Dragonbone Darksky Armor
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jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 21.07 
or it doesnt have to be the crown if you could add some type of hood that mimics your darksky that would be awesome i just prefer open faced head where you know what i mean
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 21.06 
i mean either way im still gonna use your mod man cause this shit looks friggin epic i just wish i knew more about creation after i finish up my school this semester which is at the end of this next week im gonna read into creation kit so i can understand the impossibilities i ask of other people XD and it is much appreciated man
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 24. huhti, 2013 21.04 
hmmm i'm not sure any of those would conflict at all..ill go scowering the forums see if anyone else has this problem with other mods and see if i can fix it for you so you can use it, after all you're the only one that requested and it wont work for which sucks! so ill do my best to help out :)
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 21.03 
bosmer bow, ten enchantments extra effect, breezehome enchanter addon
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 21.02 
kill move no blur, killmove control, ring of magnus, unlimited rings,
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 21.01 
i have kill them generals, dragon knowledge, extra encounters higher spawn rate,
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 24. huhti, 2013 20.05 
no problem lol ill keep looking into it and no it shouldnt matter where it is smithed, this is stumping me..
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 19.47 
Thankyou for making me look like a complete BAMF by the way even without the crown i still look epic
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 18.10 
didnt work could it have something to do with it being in the daedric smithing category instead of dragon
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 24. huhti, 2013 17.27 
try loading it without the bandit eye patch see if that works
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 17.20 
only ones i could possibly imagine are bandit eyepatch or magicka sabers
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 17.16 
hmmm... idk what type of mods do armor mods usually conflict with cause im only running 18 right now
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 24. huhti, 2013 17.04 
well everything seems to be fine with the files and it loaded in my game just fine. can you give me any other details? mods it may be incompatible with?
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 24. huhti, 2013 15.37 
lol ill give it a look and try to fix it
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 14.31 
it doesnt show on my head though and it gave me a bald spot XD any suggestions
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 14.30 
never mind i found it its in daedric
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 14.28 
where do you get the crown
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 14.03 
thanks bunches
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 14.03 
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 24. huhti, 2013 13.20 
Alright added the crown :)
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 11.59 
that would be awesome man im bout to download this jagged crown would be much appreciated cause i style my charachter as an arch duke of hell (fallen angel king)
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 24. huhti, 2013 9.49 
i was already thinking of the jagged crown because that would look bad a**, and if i have tim eto get around to it i could possibly make that style aswell :)
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 9.12 
perhaps as another mod or standalone or somethhing im not good with mod lingo
jackgeiwitz 24. huhti, 2013 9.12 
could you add a retextured jagged crown and also would it be possible to retexture the dragon bone armor to a deep crimson? that would be awesome
blu smothie22 20. huhti, 2013 15.51 
TY Braw :0
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 18. huhti, 2013 10.55 
i have never seen that movie however i just googled him and it totally looks like i ripped it off lmao
Kelleno 18. huhti, 2013 10.01 
lol night fury from the movie!training a dragon.
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 16. huhti, 2013 17.42 
I can try :P I used gimp to recolour
The Red Glow 16. huhti, 2013 17.30 
also maybe you could recolor a dragon and make it a darksky dragon which maybe only flies at night if that is even possible to do.....But ya make him drop darksky scales and craft the armor with that
The Red Glow 16. huhti, 2013 17.28 
can you tell me what program you use to recolor please?
ColorSplashez 16. huhti, 2013 5.14 
Cool one
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 13. huhti, 2013 13.42 
sorry has to be crafted at sky forge ill put that up :P
Draven 13. huhti, 2013 13.37 
and where can i find it?
JamboKitty  [tekijä] 13. huhti, 2013 9.18 
yes it is standalone
Draven 13. huhti, 2013 4.25 
is it standalone?