The Legend of Zelda - Hylian Shield
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walkergames febr. 10. @ du. 5:38 
Can you either make a new spawn for those shields? It's really lame that you put them in a spot that forces you to go through the mage college quests unless you want to smith them. It was the quite a buzzkill when I found out that you did that...enough to give a thumbs down.
Winter Bicycle jan. 27. @ du. 7:28 
Went all the way through Valthume to find the best shield, and I couldn't find it. I scoured each room, every chest, every body, nothing. From what I've seen in the comments, it's almost as if the mod either doesn't work or it doesn't exist in the first place.
Evasion 2014. nov. 30. @ de. 7:30 
there is no scematic under the table
🐧 ペンギン 🐧 2014. nov. 29. @ du. 1:22 
Is this made the replace the elven shield? Or does this have a seperate item code to spawn it? Or can spawn the use the elven shield spawn ID to get this?
RulerR1 2014. nov. 28. @ du. 10:03 
is there a item code for it?
began 2014. aug. 8. @ de. 11:34 
where is the labarinthian? someone tell me now!
Deathgoon 2014. júl. 31. @ du. 10:30 
or atleast let its spawn any where in a dungeon chest
Deathgoon 2014. júl. 31. @ du. 10:29 
and mabey you could make it a little more easy to get -_-
Deathgoon 2014. júl. 31. @ du. 10:26 
what is its item number
ccgod1 2014. júl. 25. @ du. 11:08 
Ok the shield is where he says it in the description right next to the last guy you kill its right there on the table
Lydia Alcyon 2014. júl. 24. @ du. 4:26 
Ok so I managed to find the Hylian Shield in Labyrinthian. (In the wisp mother room there are some coffins towards the back. It's there.) Anyway, I wanted to make the super-enchanted version so i gathered all the items and went to the skyforge. But it doesn't let me use the ingredients, it only let's me make a regular one. What do i need to do exactly? Thanks.
Lazarus 2014. júl. 23. @ du. 4:39 
There is no shield(s) in Labyrinthian. I searched every inch of the entire place and there is not one single hylian shield in it. So spill the beans why did you lie?
Ninja_Finn 2014. júl. 21. @ de. 11:55 
i hate it when a simple mod makes you jump through so many hoops.
Octavia 2014. júl. 6. @ du. 3:11 
i made the elven shield and i cantt corrupt it i have the stuff i need help
Straw Hat Luggy 2014. jún. 28. @ du. 8:46 
please, im also having trouble finding it in the labyrinthian too
Mephilel 2014. jún. 25. @ du. 12:03 
Can somebody please tell me where I can find it in the labyrinthian?
Mephilel 2014. jún. 24. @ du. 9:29 
is the shield in the labyrinth or around the fort?
Reece1031 2014. jún. 22. @ du. 4:51 
is there like a way i can use consle to get it im kinda lasy and dont want to go looking for it and plus if some thing happens after i go find it like my folower traps me or some glitch :P
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ du. 12:25 
Thank you
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ du. 12:06 
ah, i've build a iron hylian shield xDDD so i've build the shilds without description, sry :'(
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 11:51 
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 11:45 
You need the Elven Smithing perk.
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 11:36 
can you say which smithing perk i need for the dark shield
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 11:34 
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 11:20 
Hmm...I'm not sure what's happening. The recipes for corruption also require the Hylian Shield to be in your inventory, but other than that I don't know how else to help.
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 10:34 
i know i know, i build this normal hylian shield, but it isn't stand anything about in the skyforge,
i have bone meal and filled black soul gem
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 10:31 
You also need a normal Hylian Shield, and instructions for that are also in the description.
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 10:29 
You need Elven Smithing. The shield will be under the Dwarven section of the forge.
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 10:17 
but i can't build this at the skyforge

JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 8:52 
The corruption recipe is in the description, near the bottom.
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 2:23 
the dark shield looks great for my evil link :)
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 25. @ de. 2:22 
i know, but how? :D
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 24. @ du. 3:51 
You ca'n't find the Dark Shield, you can only craft it from a Hylian Shield.
Dr. Hartgas 2014. máj. 24. @ du. 3:27 
where is the dark shield?
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 11. @ du. 4:50 
They are rather common. In fact, there are actually some in the Yngvild Throne Room and Morthal. They also grow on the sides of roads.
Thomps 2014. máj. 9. @ de. 5:29 
i found it now aha don't worry
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. máj. 9. @ de. 5:16 
The recipes in the description are out of date. I haven't had time to update them yet.
Thomps 2014. máj. 9. @ de. 3:26 
help i can't seem to make the heavy version of the shield
Helix Gaming 2014. máj. 1. @ du. 2:34 
ok thanks
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. ápr. 30. @ du. 6:58 
There should be a strongbox in the room with a bunch of frostbite spiders and a bloodied altar. The box is behind one of the statues, and it contains the note.
Helix Gaming 2014. ápr. 30. @ du. 5:02 
i cant seem to find the bloodnote in valthume
jwadland 2014. ápr. 17. @ de. 6:24 
Just found it, expected it to be in the back room, not the room with the throne, thanks again
jwadland 2014. ápr. 17. @ de. 6:12 
Thanks, i'll check again as soon as possible
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. ápr. 17. @ de. 5:17 
It should be on the table near the throne, but it probably fell off. There is also a lockbox in the room behind the throne with an extra schematic in it.
jwadland 2014. ápr. 17. @ de. 1:27 
which table is the schematic of the hylian shield on in yngvild? I know you said near the end of the dungeon but i cant find it near any of the tables :(
Shadow.mane2001 2014. ápr. 15. @ du. 2:57 
Hey it is a great mod. I am not arguing that. Still great work!
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. ápr. 15. @ du. 2:49 
I have no intention of making the shield bigger, for several reasons. I think the shield is just the right size. It sets it apart from the other shields, and makes it a kind of deflecting shield, rather than a purely protective shield. It's really only slightly smaller than it is in official artwork of Link holding it.
I mean, this mod has been around for a year, and I haven't changed the size in that time, so I see no reason to do so now.
Shadow.mane2001 2014. ápr. 15. @ du. 1:59 
GREAT MOD. I do have a couple of Nit picks, The Shield on most characters in size looks more like it is buckler size, Perhaps in the future you could update the shields so they are larger? My Glass shield is bigger then this although about the same general shape. I just think the shield is too small.
JKalenad  [készítő] 2014. márc. 30. @ de. 8:24 
This workshop version does not work with Dual Sheath Redux, but the Nexus version linked in the description does.
I CAN DO WATEVER I WANT NOW 2014. márc. 30. @ de. 4:08 
Does this work with Dual sheath redux