.
Animus  [autor] 5 Maj - 4:46
There you go, I warn you though, it replaces most animations. (I think they all look better than the default ones) but as you can see in the last screenshot I posted on the skillcapes mod, it makes the cape flap around and not touch the feet.
biankawhitetiger 5 Maj - 4:41 
Are you allowed to link that mod here? So we don't have to search through the workshop and/or Nexus. I just found out that the wealth cape does NOT fit into skyrim... can you change the $ symbol to a stack of gold? That would be awesome. Nice work, I'll keep the mod in my list, for there are maaaaany cloaks to craft ^^
Animus  [autor] 5 Maj - 4:36 
Jojy Thanks for the feedback, yeah its a shame, but the YY mystic night animation replacer gives your character a run animation that stops the clip.
Jojy 4 Maj - 10:13 
I would love it so much more if it didn't clip like it does, but I know first hand how hard cape physics are to make from my time modding KOTOR. I've subscribed and given it a +1, but I'm mostly just going to hang them on mannequins.
Richard 12 Kwi - 12:55 
I'm only downloading this because it reminds me of Runescape! But fantastic mod bruh!
biankawhitetiger 5 Kwi - 13:25 
Nice, I'll give it a try.
Bertil BiG 31 Mar - 8:42 
Nice mods! Can you make RS armour mods too with Dragon, Bandos, Third-age and others?
IDemandYourSoul 31 Mar - 5:24 
Memorys of Runescape :D Great Mod!
Animus  [autor] 27 Mar - 8:50 
No, Sorry :(
NuclearDragon 26 Mar - 18:40 
do the capse respond to physics beside stance?
dwt896 25 Mar - 8:48 
will look good with certain armor.
Zenokus 23 Mar - 14:58 
Looking forward to checking this out.
i am suscribed
Skylord Brycen 7 Mar - 21:51 
when i type :coc 11a1joshtest: it doesant load or teleport me anywhere, also it doesant show MISC under the skyforge. HELP!
Captain_Josh08 4 Mar - 21:50 
finally a cape mod on workbench!