Highlander Katanas
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tonydarion 20. maalis 17.39 
The Two handed swords won't sit in display racks or weapon racks right....is there a way to fix this? BTW these are awesome. I almost jumped when I found them lol
Jaden Yuki 21. helmi 12.02 
Awesome mod man
NFPM 17. helmi 13.31 
This is an awesome man!
I'Rauko 7. helmi 14.01 
Kurgan Sword link no longer works but great mod
snipershot626 1. helmi 8.13 
jace 22. loka, 2013 18.03 
jace 22. loka, 2013 18.03 
dude grate mod i downloaded a ninja mod and well this goes perfect with it u should make some assassins creed wepons your relly good at this keep it up
blairweescot 15. loka, 2013 13.54 
You can't drown you fool. You're immortal.
Kryptonian  [tekijä] 14. loka, 2013 19.15 
Chivalry Dark 30. heinä, 2013 19.00 
where i can get the armor???
Ballyhoo 1. heinä, 2013 7.11 
I collect "movie blades" and I have the first sword we see Connoruse at the start of Highlander and Duncan''s katana's...other than the carving on the Ivory grips being a lil light this seems to be very good. Connor's first sword is more or less a good steel blade (he didnt use the Katana till he went after Kurgan)
Macready's Beard 18. kesä, 2013 4.05 
Very cool, Highlander is the greatest movie of all time.
It isn't lol, but i like to tell people it is.
Arnold Schwarzenegger 2. kesä, 2013 18.05 
But other than that its good.
Arnold Schwarzenegger 2. kesä, 2013 18.04 
That isn't Connor's do you remember he adopted rameirez's sword.
benimmer 2. kesä, 2013 7.20 
very good job, this is the first good mod that is not having trouble!
adenwiddie 28. touko, 2013 12.36 
All I need now is Kurgan's two handed sword. THAT would be epic!
Chuster 28. touko, 2013 6.56 
5 swords? But dude! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! xD
Kryptonian  [tekijä] 24. touko, 2013 20.53 
5 Katana's one of juan ramirez, 2 for Connor both are two-hand versions one from before the fight with the Kurgan and one reforged after that fight, 2 for Duncan a one-hand and a two-hand version.
nolgroth 24. touko, 2013 1.12 
Excellent mod.
Seewhyseeoh 27. huhti, 2013 6.03 
5 Katana's...2 for Connor, 2 for Duncan and........
Skithiryx 20. huhti, 2013 22.20 
Thanks Kryptonian... i feel like most people watch videos than read. so blah :P
Kryptonian  [tekijä] 20. huhti, 2013 19.20 
@^1[UES]^5#ac|<3r^4Chaz Thanks for makin the video on youtube.
Skithiryx 20. huhti, 2013 12.33 
Here's a video how to create them... Plus you can enchant them and make them legendary.
TAF=The Flyer 20. huhti, 2013 6.14 
one question do thay have special ablities?
bladedesoul 18. huhti, 2013 20.33 
Mentor:Sicarius 18. huhti, 2013 18.01 
*Girl squeal* The author responded to me! Anyways, love this mod. Its awesome, their detail.
Kryptonian  [tekijä] 18. huhti, 2013 15.08 
@Udonebeensniped thank you that person has been doing this for a few days now
Mentor:Sicarius 18. huhti, 2013 14.02 
No. If we have this game we want to be legit about it
pangallosr 15. huhti, 2013 1.01 
Well textured, and oh so appropriate that it's first blood involved the taking of a head.
Thank You
carlmitchell978 13. huhti, 2013 14.11 
Awesome mod!
naj30004 13. huhti, 2013 11.14 
more pictures
Seewhyseeoh 13. huhti, 2013 11.02 
K, thanks
Kryptonian  [tekijä] 13. huhti, 2013 8.27 
For a sword that had been folded over 200 times
Kryptonian  [tekijä] 13. huhti, 2013 1.11 
Not to over powered.
Seewhyseeoh 13. huhti, 2013 0.55 
How do these compare against Steel swords? Are they as good as Daedric? Better? Comparable to Dragon bone weapons? And thanks for binging the Highlander stuff into the game ^_^
yvan 12. huhti, 2013 23.27 
Encore une foi génial . ses katanas sont super . Tu fais des super mods . mille fois bravo