The Legend of Zelda - Hylian Shield
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jwadland 17 Abr às 6:24 
Just found it, expected it to be in the back room, not the room with the throne, thanks again
jwadland 17 Abr às 6:12 
Thanks, i'll check again as soon as possible
JKalenad  [autor] 17 Abr às 5:17 
It should be on the table near the throne, but it probably fell off. There is also a lockbox in the room behind the throne with an extra schematic in it.
jwadland 17 Abr às 1:27 
which table is the schematic of the hylian shield on in yngvild? I know you said near the end of the dungeon but i cant find it near any of the tables :(
Shadow.mane2001 15 Abr às 14:57 
Hey it is a great mod. I am not arguing that. Still great work!
JKalenad  [autor] 15 Abr às 14:49 
I have no intention of making the shield bigger, for several reasons. I think the shield is just the right size. It sets it apart from the other shields, and makes it a kind of deflecting shield, rather than a purely protective shield. It's really only slightly smaller than it is in official artwork of Link holding it.
I mean, this mod has been around for a year, and I haven't changed the size in that time, so I see no reason to do so now.
Shadow.mane2001 15 Abr às 13:59 
GREAT MOD. I do have a couple of Nit picks, The Shield on most characters in size looks more like it is buckler size, Perhaps in the future you could update the shields so they are larger? My Glass shield is bigger then this although about the same general shape. I just think the shield is too small.
JKalenad  [autor] 30 Mar às 8:24 
This workshop version does not work with Dual Sheath Redux, but the Nexus version linked in the description does.
undesicimo 30 Mar às 4:08 
Does this work with Dual sheath redux
JKalenad  [autor] 23 Mar às 20:08 
It's funny. I get comments telling me the Master Sword is too weak, and others that say it's too strong. So the only logical thing to do is leave it exactly the way it is. So that's what I'm going to do.
rlf423rlf 23 Mar às 19:10 
could you make it to where it costs a bit more to make the OP sword because its too cheap for the damage it does
rlf423rlf 23 Mar às 19:09 
ok thnx
JKalenad  [autor] 23 Mar às 19:07 
I'm fairly certain that is because Skyrim's follower AI is glitchy.
rlf423rlf 23 Mar às 15:47 
she wont use the op sword even when i take her steel sword do you know why
JKalenad  [autor] 23 Mar às 15:45 
I don't know. Does she have another shield in her inventory? It might just be Skyrim being glitchy.
rlf423rlf 23 Mar às 15:31 
why wont lydia use the op one because i want her to because she weak
JKalenad  [autor] 17 Mar às 15:25 
I don't keep track of Item IDs, but the console has a command, "help," which allows you to search for them.
help hylian
will get you the code you need.
Spiffyskytrooper 17 Mar às 15:21 
Whats the ID so i can just spawn it in?
JKalenad  [autor] 17 Jan às 21:28 
Read the bottom of the description, particuarly the part that says, "To corrupt the shield,,,"
Kumatora™ 17 Jan às 21:07 
How do you corrupt it? is there a recipe?
Xero 11 Jan às 5:01 
I think it got banned.
A Bloody Warrior 10 Jan às 7:12 
Maybe but anyway thanks a lot for this helped me out a ton
JKalenad  [autor] 9 Jan às 19:48 
Maybe the author of the other one decided to abandon the Workshop? I have no plans to delete mine.
A Bloody Warrior 9 Jan às 10:08 
Some other guy was making this as well and i clicked on it and it was deleted and this one isnt?!
(WCS)dragonhawk760 15 Dez, 2013 às 19:10 
k thank you!
JKalenad  [autor] 15 Dez, 2013 às 10:58 
The description sure is a helpful thing.
And there are no Hylian Shields in Shalidor's Maze, rather in the room with the Wispmother and the room with the Cave Troll.
(WCS)dragonhawk760 15 Dez, 2013 às 10:12 
i tried looking for it in lybrnthing but i spent at least 30 minutes in the maze :( untill i read
that you can craft it at skyforge with elven perk! :( <------ My sad face
(WCS)dragonhawk760 14 Dez, 2013 às 19:43 
oh sorry i didnt read that im a bit (alot) lazy
JKalenad  [autor] 14 Dez, 2013 às 19:11 can. I say at the top of the description that you can go to Labrynthian to find two.
(WCS)dragonhawk760 14 Dez, 2013 às 19:01 
wish you could just find one somewhere
Wrath 13 Dez, 2013 às 22:51 
Was upated on my birthday! Yeah!
JKalenad  [autor] 10 Dez, 2013 às 20:48 
I ca'n't modify the mesh in that way, so that's not going to happen.
Hommmer 10 Dez, 2013 às 20:17 
I have a suggestion, what if you were to move the handles down so the arm would go there and the shield would come up higher? It would look goofy if the shield was laying down, but for people who are using the shield, it would look just fine.
JKalenad  [autor] 7 Dez, 2013 às 21:00 
Oh, yes, it blocks perfectly fine. It just looks a little funny in first person.
Hommmer 7 Dez, 2013 às 20:43 
Okie dokie. But I assume it still works and blocks just the same right?
JKalenad  [autor] 7 Dez, 2013 às 20:15 
It's not technically an "issue" but it is known. The shield is offset a little on the arm because of its handle and strap arrangement, and some folks have said it's a bit small. It's not something that can be "fixed" since the shield has a very specific strap/handle arrangement.
Hommmer 7 Dez, 2013 às 20:05 
Hey sorry to bother you again, I got your master sword and hylian shield mod to work. But shield doesn't show up properly. Like when I block it shows up on the screen of where a shield would normally be when I'm not blocking.

And when I'm not blocking, the shield isn't visible on the screen at all. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?
JKalenad  [autor] 7 Dez, 2013 às 16:12 
Falion, Phinis Gestor and Calcelmo sell the spell tomes when your Conjuration is level 50.
The scroll appears in loot starting at level 8, and can sometimes be found on vendors.
fiercedeity9000 7 Dez, 2013 às 15:25 
Any advice for a spell tome or scroll of banish daedra?
JKalenad  [autor] 7 Dez, 2013 às 15:12 
You can use Spell tomes, too, or a combination of scrolls and tomes.
fiercedeity9000 7 Dez, 2013 às 15:05 
When Improving the shield, does it have to be scrolls?
JKalenad  [autor] 6 Dez, 2013 às 23:31 
Oh, don't worry about it! It's totally fine. I mess up the command all the time myself, especially since player.addspell is the exact opposite in terms of needing extra numbers.
Hommmer 6 Dez, 2013 às 23:27 
Gotcha. Sorry man. I'm sorta new to the modding thing, and I saw a video and I did what he did, and yeah. My bad. I totally apologize.
JKalenad  [autor] 6 Dez, 2013 às 19:14 
Yes, exactly so.
Hommmer 6 Dez, 2013 às 18:38 
ohhh so I would go "player.additem 26000D62 1" ?
JKalenad  [autor] 6 Dez, 2013 às 17:41 
the player.additem works with all items, as long as it has the FormID and amount.
JKalenad  [autor] 6 Dez, 2013 às 17:40 
You need to add a number after player.additem [code], for how many shields you want.
Hommmer 6 Dez, 2013 às 16:41 
@littlekidz : from what I can see there is no way to spawn the item in. I'm going to "help hylian" for the codes, then I type in "player.additem [insert code here]" and I keep getting the "compiled script not saved".
JKalenad  [autor] 1 Dez, 2013 às 10:03 
I don't keep track of ID codes, but you can use the console command "help" to find the code.
Just type

help hylian

into the console, and the codes for the different shields will show up.
littlekidz 1 Dez, 2013 às 7:19 
Is there a code for spawning it in? Cause I don't want to die a million times JUST to get the shield.